Doug Mack Turns Travel Blunders into Publishing Rights

“Enough with the road less traveled,” Douglas Mack said about travel. He eschewed Google Maps, CouchSurfing, and the latest edition of Lonely Planet. Instead, he used a 1963 travel book as a compass through 11 cities. Then the writer and graphic designer chronicled his “exercise in willful ignorance” in Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day.

Travel Blunders into Publishing Rights
Travel Blunders into Publishing Rights

Mack’s humorous, often self-effacing narrative demonstrates the ebb and flow of enthusiasm of long-term journeys. His book contemplates not only the things we see when traveling but also the changing nature of travel itself.

For me, as a fellow writer and serial expat who initially thought Mack was nuts, I took some time out to discuss travel and publishing with Mack. In my two-post series get a glimpse of luddite travel, rules of travel writing, and spinning travel wrongs into publishing rights. Five Wrong Turns was released earlier this month by Perigee/Penguin.

Are you a solo or accompanied traveler?

“For this trip, I traveled in two phases: first a trip to Florence and Paris on my own (to see if it was feasible and enjoyable to travel with my old guidebook); then I later met my friend Lee in Amsterdam. We proceeded to another four cities together before he had to head back to the States.

“We had met at a writers’ conference a couple of years earlier and spent all of three or four hours hanging out together. We kept in touch via email, and I mentioned this crazy idea I had and asked if he wanted to tag along as my sidekick. He did.” 

What was your scariest moment, a moment in which your blood felt like razors racing through your veins?

“I’m, shall we say, a bit neurotic and prone to worrying about all the really esoteric ways that one could die while traveling. This is a recurring theme in the book: Maybe a big piece of stone will fall off the Colosseum and crush me; maybe some East German bodybuilder will have a bout of ‘roid rage and snap me in half, maybe … These are the things that went through my mind, implausible—but not impossible!–scenarios that any normal person might not consider. The fears finally began to abate by the end of my trip, once I gained more confidence.”

What and where was your dumbest moment?

Paris. Because my own guidebook did not always provide me with the necessary details, I was often forced to rely on the kindness of people who, at most other points in life, I would go to extreme measures to avoid. As I was trying to make sense of a Metro map on a station wall one day, a group of chattering English preteen girls—sans chaperone—walked by and then stopped and asked, with a chipper preteen sneer, if I needed help. Apparently, I looked very, very lost—and I was.

“Pride, however, forced me to stammer out a reassurance: ‘No, no . . . I’m okay, thanks.’

“They didn’t believe me, and after I confessed, red-faced, that, fine, maybe I was slightly out of my element, they launched into these complicated directions for how to get to my destination. They were so young and so savvy; I felt like a tourist dope, totally humiliated. Oh, and their directions were spot-on, which was both a relief and demoralizing.”


Why no technology? How much time did not using technology like this save or cost?

“The main point of avoiding technology was to travel like a 1960s tourist. One of the things that struck me when I read my 1963 guidebook and my mom’s letters from her own days as a hippie traveler back in the 1960s was that tourists back then truly saw everything with fresh eyes. Okay, they may have seen Roman Holiday or a movie like that, but they didn’t have Flickr, they didn’t have Google, they didn’t have all the resources that we can use to over-plan our trip and see what everything will look like and what will be on all the menus, and so on.”

“Willful ignorance can lead to some problems, obviously—I almost certainly paid more for rooms and meals that I really should have, although that wasn’t just an issue of technology but also a factor of trying to eat and stay in the places in my book, which tended to be better-known than a random budge-travel place might have been. But willful ignorance also reintroduces surprise, wonder, and serendipity–three things that get lost all too often in the modern travel experience. If you’ve planned your journey down to nanosecond, down to the vista (and scoured Flickr to find the precise angles that make that vista look the prettiest), and you’ve read all the reviews on TripAdvisor, and you’ve left nothing to chance … then why travel at all?

“It’s not that I don’t love technology, it’s that, well, I don’t think travel should be too easy. To me, part of the joy of going abroad is being surprised, experiencing the unexpected, getting out of my comfort zone, and being disconnected from the familiar. Sure, it’s nice to plan certain things ahead of time and I did wish I’d had a smart phone in Venice, where I was perpetually lost … but in retrospect, no, I don’t wish I’d had that. I had to figure things it out on my own. I had to ask locals for directions. I had to be immersed in my environment—not an all-knowing screen.

“And in the future, I probably will do more research—I’ll find a middle ground between willful ignorance and over-planning.”

What problems could have been averted by the use of technology?

“Technology could have averted misery in Venice. I got so, SO lost there, and had so many horrible meals. Actually, I came to really loathe Venice, largely for those reasons but also simply because I was far enough into my trip to have become incredibly jaded about the whole thing—all the wonder and thrill was gone. (Luckily, it came back in Rome, but you’ll just have to read the book for more about that—it involves a mysterious, once-grand hotel and copious amounts of gelato.)” 


What foreign travel had you done before this trip?

“I had been abroad several times before—to the UK several times, as well as Iceland and Costa Rica. But all of those trips were with my parents or other family; I had never had to plan anything on my own, much less travel by myself. Those trips certainly spurred a bit of wanderlust and made me want to explore more, but they also felt like cheating, like just being along for the ride on someone else’s journey.

“Since then, I’ve been to Mexico and Cuba—the latter with a pre-Castro guidebook. (This turned out to be way, way trickier than using my vintage guide in Europe … but that’s a long story for another time.)”

Just then Mack described a new purpose, a renewal we could say, for those travel guides that just seem old and useless to those of us who like up-to-the-minute info for our trips.

“Whenever I’m in a used-book shop, can’t help but page through—or just go ahead and buy—outdated guidebooks for various places. Guidebooks offer a really interesting snapshot of a particular place in a particular cultural moment—they’re really time capsules on a printed page. Actually, they tell you not just about a particular place, but about how people in Traveling Culture A viewed people in Destination Culture B. For example, my guidebook offered some really intriguing insights into (Cold War-era) American concepts of East Germany.”

Your travels were partially guided by love letters written from your mother when she was traveling through Europe in the 1960s to the man who’s now your father. What major differences in styles and methods of travel did you notice from that?

One of the things that struck me about my mother’s letters from Europe was the sense of wonder and surprise evident in her tone—and much of that, I think, came from the fact that she was discovering all these places and things in real life, in real time. She didn’t have preconceived notions based on Internet research or pop-culture influences.

“They didn’t expect their pizza to taste a certain way; they weren’t measuring the tourist café against the better Italian food back home. Put another way, back then they were ignorant; today we’re delusional.”

What can we learn from your book?

“Travel really isn’t about where you go—on the beaten path or off—but what you make of it. You can take a package tour to the most remote parts of the world and still learn nothing; you be a clichéd tourist in the most overrun city and still learn all kinds of things, if you approach it with an inquisitive spirit and an open mind. It’s just as absurd to avoid a place for the sole reason that other people are there as it is to go to a place because others have.

“Let the place tell you about itself—don’t rely simply on information overload from the Internet and guidebooks and background research. Get lost. Meet new people. Trust the locals and your instincts over your smartphone and get immersed in the place and the culture. 

What’s next for you?

“Let’s say pogo-sticking across the Andes. Just because.”

Mykonos – the windy island

When I arrived on Mykonos, I was blown off to the side by a big wind. Luckily, my hotel host was kind enough to come and pick me up.

It is getting close to the end of the season here in Greece.  There are still a few cruise ships around and many Asians and the occasional independent tourist but you can tell the vendors are getting tired.  It is a nice time to come, no line ups and easy to avoid the crowds.


Mykonos is supposed to be the party island but restaurants and shops are closing down end of October/beginning of November and there isn’t too much partying going on.  Not that it matters to me, my party days are over and I love the quiet.

For me the best thing to see will be the ruins on Delos Island which is a 30 minute boat ride away which I will do tomorrow.  For today I got lost in the streets of Mykonos which is pretty easy to do.  All the streets are narrow and are surrounded by white buildings with blue doors.  It is a bit of a maze but to get your bearings, just find the nearest church and go from there.

There are some old windmills that sit prominently on the rise at the harbour.  They use to be used as grain mills but now house private residences and a museum.  Cruise_ship1

Another section of town is called Little Venice, I guess because the water comes right up to the walls.

An interesting church which boasts 5 steeples rises up from the harbour walls.

Where To Find Cheap Las Vegas Travel

Where To Find Cheap Las Vegas Travel
Where To Find Cheap Las Vegas Travel

Las Vegas is one of the most entertaining cities in the world. It is the place where you can find many casinos, restaurants, clubs, and prestigious hotels. However, searching for a  Cheap travel package for Las Vegas may be the hardest part of the journey as it can take most of your time and money while searching. Without s proper plan, tourist and vacationers may end up losing more money on their travel rather than having enough money in going to Las Vegas.

The first thing you have to consider is to search on the internet for cheap and affordable travel. The internet plays a vital role for many tourists in searching for the cheapest and the most affordable vacation to Las Vegas City. Searching on the internet allows every tourist to easily compare the rates of each companies providing cheap Las Vegas CIty Tour. Tourist and vacationers may want to take advantage of the technology such as the internet because there are thousands of companies competing for a single customer thus enabling you to look for great offers. Booking in advance with affordable airlines can also save you a lot of money because many airlines adjust prices due to demand and availability schedules and this can be an avenue for you to find a great deal for travel.

The next thing to do in finding Cheap Las Vegas  Holidays is to look for discounts and travel packages. Tourist and vacationers may want to book their flights to Las Vegas during holiday and special occasions because it gives more privileges. There are many travel companies in Vegas which offer great discounts and offers to tourist when they book their travel reservation during holidays and national occasions. Tourist may want to take advantage of these occasions to maximize the discount on their travel and to have sufficient money in going to casinos, bars and parties. In addition, another way to save more money is to travel during off season. When tourist travels during off season, they are likely to get more discounts and better offer because airlines and travel agencies are not as busy during on seasons.

When you find yourself in Las Vegas, you will surely need a place to stay. A Hotel would be the perfect place to stay because it is where you can find comfort of your home. Aside from hotels, you also need an affordable car rental in traveling to different places in Vegas. Some travel agencies offer packages when you book your travel in advance which includes hotel accommodation and car rental. These packages will give you good deal for a tour in Las Vegas and will give more value to your money during the stay. The best way to search for these packages is on the internet. The Internet gives you the opportunity to go to Las Vegas without spending too much money on your traveling expenses.

Finding Cheap Las Vegas travel is important for every tourist who wants to experience the thrill and excitement of casinos and pokers. Without proper budgeting, your stay is going to be boring and lifeless.

Various Accommodation Options while on Holidays

Assume you are on a vacation and have gone to another city for participating in some event or generally visiting someone. In such a case, there are always the hotel options that are available. Then there are other temporary options which offer more economical benefits and perhaps a greater privacy. Consider students who come on exchange programs to the country and their need of accommodations. While this trend of short term accommodations is not hugely prevalent, it certainly is a concept that is practiced in a number of big cities. Considering the rarity of such options, it is not easy to find such a place. As a result, the real estate agents become important assets to offer you help.


Finding the right properties by the help of property agents

One of the best ways in which real estate agents help end users is by offering them a face to the transaction that they are looking for. There are people who are not as much comfortable with searching properties online as they are comfortable with people who are representing them. The property owners also do not like to interact with the people who are looking for properties quite frequently and hence they also find agents quite useful. These agents not only help a person find properties for short term but for purchase and long term rentals as well.

Assume you are looking for accommodations in Chennai. There are a number of ways in which you can go about searching for houses. Property portal offers innovative ways of searching properties in the city. The portal has been considered to be one of the pivotal online resources to reliably search for properties. However if a person is not comfortable searching online on the portal, they can definitely and easily find real estate agents in Chennai to help them find the accommodations of their choice.

There are a number of reasons why the property agents found on are more reliable than anyone you encounter. The portal follows the same principle for property agents that they do for properties. They ensure that the agent is verified before his/her details are listed online. Every single property agent is visited by the agents of The properties that they are in charge of are also visited by the agents of the portal. All in all, the details of the property agents are verified before they are listed on the portal.

holiday-hotelHow to contact an agent?

To find real estate brokers in Chennai, one has to log into the portal and scroll down to the option where the agents can be searched. The process is distinctly simple. If you have a locality in mind, you have to type the name of the locality and then search for the details of the property agent. The map reveals the presence of agents in different parts of the locality and you can select the one closest to you. A small resume of the real estate agent along with the properties that he/she may be in charge of are revealed. There is a contact number and email id also given so that a person can get in touch with the agent at his/her own convenience.

In Conclusion helps find agents as easily as it helps find properties.

Budget Travel Tips

Budget Travel TipsBudget travel is always a challenge. However, there are always ways to cut down on travel costs. Here are a few tips that will help your efforts toward cheap travel.

Cruise lines charge those shore excursions to your running shipboard account. While this is very convenient, these trips are often overpriced. You should consider whether paying a huge premium each day of your cruise is worth the convenience. Usually it doesn’t. The cruise lines try to will encourage you to sign up for their shore excursions, by saying that even if you should arrive late for their trips, the ship will wait for you, and the excursions are quickly selling out. These ploys are nothing more than scare tactics.
One way to reduce your baggage load, which is a natural of what is happening on today’s airline industry, is through the use of travel accessories. It seems that Baggage fees are continually trending ever upward, and they are becoming more and more expensive every month. The airlines have found the equivalent of a gold mine of revenue, and travelers usually feel helpless trying to avoid these charges. However, every budget traveler’s goal should be a single light bag on every trip.

Many a refined traveler have nothing but contempt for theme park vacations. They are quick to point out that there are much better things to experience overpriced fast food, crowed rides and long lines. However, the truth of the matter is that many travelers find themselves traveling to a theme park for a variety of reasons. To avoid the long lines for tickets check online to see if the park offers advance printed tickets and discounts as well. Many theme parks offer discounted tickets for their theme parks that you can print at home and bring to the location of your choice.

Although you may not realize it social media resources such as Twitter and Facebook can be used to help defray travel costs. Many airlines are now using Twitter to link to their best fare sales. Hotels and resorts are following suit as well. Consider starting your own social media account. Use Facebook or Twitter to monitor the Web sites and writers that specialize in budget travel. Keep track of those companies that post their best deals and you will gain the advantage on those low prices that seem so elusive.

Many businesses are fighting to survive in these difficult economic times. This is quite clear in the airline industry. Many budget carriers did not survive 2009. There were lessons to be learned in the aftermath of their demise, not only for the industry, but also for the individual budget traveler.

At Budget Travel Blog we know all of these lessons well.

The Magnetic Island is a Water Sport Sanctuary

Magnetic Island Tourist Attractions
Magnetic Island Tourist Attractions

Situated at 8 km north offshore of Townsville in tropical North Queensland, the Magnetic Island is the all time holiday destination not only for the locals but also of the foreigners too. Locals refer to it as Maggie and the island is accessible through a passenger or car ferry.

Primarily, folks come to the island because of its picturesque beaches that facilitates swimming, snorkeling around its coral reefs, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, and motor boating. So, the maximum fun in on and under the waters here. However, the land lovers need not lose hope as for them there is a surprising bush walking, 23 km of National Park tracks, and a 9-hole golf course.

Magnetic Island Tourist Attractions
  • Sea Kayaks:
    Paddle on the waters via a single or double kayak along with a nationally designated tour guides to discover the world heritage national and marine parks. You will be lucky enough to get to know about the wildlife, ecology, and history of the island. So, do book yourself for any of the tours that start from the Horseshoe Bay at 8:00 am and finish at 12:45 pm or take up a sunset tour – 4:15 pm to 6:00 pm. Before going on the tour, enjoy your breakfast or sunset drinks on the isolated beach.
  • Bluey’s Bush and Beach Rides at Horseshoe Bay:
    Have fun via the thrilling bush and beach rides followed by the horse swimming in the pristine waters of the coral rich sea. These horses are fond of swimming and these moments of riding at the horseback and then swimming is simply a unique and remarkable. I would suggest to have somebody at the beach with a towel and a camera. Blueys Horse riding provides you with a 2.5 hour tour of bush and beach riding that is appropriate for any rider irrespective of his level. Timings of the tour are 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  • The Great Barrier Reef:
    This is the spectacular site of scuba diving and snorkeling on the island. With scuba diving, you will be amazed to explore the innumerable multi-colored fish and marine life. The dive at SS Yongala Wreck is considered as among the top ten wreck dives on the planet. Even the one who has never dived, this place make you learn to do so with proper arrangements. Diving and snorkeling gear can be hired from the clubs.
  • Sailing Cruises:
    Grasp the opportunity of sailing on the 62 foot schooner Providence that seems similar to the one of the first cup schooners of America in 1870’s. Explore the clean ocean while having picnic lunch on one of the 23 isolated beaches, sunset barbeques of West Point, snorkeling the beautiful reefs, and dining. Not only this, but if you want know how to sail, you can obtain fantastic training on it or can try it yourself. You need to book for Providence that sails out of Nelly Bay harbor near the Bright Point.
  • Golf:
    The Magnetic Island Country Club in the Picnic Bay lush with native flora and fauna and regular spotting of Koalas also offer an excellent 9-hole golf course. On this course, take a free time walk to have some of the most alluring views. To play, the ground is quite challenging for beginners and professionals. At the club, you can have some mouth watering dishes and drinks too.
  • Adrenalin Jet Skiing:
    This is one of the famous attractions of the island wherein you can surround the island on a lavish Jet Ski. Do feel this Adrenalin experience of 85 km of entertainment with halts at different bays. This is the ideal sport on the water that you would have never experience before. To make it more meaningful and fruitful, there will be a professional and informative guide who will make you explore the best isolated bays on the island.
  • Bush Walking:
    The 25 km walking track via the hills of the National Park is a must for the one who is deeply in love with the Mother Nature. Marked as easy to moderate walks and covering the distances of 1.2 km to 16 km, the time taken for walking also varies from 1 to 5 hours. Check out for the Walking Trails Information Signs all over the island that will guide you in exploring the distinct charm and surroundings of this tropical heaven. Among all the routes, the most magnificent walk is the Forts walk with a round trip of 4 km where you can sight Koalas, vivid views, and the island’s wartime past. Other walks can take you to some of the ideal attractions on the island namely, the Balding Bay, Radical Bay, Hawkings Point, Florence Bay, and Arthur Bay. Being with an informative tour guide will help you in spotting Koalas, wallabies, and rainbow lorikeets.
  • Red Baron Sea Plane Joy Flights:
    This would definitely be a lifetime experience wherein you fly on the waters of the island in the historical Grumman Sea-Cat, the only two passenger open plane that floats. Shown in the movie ‘The Phantom’ and experienced by famous stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Billy Zane, I also now in this famous list of thrilling achievement. Don’t you think even you would want be a part of this list?
  • Giant Salt Water CROC:
    This is a famous attraction that attracts many visitors – the island’s Mammoth saltwater crocodile of 4 m long that is seen besides the bar in the Picnic Bay Hotel. It is named Rin Tin Tin by the inhabitants of the island.
  • Magnetic Island National Park:
    Besides bush walking, the park is alluring with a beautiful territory of huge granite boulders, rising pines, and picturesque sandy bays.
  • Stage Door Theatre Restaurant:
    Located at 5 Hayles Avenue Arcadia, this is a beautiful entertaining place in North Queensland particularly every Friday and Saturday night.
  • Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre:
    The Magnetic Museum tells about the history of the island via the fixed exhibits displays in the Butler Memorial Room and the World Heritage listed Picnic Bay school and annual exhibitions.
Magnetic Island Queensland Accommodation
  • Magnetic International Resort
  • One Bright Point
  • The Peppers Blue On Blue Resort

Know why Cairns is More Popular among the Tourists

Among the great destinations of Queensland, Cairns is comfortably accessible by air and is an ideal location to discover the highlights of the territory, which make it quite famous. However, these two reasons are not the only draws. What further augments a visitor’s interest is obviously the different sights and activities gifted by the city. Just wish one to-do item and all the magic of its organization can be done here in no time. Such is this alluring city of Cairns offering more interesting visits such as museums, old wharf area, and the Great Barrier Reef along with the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest. Further, shopping centers, markets, and boating to islands provide you with thrilling explorations.

I don’t’ think anything is left in this still more to add list of visits that you require for your holidays!

Cairns Australia Tourist Attractions

  • Kuranda Skyrail:
    This is one of the major attractions that contains spectacular tablelands belonging to longest gondola cableway on the planet. The Skyway Rainforest Cableway starts at 15 km north of Cairns, passes over 7.5 km of clean rainforest, and ends at the attractive rainforest of the Kuranda village. During this exciting ride, one will come across the verdant vistas of the green canopy of the old rainforest along with the Barron Gorge and Falls.
  • Great Barrier Reef:
    Entertain and thrill yourself on the 3,44,000 sq km of the marine park via snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and sailing amidst the wonderful marine flora and fauna. This is because of the shallowness and proximity of the outer reef to the shore. Stretching over 2300 km on the northeast coast of Queensland from the southern Bundaberg to the end of northern Cape York, this is the largest natural wonder on the planet that is visible even from space. The reef is 6,00,000 years old and comprises of many live organisms and countless miniature creatures called coral polyps that grow vertically and diametrically per year and remain under the depth of 150 m as they need sunlight.
  • Cairns Night Markets Port Douglas Markets:
    These are the night markets that run on the Esplanade with many exciting and widely varied stalls. It will take you an hour drive from the city, but it is worth a visit open only on Sundays between 8.30 am to 1.30 pm.
  • Kuranda Markets:
    These are a set of unique markets with a myriad of wonderful stalls running every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Beaches:
    Some of the wonderful beaches include Ellis Beach, Palm Cove, and Trinity Beach where soak yourself in water and sand.
  • Mossman Gorge Nandroya Falls:
    This is a magnificent water fall amidst the tropical rainforest where you can take a dip and chill yourself.
  • Flecker Botanical Gardens Royal Harbor:
    Located at only 5 km from the city center, come and discover yourself the different plant species and shimmering lakes. Take up a guided walk to best know the flora and other natural features. Timings are 7.30 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays and 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on weekends and holidays. Highlights here are the Fernery, Orchid House, and Aboriginal Plant Use area.
  • Sugarworld Undersea World:
    Located in the Pier Marketplace, this is a wonderful place to visit the magnificent marine world of the Great Barrier Reef where you can dive with sharks and see how they are fed. Here, there is also the waterslide and restaurant that operated between 10.00 am to 4.30 pm on weekends and school and public holidays. Parklands here are open from daily 7.00 am to 6.30 pm and have tables, fruit orchid, and playground along with BBQ arrangements.
  • Parramatta Park Museum:
    Located in the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah, this museum offers some superb exhibits of aboriginal culture and history. Here, the Cairns Show is held annually that roams around the agricultural, pastoral, and mining theme. Koala Golf Tours Cairns Golf Club: Located on the Earlville Bruce highway, this is where you can find an 18-hole golf course with full facilities. Further, there are many public and private courses too.
  • Daintree Rainforest:
    Designated as a World Heritage Site, this well-preserved area boasts certain plant species that are here from the time of the dinosaurs. Amazing to know this!
  • Cairns Rainforest Dome:
    With its location in the domed roof of a hotel, this is an incredible zoo in the Central Cairns. Look out for the charming Australian fauna – koalas, snakes, and kookaburras. The highlight here is the 13 feet long saltwater crocodile whose nickname is Goliath that is seen underwater via the glass tank.
  • Cairns Regional Gallery:
    Located in the royal and ancient Public Offices Building, this gallery exhibits a wide collection of work of many contemporary artists of Queensland.
  • Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park:
    This is the first Aboriginal cultural attraction in the continent that was inaugurated in 1987 and has won maximum awards. Situated just 15 minutes towards north of central Cairns, you can go through the traditional song and dance,  know the aboriginal beliefs, its history, and also try spear throwing, didgeridoo playing, or boomerang painting.
  • Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Center:
    This is the original, but a little museum that offers an interesting video presentation that tells you about the history and the yet significant service of providing medical assistance and relief to the distant outback settlements that have come up in a very inventing and inspiring way. Here, the main highlight is a real Flying Doctors aircraft perched in the garden that you can study very well. It is from here from where you can access the Royal Flying Doctor service.
  • The Cairns Museum:
    This is a quaint local museum that offers charming displays that educates you on the history ofCairns. Highlighted artifacts here are a vast display of weapons and hunting items originally developed by the Aboriginal rainforest inhabitants and the materials of a damaged Chinese Temple that was once standing in the city center. In the list of new additions, there are displays on tourism and mining.
  • Cairns Australia Accommodation
  • 201 Lake Street in the CBD
  • 181 The Esplanade
  • Hides Hotel
  • Il Centro
  • The Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa – luxury
  • Tropic Towers Apartments
  • Waterfront Terraces – luxury
  • The Shangri-la Marina Hotel at Pier

Some suggestions about 2 weeks holiday in Denmark

Scandinavian country with a rich heritage, Denmark remains a country little known to tourists. Two weeks may seem short to soak up the Danish culture. That’s why we offer this little guide for a two-week stay in Denmark
2 weeks holiday in Denmark
Three days in Copenhagen, the starting point
Indeed, the fact that it is home to the main international airport, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is the starting point of choice for the majority of customized trips to Denmark. For your first day in Copenhagen, made initially know the city as you stroll along Strøget. This is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe. Strolling here you can admire the baroque architectural structures, evidence of the country’s history, such as the current City Hall. The former now houses the courthouse. This is also your opportunity to meet various design art galleries and boutiques, in a Renaissance style of the 17th century, where you can find all kinds of souvenir shops in particular.
The second day could be water aboard a boat on Nyhavn. This canal runs through the town and allows an unprecedented view of the colorful houses along it. Then continue to the National Museum of Denmark, which is located in the former royal residence. This important monument focuses much of the historical literature on the Danish heritage. You will find various specialized departments, such as archeology, sociology, natural science, ethnographic collections, etc.
Finally, for the third day, spend your morning to visit Christiana, the second most visited area in the capital. Your afternoon will happen on the beach Amager Strandpark before ending the Tivoli amusement park.
Three days on the island of Funen Island Orchard Denmark
Taking the Great Belt link, join Fionnie Island which is about 1 hour from Copenhagen. As it has the largest concentration of castles in the world, it is also called the island castles. Thus, through cycling, the delights of these fascinating medieval buildings, including Egeskov. Once inside, admire the many hunting trophies brought back from Africa by the penultimate owner. Then stroll in the 18th century park. You will find a museum of 3000 m² with a collection of vintage cars, airplanes, motorcycles and horse carriages. Generally, the castle opens its doors to visitors from 10 am to 17 pm in summer, during the month of July, he offers nightly visits of up to 23 h.
The next day, go visit the village Fyn, an open-air museum. This village is reconstituted as the rural villages of the 18th and 19th century farms, mills, workshops, school, rectory, etc. In the afternoon, visit the Odense Zoo. Unique, it offers extensive grounds of secure games for children: pool, slides, rides, etc.
And finally, the last day at Funen for any adventure, take the train to Kolding, a dynamic and commercial city, which perpetuates a tradition of craftsmanship, art and design.
Three days to enjoy Vejle
Since Kolding, Vejle join now for a trip lasting an average of 40 minutes. About 36 trips per day serving these two cities.
The first day will be devoted to museums and sights to see in this royal town. You can visit the museum of fine arts, but also the Gothic church Nicolai which is one of the largest and oldest monuments of the city.
Then return to childhood by going to Legoland Amusement Park, which is made entirely of Lego. Located about 28 km from Vejle, it opens its doors to the public from March until October. You can visit from 10 am to 18 pm in low season and up to 20 h or 21 h in high season. On your last day in Vejle, enjoy a shopping trip with a walk to Bryggen City Center, a huge shopping center with 80 stores. By late afternoon, take place in well-being, relaxation and relaxation out of town to relax in one of the spas located over the Bay of Vejle.
Three days in Aarhus, the city of Vikings
City founded by the Vikings aware of the 8th century, Aarhus invites you to travel back in time with its old typical town. Enter the Aarhus Cathedral, with its many frescoes, his gigantic organ, but especially admire his incredible dimensions on the Jutland peninsula. Not far from this religious building, you can wander in the Latin Quarter where you can browse the antique shops, visiting art galleries and trendy designer boutiques.
The following day, the museums evoke the ancestral traditions of the country, which Moesgård Museum (Prehistoric Museum) and Den Gamle By (open-air museum that recreates life in Viking times).
And finally to finish in style your Danish residence, Marselisborg forest, south of Aarhus will offer you a return to the typical Danish kind. You can practice various activities such as excursions, camping, mountain biking or horseback riding, picnicking, picking mushrooms, etc. During your day in this huge 1300 acre park, you will enjoy your meeting with Bambi friends
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Some interesting places to eat typical in Monaco

It’s not just museums, religious buildings, and football players in Monaco. Know that all over the world, the Monegasque cuisine is more than a phenomenon. If you want to go in this western part of Europe for your next vacation, see now the most unusual places offering typical dishes and the best services. Whatever the purpose of your trip to Monaco (business, evening with colleagues, company dinner …), do not go home without visiting at least three restaurants. Place the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris Monaco, the Casino … all of them offer you unique services: local specialties, international dishes, seafood or even a custom meal. Here are some addresses you can follow

The Rose Room

While enjoying the view of the sea, you can spend an evening in the Rose Room. You will have the opportunity to taste the famous Pasta e Minestre or fresh soups and pasta. As cold starter, the chefs Caesar Salad with crispy chicken or salad with Thai sweet and sour shrimp.

The Louis XV-Alain Ducasse

For your stay in Monte Carlo, do not miss The Louis XV-Alain Ducasse and his Pisotto golden spiny artichokes into fine chips. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Mediterranean sea bass with fennel or net basis and citrus country, go to this restaurant.

Le Vistamar and its terrace

If you like the cuisine of the sea, Le Vistamar and its terrace await you with his card dishes on “a fish, vegetable, cooking.” The chef Joël Garault’s specialties, including smoked celery root pulp mid, crisp green apple, Bouillabaisse of “Vistamar” presented in three gourmet services or Le Pageot as a braised stew, ravioli stuffed with shallots and liver fat.


If you’re still tempted for a final discovery, L’Hirondelle awaits you on the Place du Casino. It will offer dishes that can be summarized in two words: food and nutrition. In other words, eat to be healthy. With cooks who followed a special hygiene training, the same restaurant or a tiny health market menu with breads made with 100% organic flours. This is where you finally taste the shrimp tempura on the mango carpaccio that you can pursue with salad riquettes with violet artichokes, bresaola, parmesan shavings.

Enjoying Your Vacation Time in Indonesia with Your Family

Enjoying Your Vacation Time in Indonesia with Your Family

Indonesia is home for a lot of exotic beaches, natural beauty and water activities. If you want to have fun & frolic in the company of your loved ones, you can plan your next vacation time and spend a few weeks in Indonesia. Besides that, you don’t need a huge amount of money when planning your family trip. The stay, travel and food are quire inexpensive, which can easily make your holiday time more exciting. Within a given budget, you can find numerous opportunities to have adventure, thrill and excitement. Most of the popular beaches in Indonesia are hot spots for scuba diving.

Wonderful Indonesia

Finding the best villas, hotels and resorts

It is possible to find the budget hotels in various places like Bali, Batam and Bandung. Moreover, the tour and travel packages are available with a number of travel agencies. You can easily find these packages and save a good amount of money. Villas in Indonesia are perfect solutions for family reunions, marriages, together and some special private occasions. They are easily available at reasonable price helping you make the most of your traveling plan to Indonesia.

Holiday rental homes are also available in most parts of Indonesia. This way, you can easily extend your stay in this part and make the most of your vacation time. You can easily take homes, condos, cabins and villas on rent and stay with your family for a few more days. It is important to compare the price of staying in hotels and at these accommodations so that you can make the right selection. You will be able to save a good amount on your stay in Indonesia.

best villas

Scuba diving in Indonesia

One of the best reasons why people come to Indonesia is the availability of numerous beaches. These beaches are the perfect locations for enjoying scuba diving. It allows you to have a lot of fun, adventure and exciting during your vacation time. If you are going to visit Indonesia, you are lucky to enjoy this incredible water sports. However, it is highly recommended to learn scuba diving before actually going under water.

In Indonesia, you will be able to find the trainers who can make you learn scuba diving within a short span of time. In most of the places, you can find the scuba diving courses of four days span. During your training time, you will also be able to have a lot of fun and excitement because it will be your first time that you are going under water. You need to make sure that you use the right clothing and equipments before you look forward for going under the water. You can find special packages for learning scuba diving in Indonesia, which will be great help.


Before planning you trip to Indonesia, you should get in touch with the travel agencies offering various travel packages and arranging successful Voyage en Indonesie. You can also read a lot of travel guides to ensure that you are aware of best destinations, transportation means and food.

Simi Reizen Active holidays 2015

Enjoy the outdoors with Simi Reizen this summer. Our active holidays for several age groups are very popular amongst Dutch customers who are looking for a holiday they will not soon forget.

In 2015, we offer several great destinations for an outdoor holiday. All holidays provided by Simi are real group vacations. In a group of anywhere between 15 and 40 people, you will experience some of the greatest outdoor activities available in Europe.

Destinations 2015:

Croatia – jongerenvakanties Kroatie

A very popular destination since the weather is great, the food is nice and prices are affordable. During this 11-day actieve beach holiday you will experience several great activities such as sea kayakking, white water rafting and snorkeling. Of course there will be plenty of time to enjoy the Adriatic sea and the many cocktail bars and party’s in the area.

Noorwegen en Zweden rondreizen

For people who are really into nature and culture, our active holiday in Sweden and Norway is the best trip to get. During this 15-day tour of both countries you will see not only the main tourist attractions, but will also be taking part in many great outdoor activities. Apart from optional river rafting and a glacier tour, you also have the option to embark on a speedboat adventure over the famous Geirangerfjord. Of course, during our trip through Noorwegen and Sweden, we will also be visiting famous landmarks such as the Trollstigen, Jotunheimen, Rondane and many other national parks and major landmarks. Each day we will be camping in a different location, but also spend some time in nature during a two day canoe trip as well as mountainbiking in the Swedish forests.

France outdoor holidays

This classic active holiday offers a great chance to our clients to experience some of the greatest oudoor activities out there. Working together with local professionals, we organise three different activity programs for anyone from 16 to 35, departing from a great campsite within walking distance of the small town of Guillestre in the French Alps.

During these activity programs you can choose out of several packages including many activities. Part of the program includes rafting, canyoning, rock climbing, a via ferrata or klettersteig, hydrospeed, kayakking, downhill mountainbiking and many more great activities. Since the weather is generally very nice, this is also a great place for a relaxing time in France.

Simi Reizen

Simi Reizen is a small touroperator based in the Netherlands, providing active holidays (actieve vakanties) for several age groups. Our trips are very popular and in 2014 Simi has won several prizes including a prize for best trip guides, best active holiday touroperator and many more. Although Simi is still a small player in the Dutch market, our clients appreciate our trips with an average of 8.7 out of 10.

Three Things I Love In The City I Love: San Francisco

Enjoying yourself in San Francisco isn’t hard, but if you’re feeling ambitious and want to see and taste the city like the locals do, here are 3 activities to add to your itinerary.

Drive to the top of Twin Peaks and enjoy sweeping views of the City By The Bay.

The Twin Peaks are right at the center of the city, and the view from the top is incredible. On a clear day (visit early to beat the fog), you’ll have a panoramic view of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a great spot to appreciate the city’s quirky charm and colorful houses, as well as the spectacular natural beauty of Northern California. Don’t forget your camera!

Visit the Beach Chalet for a pint and some fresh Pacific air.

Walk (recommended) or take a shuttle across Golden Gate Park, all the way to Ocean Beach, where you’ll find the Beach Chalet, a combination brewery/restaurant/beer garden/rest stop for beach goers. If you’re desperate for an ocean view, sit upstairs at the bar. But if you like to drink your beer alfresco, head out to the beer garden, relax on one of the Adirondack chairs and let the salty ocean breeze wash over you. The beer is good, the atmosphere is mellow, and the people are local. It’s pure San Francisco.

Eat like a local.

Eating well in San Francisco isn’t a challenge. It seems like there’s a Michelin starred restaurant on every corner. But if you want to eat like the locals do, head to a taqueria and indulge yourself in a “super burrito,” the delicious staple of Mexican American cuisine, made in a uniquely San Francisco style. A super burrito is  made from an extra large tortilla stuffed with fresh ingredients: guacamole, salsa, rice, sour cream, meat, beans, queso, and hot sauce, which is then wrapped tightly in a neat package of aluminum foil. Burritos are the perfect food for tourists as they are fresh, fast, and delicious. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to eat in the city, as even the finest taqueria won’t charge you more than $7 for this local delicacy.

Try: Gordo Taqueria (3 locations)

For dessert, there’s nothing (and I mean nothing) better than Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley. At Smitten, every serving of ice cream is made to order using liquid nitrogen, raw organic ingredients, and a machine called a “Kelvin” (invented by the owner). In just under a minute, each customer gets exactly the amount and flavor of ice cream they requested, and it tastes fresh, creamy, and indulgent.

Of course, these are just a few of the millions of places to explore in the city I love. Just be careful not to fall under the San Francisco spell, or you might never want to leave!

Vietnam trekking Discover the most spectacular mountain passes in North Vietnam


Picture credit :

If you are adventurous , you are passionate about the most spectacular mountain scenery , you love to have a panoramic overview of the mountainous province , and discover the authenticity of the life of ethnic minorities , do not hesitate to conquer the four grand passes during your trip in Vietnam .

 Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang

At 2000m , the Ma Pi Leng Pass connects the district Dong Van with  Meo Vac  . This place is known by way of sight as serpents of the mountain to another. The name of Ma Pi Leng literally means ” the horse’s nose ” in the local language. It reflects the danger and the height of the mountain where the horses died of fatigue  . This pass is associated with a road called Happy road  , built by the strength of the hands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic minorities in the region. Since 2009,  Ma Pi Leng Mount was recognized as the national relic by its geological structure and its landscape including Mount Ma Pi Leng, the chasm of the river Nho Que. . There are many tours organisez by agency to discover the beauty of the pass and its inhabitants mostly living in hight mountain areas

O Quy Ho  pass ( Lao Cai – Lai Chau )

With the length of 50km , O Quy Ho Pass keeps the record for the longest neck of North Vietnam . It is also one of the most dangerous and spectacular roads of Vietnam . O Quy Ho is also considered as the neck of Hoang Lien Son ( Pass of clouds ) .O Quy Ho comes the name according to the local legend of the cry of a fairy who would become a bird due to failed love with a man. This pass is unofficially named ” King passes in the Northwest ” by its height, danger and its length. His mountain, located in the middle of the cloud also carries a poetic name ” door for Heaven.” When it’s cold , this mount can be covered with snow.

Pha Din Pass ( Son La – Dien Bien )

The Pha Din Pass 32 km long is located between Son La and Dien Bien  . This pass is one of the most dangerous in Northwest Vietnam . According to the Thai language , the name of Pha Din means ” Heaven and Earth”.  The Pha Din Pass is known not only by its danger but also by its grandiose that will make you want to return. Arriving at the summit of the pass , visitors can one visibly observe In recent years , another road was built at 1000m altitude (200 -400m down compared to the Pha Din Pass ), then the density of traffic on the pass drops . During the war, Pha Din Pass was a major route for supplies of food and ammunition to Dien Bien Phu . He helped win the battle Dien Bien Phu and also became the symbol of strength and courage of Vietnamese soldiers .

Khau Pha Pass (Yen Bai )

With a length of more than 30km, the Khau Pha Pass is recognized as the longest and most dangerous in the Road  32. It lies between Van Chan district and Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province . It crosses several known attractions such as: La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le. The name Khau Pha in the Thai language means ” High Heaven.”The best time to find out is the harvest season ( September and October) , in which all the rice fields are yellow and this is the best moment to explorer Vietnam by a trekking tour. In addition , tourists can admire the original forests where wild and rare species live. Well, do not miss these wonderful passes to admire the beauty of the mountainous regions of North Vietnam and enjoy the incredible scenery.

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Road Tripping Across Jordan

We turn away from the airport onto a quiet, winding road. Tiny towns are scattered across the desolate landscape, each one filled with partially constructed buildings that seem to have been abandoned as hastily as they have been built. The structures look new and untouched, as if the owners might return any moment to re-inhabit them.

Bedouin camps dot the landscape between the ghost towns. The makeshift structures are made of tin, cardboard, scraps of cloth, and bits of goat hair; in sharp contrast to their concrete counterparts these portable homes are bustling with life. Children play, goats graze on tiny patches of grass, and women hang clothes on the line. Everything and everyone is covered in dust.

Bedouins ride their camels on the side of the road, and, as the signs predict, goats appear out of nowhere, seemingly unaware of the cars speeding by. We stop and wait while children cross the street on tiny, exhausted donkeys with patchy fur. They tow wooden sleds loaded with brush and scraps. It is startling to see the children working in the hot sun, and we realize yet again that we are a long way from home.

The landscape changes as we turn onto the road for the Dead Sea. There are still Bedouins with camels, but they stand on the side of the road offering rides to tourists. Ramshackle food stands with giant umbrellas are scattered along the beach, accompanied by Coca-Cola signs and plastic chairs. The strange scene reflects the paradox of Jordan; a country steeped in culture and tradition, both blessed and cursed by the natural resources and tourism it attracts.

The road to Madaba brings us back to reality. There are no signs of life, except for a few lost goats that casually cross the road in front of our car. We see a military checkpoint up ahead, and wonder if we should turn around, but it is too late. The guard comes out to meet us, sees that we are tourists, and breaks into a warm smile. He greets us with the usual Jordanian questions. “Where are you from? Are you married? Do you have children? Are you pregnant? Do you like Jordan?”  Jordanian hospitality comes second only to their obsession with family. “Insha’Allah,” we reply. He smiles and points the way to Madaba.

We follow the 3,000-year-old King’s Highway for nearly two hours, passing through town after town on an endless stretch of highway. Locals stand on the side of the road warming their hands over makeshift heaters, and most offer a friendly wave as we pass through. Every town looks the same; a small mosque in the center, roving bands of dogs crossing the road near vacant lots, and women going about their daily business of shopping and child rearing.

The King’s Highway leads us to Wadi Mujib, proudly referred to by our guide in Amman as “The Grand Canyon of Jordan.” We follow the highway along hairpin turns, stopping occasionally to gawk at the crater below. We agree that this is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing the moon, if the moon were inhabited by shaggy goats and laughing Bedouins.

Companies That Help You Plan Around the Weather

This article details companies offering solutions for avoiding the consequences of bad weather.

As 2015 begins, extreme weather patterns once again dominate the news. Preparing for our unpredictable British weather, an irritating prospect for many of us, can have disastrous consequences for some – as in the case of those living in flood-risk areas. Fortunately, as highlighted below, there are many companies and organisations willing to help us combat our climate’s uncertainties.

Foresee app

This weather app goes beyond many others which just relay statistical weather data to make predictions. Foresee offers to ‘personalise’ your weather information to take account of your preferred lifestyle choices. You can select from a host of different activities, such as tennis, rock climbing, sunbathing and so on. With your choice of optimum weather conditions for each activity in place, Foresee then monitors your local ten-day weather forecast data. Thus Foresee can, for example, suggest the best times for sunbathing, and provide answers to questions such as ‘Which is the best day for lawn-mowing?’

Weather Trends International

Weather Trends International are a company operating at the cutting edge of weather forecasting. Their experienced team of meteorologists and maths wizards offer a long-range forecasting service for clients planning holidays, parties, weddings and the like, up to a year in advance. A recognised leader in long-range weather forecasting, Weather Trends International have a track record of correctly predicting the extent to which the weather will ‘cooperate’ as regards future planned events. Their advice is regularly sought by retailers, institutions and countries seeking to find an optimum ‘weather window’.

Emergency breakdown

The AA, like similar motoring organisations, has many years’ experience helping motorists cope with difficult weather conditions. They also have their own elite ‘storm-chasing’ squad, known as AA Sort (Special Operations Response Team). Operating during periods of extreme weather, Sort’s main task is to support regular patrol services in tough conditions. The Sort team have undergone rescue training and regularly work alongside other rescue agencies such as fire and mountain rescue teams. They can also call upon expert weather advice for detailed hazard forecasting, helping us all to cope better when the weather closes in.

Dark Sky

Available for iPhone and iPad, Dark Sky is a new, state-of-the-art weather app which could prove invaluable for tourists travelling abroad. Using the latest short-term prediction technology, Dark Sky can pinpoint precisely when rain or snow will strike your location; and it is accurate down to the minute. With its superb graphic interface, Dark Sky presents astonishing radar animations, for example, tracking the progress of a local storm so the on-screen visuals record the moment when the storm passes through where you’re standing. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, this has got to be worth a look

Transport Innovation

Most of us have walked to the shops in pleasant weather only to find the heavens open just as we are about to return home loaded down with bags of shopping. Such annoying events need no longer be troublesome if you remember the Transport Innovation service. Most of our major supermarkets offer this freephone facility which enables you to contact local taxi companies to arrange a lift home and dodge the poor weather. Thanks to Transport Innovation, you will arrive safe, warm and dry; rather than cold, wet and grumpy.

Hopefully, we can all continue to support those who offer services to help us avoid, or cope with, weather emergencies. Their skills help to ‘see us through’ and we cannot do without their expertise. Should we lose them, we might, for example, hear a weatherman of the future pronounce: ‘Weather forecast for tonight: dark!’

Sources – Foresee app – Weather Trends International – AA Sort – Dark Sky app

Hire The Most Luxurious And Comfortable Minibus with Driver

People who travel frequently rarely stressed out. They meet new people, see new places, breathe fresh air and most of all they forget their problems. You should also take frequent trips whenever you have free time. Group travel can be more exciting and cheapened as there are minibuses for hire. Rental minibuses are usually luxury vehicles that are hired by travelers who want to move as a group. If there is an occasion you want to attend with your friends, you can all use a minibus instead of personal vehicles. And if you holiday in Manchester, then Minibus and driver Manchester are the best at that place.

indexAs long as you have great bus drivers your journey will be smooth. Comfortable and amusing A minibus may be smaller in appearance but it has a adequate space inside. Everyone in the group could keep their luggage inside. It also has an extra storage boot on the outer side, allowing you to carry enough languages for your trip. Because you will hire a private vehicle, you can choose two drivers among the group members to drive you. Personal are likely to drive safety on the roads, as they realize that any damage to the bus would be their financial liability as well. So hire the minibus with driver if you holiday in Manchester.

All the same it would be wiser to use the minibus company driver if you intent to get drunk during your trip. Europe that the bus driver has no criminal record or history causing road accidents. Although safety on the road should be observed al l the times, it would be so painful to get into a grave accident as a group of friends or workmates. As you look for a suitable vehicle make safety you first priority. In addition, make sure that the minibuses you want to rent are regularly inspected, repaired and maintained.

Minibus-With-TrailerA driver could be perfect and still cause an accident because of an understand mechanical fault. Furthermore, you want to rent a bus that has a suitable insurance cover. A serious car hire company will definitely insure and maintain its will also employ thoroughly trained and experienced drivers. Comfort is very important when you have to be stuck in a bus for several hours. Therefore it makes sense to view the interiors of an auto prior to booking it. Seats should be properly upholstered, clean and comfy. Windows should slide easily when pushed as you might need fresh air.

Curtains on the windows would be a bonus. Depending on the kind of friends you want to have a trip with, an interior music system with a video options or a TV screen could be compulsory, Buses are advanced nowadays In terms of interior features for entertainment and comfort. There are buses that offer refrigerators, tray tables, individual folding tables, a big WC with a wash basin and free Wi-Fi among others. It is your budget that will determine the sort of rental auto you can afford. So you should hold talks as a group and decide on the type of features your rental minibus should have.

The Souls of The Southern Vietnam: Floating Market of Cai Rang

Floating Market of Cai Rang
Floating Market of Cai Rang

Between tradition and modernity, Vietnam is a country in full development. In recent years, it is one of the most popular among tourist’s worldwide destinations. This country has many things to offer: a large number of attractions, cultural and natural sites, activities … Many travel packages possible to appreciate the richness of Vietnam. To discover Mekong and the south of Vietnam, the best option is Mekong boat excursion and visit of Floating market of Cai Rang

Located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, 167 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, “rice bow of the country ” is the most important of the region’s political, economic life. For any movement, it will be easier to take a boat and glide over the water to reach it by land. This is the reason that why boat rides to visit the floating markets and experience the local life on the river banks is still a typical and attractive business!

Can tho is a good base to go by boat to explore the arms of the Mekong above the floating markets. Parallel to Cai Be, Cai Rang is the largest floating wholesalers market in Delta. Nothing is more interesting than living in many lively atmospheres of people, between purchases and sales. A myriad of boats loaded with melons, mangoustant, dragon fruit, pineapple … The main items sold there are farm products and specialties of the region. An incredible spectacle for visitors who are not used. This may be a source of inspiration for photos fans during their photography tours in Vietnam . The floating market is open all day, but the busiest moment start from 5am to 10am. Enjoy this time and get best pictures

Crossing the floating market, travellers can talk to farmers growing fruit trees. Sometimes, they offer tasty fruit as gift. It is very pleasant to take part and witness this traditional way of life. So many interesting things to discover. Go ahead and enjoy the experience!

This great river has witnessed the foundation but also the end of empires and many wars between the enemy’s origins and cultures. For a long time, indeed, the Mekong has benefited adventurers and explorers, merchants, fishermen and farmers.

Cruises here are perhaps not as luxurious as those proposed by on the Halong bay with private cruise, though they promise a much greater experience. An output of the Mekong River usually includes a visit of floating market, Cairang or Caibe, or local gardens. It is also possible to mix the admittedly simple but rich in diverse experiences local life. A daily rhythm of life of the inhabitants of the Mekong from villages like Cat Ta, a very small village that still exists for almost two centuries, but which nevertheless continues to thrive through fishing, agriculture and rice wine production that the population distils and sells to itinerant traders.

Travel on the waters of the Mekong River is a journey of the most romantic and amazing in the south – East Asia. Modern boats have retained the characteristics of those who sailed in the past. The passing landscape but also frequent opportunities to stop and get in contact with the local population because do not forget that the best travel experience is the sharing.

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Bamboo Temple: A Breath-taking Example of Chinese Architectural Finesse

Bamboo Temple, a symbol of China’s rich heritage

China has dependably been a place where there is supernatural quality. Bamboo Temple is a piece of Chinese legacy that instigates enthusiasm, amazement and mystery. With a history of more than one thousand years, this sanctuary has seen the ascent and fall of traditions in the nation. The sanctuary itself has been pulverized and modified under diverse administrations. Today, it remains as a compositional wonder that pulls in travelers and models apparently equivalent. Its highlights are five hundred etched statues that were manufactured over a time of seven years in the late eighteenth century.

Experience China’s Architectural Marvels 

The Bamboo Temple is a structural creation that has pulled in tourists as well as stone workers from all over the globe. The true name of the sanctuary is Qiongzhu Si and it lies on the Yu’an Mountain that stands northwest of Kunming. The area is perfect as it holds the enchantment of the sanctuary encompassed by woods and waterfalls. There are times it is covered totally by mists and fogs. This is a perfect spot to visit when you are on a China tour or taking in Chinese in China.

Historical background of Bamboo Temple 

The historical backdrop of this temple is more than a thousand years of age; however the sanctuary itself is most certainly not. Since it was first constructed, Qionghzu Si or the Bamboo Temple (as it is famously known today) has been demolished to the ground various times. Initially assembled by the Yuan Dynasty, the last time it was blazed to the ground was in the fifteenth Century. The current sanctuary is the particular case that was manufactured by the Tang Dynasty. There is a legend behind the building of the sanctuary that adds to its persona.

What about the two brothers?

As stated by the story, two siblings from the illustrious family were on a chasing spree in the zone where Kunming is presently arranged. They went over a rhinoceros which fled after seeing them and the siblings pursued it far into the bush. As it arrived at the deeper segment of the woodland, the rhinoceros all of a sudden vanished. Confused, the siblings kept searching for it and risked into a flock of friars. These ministers even at a first look appeared uncommon and they vanished right before their eyes. The siblings’ amazement saw no limits when they uncovered that the ministers had abandoned their strolling trail them.

The structure of the Bamboo temple 

They recognized this as a gathering with better creatures who brought them close than illumination. They chose to stamp the event and enlarge the most profound sense of being that they had encountered by establishing the framework of the Qiongzhu sanctuary. In spite of the fact that there is no shred of proof to demonstrate this story, it has been a piece of the myth encompassing the sanctuary for several years.

What you will see in Bamboo Temple 

The most renowned characteristics of the sanctuary are the 500 painted earth figures of Buddhist Arhats (honorable creatures) that were built between 1883 and 1890 by Li Guangxiu, a people craftsman from Sichuan Province. This was between 1875 and 1909 when the Qing head chose to assume responsibility of the rebuilding of the sanctuary. Li took seven years to reproduce the statues and he completed it so delightfully that it prepared for spark. Each of the “Arahat” is one of a kind and displays distinctive outflows and feelings. A few statues connect with the moon and others are reproving their pet beasts. There are those which appear to be in anguish and others which look tranquil.

The vivid delineation of human feelings has made this sanctuary a national legacy. Any China travel agenda must consolidate an appearance to this momentous sanctuary. As a result, you need to make sure that you have the right driving experience before planning to visit Bamboo Temple.

5 Reasons to visit Srilanka

Sri Lanka is a place that is known for extraordinary islands and cooling Buddhist deep sense of being. It is not a huge nation but it contains 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Genuinely a voyager’s heaven, the lovely drift and shorelines could lure even the most bored explorers and the lot of exercises that the nation brings to the table to its guests make it an absolute necessity visit objective.

The capital of Sri Lanka is the spot most voyagers satisfy desires as it houses the best plane terminal. Made in the fifth Century, Colombo was the entryway for trade amidst Asia and the West. Days can without a doubt be utilized on the shoreline of Mount Lavinia or passing by some city memorable focuses, for instance, Gangaramaya Vihara; a champion among the most dazzling Buddhist asylum in the country due to its metal work and stone carvings. The city similarly houses Pettah, a standout amongst the most prepared ranges in the city that has now been changed into a business focus

Here are main 5 more things to see and to do in Sri Lanka:

1.) Buddhism

Sri Lanka is the most seasoned persistently Buddhist nation as the religion was presented in the second Century B C. by the kids of India’s Asoka Emperor, the particular Venerable Mahindra.You’re grown up Give Temples or watts of Dambulla, close to 3 several hours North through Galle, give a part of the most extremely satisfied portrayals and also Buddha sculptures.

2.) Elephants Risk-free Location

Elephants happen to be pursued shut removal for your opinion in their cream color tusks. Sri Lanka supplies a truly radiant untamed living pound for him or her shut Galle in which it is possible to offer likewise. Veterinarians watching over those radiant dogs dismiss the Hippo Wellbeing Undertaking and allow some sort of prosperous chance to improvement from their potential and in addition acknowledge simple be employed by the particular globe’s natural class.

3.) Sapling of Enlightenment

Inside 3rd century B C ., the particular inventor of Buddhist nuns, Sanghamitta, produced a great development through Buddha’s Fig sapling -generally known as Your Sapling of Enlightenment – in order to Anuradhapura. Intended for 1, three hundred years, this particular location ended up being the particular Ceylonese funds anyhow it had been surrendered the majority of a rapid within 993 inside wake up of being assaulted. That alternative Earth Customs Website is located amid solid warm boondocks that had been dense for quite a while. Today, its exceptional imperial houses, purchases and also sights add some hallowed Bodhi sapling which includes. Created out of that starting appendage and people are permitted to visit this heavenly bundle.

4.) Dining

Sri Lankans consume with their right hand, never their left, and utilize either bread or little parcels of rice as a ‘utensil’. By purging their plate, one demonstrates that they are still eager. So leaving a little measure of sustenance in your plate expresses that one is full. Most occupants are veggie lovers. Be that as it may, meat dishes are effectively found in many restaurants. But a little country, every area of the nation has a special sustenance society. Zest levels range from fiery to gentle and flavor profiles differ actually when a dish wears the same name.


5.) Rural life

In Negombo, a city simply north of Colombo, the soul of living on the water still remains. It is transpierced by waterways winding on for 100 km which local people explore the same way they do in Southeast Asia. The anglers living on the tidal pond still live in covering palm towns and cut out their kayaks on which their job depends. The tidal pond likewise houses the Muthurajawela Marsh Land; a 14,826 section of land ensured mangroves stop home to in excess of 190 types of natural life.

Sri lanka ETA visa is simply and easy to apply. It can be obtained from the Sri Lanka online platform from where one has to fill in some details which has to be processed.

The Most Amazing Activities For Kids When They Are On A Cruise

If you are planning a vacation with your family, then going on a cruise trip is the best option. Travelling on a cruise line offers so much excitement for the whole family and especially for the kids. It is a whole new experience for them to spend time on the sea. A cruise trip with the family strengthens the bond in the family. The cruise line walks that extra mile to look after and encourages the kids offering a world of activities and specific education programs. You can choose from a variety of cruise lines for the kids.

Although spending a vacation on the cruise line is taken to be an activity for the couples. In the recent years, more and more families have resorted to the cruise lines for vacations and spending some quality time with the kids. Many cruise lines are gearing up for the kids to provide them with loads of activities and learning programs. The question arises which cruise line should you choose to offer the most incredible activities for the kids. You have to search a lot and ask your friends and relative about it.

Your kids will be able to do the following activities when they are on a cruise:

  • Group Activities For The Kids

There are many cruise lines offering group activities for the kids. Groups are divided according to the age of the kids. Various groups are then given a plenty of activities to play around with. Babysitting services are also offered by cruise lines for young infants. These group activities encourage them to bring out the ideas of their own. Kids have a plethora of ideas for themselves. These activities include reading books and puzzles, art and craft for kids and a plenty of toys and computer games.

  • Gaming For Kids Aboard

Gaming is the most popular activity for kids on a cruise line. Many cruise ships offer arcade rooms for kids. These rooms are a great place for the kids. Appropriate measures are taken by the cruise staff to keep an eye on the kids playing in the room. You can also keep a close watch on your kids. They also provide competitions and scavenger hunting games for the kids.

  • Swimming Activity For the Kids

Children also have the option of swimming on a cruise line. It is a fun filled activity for the kids. Almost all cruise lines have the swimming pools in them. Apart from the full sized swimming pool for the adults, the wading swimming pool is also a feature provided in cruise lines. You have to give it a thought before allowing your kid to swim in the pool without your supervision. The skilled and competent lifeguards are at their service to keep a close watch on your kids.

  • On board Movie Theatres

Several cruise lines have a movie hall or a performance theatre for the kids. The kids can watch some family friendly movies, performances and plays of their liking. These movies and performances by various artists are exciting for the kids to watch. It can also add to their learning process. The movies shown in the hall or the plays performed on stage can be a new learning experience for the kids.

  • Team Activities For Kids

There are numerous activities for the kids. Team activities include playing monopoly and games like basketball and a batting cage. The team activities help the kids in their upbringing. They learn to behave and perform in a group. There are clubs focussing on the team building approach in the kids.

There are several activities for the kids that include fun as well as educational programs. Kids learn to make new friends, go through exciting adventures and have an event of a lifetime. Spending quality vacation time on a cruise is a wonderful learning experience for the kids.

 Rich is a traveller who has spent a lot of time in going from one place to another. His passion for travelling and writing has encouraged him to write a number of articles on the Theme Park. He has helped many people with his tips.

A Perfect Weekend Away

It goes without saying that London is a great place to visit for an extended period of time, or even just a weekend. London is widely considered as the cosmopolitan of the world with its rich history and culture. It isn’t a surprise that London is building on its already phenomenal popularity as more and more tourists continue to visit the sights.

A Perfect Weekend Away
A Perfect Weekend Away

Tower of London

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress (known as the Tower of London), is a historic castle on the north bank of the river Thames. You will be able to see the crown jewels which were newly displayed in 2012. You can purchase an adult ticket for less than twenty pounds. Visit the Tower of London’s website to find out more information on the offers and opening times. The price is well worth the entrance fee as this historic venue has to be seen to be believed.

London Zoo

Treat the whole family to a day out at the zoo; you will be spoilt for choice with animals ranged from gorillas and penguins to hippos and lions. ZSL London Zoo is available to all members of the public and they can accommodate schools. This zoo is a fascinating place to visit with plenty to learn. Your day won’t just be thoroughly entertaining as you see animals from all over the world, it will be insightful too.

Sight Seeing

Seeing the sights of London and taking in the city through tours is simply an experience you won’t forget. There are many companies who offer these tours with their coach hire in London. These tours will no doubt provide you with great insight into London and its culture, not to mention the fact that they are fun and exciting days to be enjoyed by everyone. So sit back and watch in wonder as you pass through London city and its captivating views.

However you wish to spend your time in London, you won’t be disappointed with the activities that are on offer. The list seems almost limitless and with Wembley, Buckingham Palace and numerous museums located in the city. Your stay in London will certainly be an experience you won’t want to forget in a hurry. Treat yourself to a holiday with a difference, treat yourself with London.

The Best Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

When you are planning a family road trip, you need to choose snacks that are going to make the trip bearable. Also, you need to choose snacks that are going to help you stay healthy. If you eat too much junk in the car, you are more likely to feel sick during the course of the trip.

Bhuja Crunchy Peas

Bhuja crunchy seasoned peas are a great snack because they are a vegetable that has been dried for snacking. You can enjoy Bhuja crunchy peas in the car at any time, and you can eat these peas even if you are driving. The Bhuja crunchy seasoned peas are a great way to snack when you know you will be behind the wheel for a while.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a good choice for any trip because they are so filling. You can eat one granola bar, but you will feel full. If you eat a candy bar, you will just need something to drink to chase the candy bar. Granola bars come in a number of flavors, and these even come in savory flavors that you can eat during lunch or dinner time. You can fill up on these bars if you do not want to stop for a meal.

Whole Grain Chips

Many people eat chips on long road trips, but whole grain chips are the healthiest kind. These chips are lightly salted in the bag, but they are not filled with other flavors or chemicals. You can crunch on these chips for as long as you want, and they only have a few calories per chip. This is a good snack to go along with a cold bottle of water.


When you are sitting in the back of the car, you should keep a cooler with you just for your yogurt. One container of yogurt is going to be much better for you than some kind of ice cream treat you find at a gas station. Also, these yogurt cups are much more filling. Your body feels satiated, but you ate something healthy.


Everyone enjoys a handful of dry cereal, and there is nothing wrong with snacking on some dry cereal when you are on the road. You can eat the cereal right out of the box, or you can pour it into a bag for easy access. Whole grain cereals are often the best for this kind of eating, and you will be able to stay full after just a couple handfuls.


When you bring along a can of nuts, you will be able to snack responsibly all during your trip. These nuts could come in a variety of flavors, but they rarely have any calories at all. You can snack on the nuts for the whole trip without feeling sick, and you will feel full after a few handfuls.

You need to eat healthy snacks when you are on a long road trip. Everything on the list above works well with a bottle of water, and you can stay full while you drive long distances.

Top 5 Best South African Destinations

South Africa is an amazingly beautiful country that has so many things to do and places to go. Maybe in the past it has been rumored that South Africa was a dangerous place, but much has changed. With the coming of the turn-of-the-century, South Africa has grown into a beautiful tourist destination beloved by many around the world. For those who have never been to South Africa, you may not know that the best holiday destination according to Destinations Africa in Africa is more than likely in South Africa. The country of South Africa consists of many tourist attractions for those who want to explore them. Here are some of the best destinations Africa has to offer.

Cape Town: This is a well-known tourist destination. Many of the games in the previous World Cup were in the Cape Town stadium. A beautiful city by the ocean, it’s long been an attraction to those visiting from overseas. The history of Cape Town is very rich and full of memorable moments, if you are looking to learn more about the culture. Although there is much to do in Cape Town, especially if you are looking to have a good time. Cape Town in itself is the best holiday destination in Africa. If they ever have an event held at the stadium, pay it a visit, as it’s one of the most beautiful sights to see, especially if you love soccer! With so many beachside hotels available, including all inclusive’s, you won’t have much trouble finding your fun for the day in Cape Town.

Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, Knysna: For those looking for a luxury getaway, this hotel and spa is a perfect fit. If you’re looking to relax and even play a round of golf, then you have come to the right place. This hotel is truly one of the best destinations Africa has to offer. Though this location is catered to those with a lot of money, you can always save up and make this a stop on your trip to South Africa.

Polokwane: For those who like to see wildlife, staying at one of the hotels around here is a must. Not only do you get luxury accommodations that are top-notch, you can also go game watching and see wildlife. There are many Safari tours available in the area, as well as many five-star hotels. Casinos are also available for those who want to try their luck in the area.

Mpumalanga: Known as one of South Africa’s top destinations, this location is gorgeous in every way. Mpumalanga has a coverage of nearly 80,000 km with wetlands as well as high lands. Known as “Paradise Country”, it boasts wildlife as well, for your viewing pleasure. There are many highlights here including a national park, caves, a game reserve, as well as Blyde River Canyon. With such an array of things to do, make sure to journey here on your trip to South Africa.

South Africa Wine Estates: For those who like wine, this is the heart of wine country. The first wine ever produced here was made in 1659. Due to its significance in winemaking, as well as its location near the ocean, this has always been a big tourist destination in South Africa.

What Do You Need For the Perfect Bachelor Party ?

Weddings can be a great time where friends can get together and share good times with each other while preparing for the road ahead. When it comes to weddings it is important to maximize the fun and reduce the stress. Many of the friends involved in a wedding for the bride and the groom are in charge of organizing events and parties for everyone involved. If you are someone designated for organizing these events, it is important to keep in mind several factors in order to keep everyone happy and ready to face the final “I do”s.

What Do You Need For the Perfect Bachelor Party ?
What Do You Need For the Perfect Bachelor Party ?

As a friend of the groom, you have certain responsibilities. You are probably on great terms with the groom considering he chose you to plan his events and take part in his ceremony. However, before any of that can happen, fun is the primary goal. One of the most popular ways to have fun before a wedding is to plan a bachelor party. These are a tradition where the groom has one last night of freedom before becoming tied down to a missus. There are many different kinds of bachelor parties, and they often range from mild to extremely wild.

People who live in Sydney know exactly how much fun can be had. When trying to plan a bachelor party, location is everything and there is no better location than Sydney. With a happening nightlife scene, Sydney is excellent for getting a bunch of mates together to help the groom have a great last night out before he settles down. It’s a great idea to check out the local bar scene and to try to take the groom around for a round of drinks to get him loosened up and comfortable. However, it is important to plan ahead and make sure you have an itinerary for the events of the night.

The night could start out on the town and then slowly move back to an apartment. This will involve two more aspects of the night that are highly important: food and entertainment. Drinking games are always a great idea and can be fantastic for getting everyone involved and happy. Food is also an essential for any party and having a large amount and variety of food can be a great decision, especially if you know the groom’s favorites. Next comes another important aspect of the night, the entertainment.

Entertainment can come in many different forms but the one that is most popular (and often a cliché when it comes to bachelor parties) is strippers. Many people consider strippers to be the final hurrah for the bachelor as he will soon be settled down with a wife and will no longer be able to look ably at any woman he wants. However, it is important to gauge what kind of person the groom is and take into account the wishes of the wedding party, the friends and most especially the bride. It can be tacky and tasteless to order a stripper for a groom who is not committed to the idea or gets no enjoyment out of it. Making a mistake like that can ruin a whole night.

So in the end, only four things remain for a perfect bachelor party: great company, drinks, food and entertainment (the best kind of entertainment is just a click away at XXX Bucks, Sydney’s premier bucks party planners). Any combination can lead to a great night with fun and friends. Remember, the main focus is to have everyone together and having a good time.

Australia Has Some of the Top Theme Parks in the World

Australia has some of the most amazing natural scenery in the world, and it is also not short on man-made wonders. The Gold Coast boasts one of the top ten ranked theme parks in the world, which is also Australia’s largest. Dreamworld has the thrilling roller coasters for those looking for an adrenaline rush as well as Pandemonium and Tower of Terror. It also has water rides and more than 500 species of wild animals including the Australian Wildlife Experience and Sumatran tigers in the tiger park. For the little ones, there is Wiggles World with playground equipment and much more. When you want a break, go to a cinema, take a relaxing ride on the railway around the park or browse some of the boutiques in the shopping arcade.

Warner Bros Movie World is a close runner-up to Dreamworld, and some think it should be number one. It is loaded with characters from, you guessed it, movies, and claims to be Hollywood on the Gold Coast. You can talk to Batman and Robin, take a selfie with Marilyn Monroe, take a Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster ride and much, much more. The little ones meet Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and there are stunt shows that include aerial stunts with extreme precision. Visitors can go behind the scenes and watch how a movie is shot. There is even a 4D adventure to Mysterious Island where you will fly through a tornado, escape giant lizards, find the lost city of Atlantis and actually pilot the submarine of Captain Nemo.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World claims to be the largest water-theme park in Australia. Just next door to Warner Bros Movie World, it has water slides, pools and a giant wave pool. Calling these attractions water slides is a gross understatement. They are super thrilling slides, some in complete darkness, where visitors can travel up to 60 km/h and more. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go over a waterfall in a raft? Well, you can find out at Wet ‘n’ Wild. It’s a great place to spend a hot afternoon.

Just 20 minutes by car from downtown Perth is Western Australia’s premier theme park. Adventure World has Kids Cove with rides and playground equipment for younger children as well as some of the biggest thrill rides in WA. The water slides are world-class for the greatest thrills imaginable. There are also smaller slides for the younger children. From paddle boats to The Abyss, there is something for everyone.

One of the oldest theme parks in Australia is still one of the best. Sea World, Gold Coast is a showcase of marine life, and it also has thrill rides, shows and other attractions. The dolphins love to show off their skills while they play alongside humans who are water-skiing in acrobatic formations. If you are inclined, you can swim with sharks in Shark Bay. You can also watch the Polar Bears cavort. They are great swimmers even though they aren’t actually marine life. If you’ve been to Sea World before, try again. They are always adding new ones and upgrading their existing attractions.

This informative blog post was contributed by KOMPAN, the world’s No.1 playground equipment supplier.

Sydney Bucks Party: What Happens in Sydney, Stays in Sydney

Last month, I took a trip to visit Sydney, Australia for my best friend’s wedding. I had never been to Sydney before, but considering that’s where my buddy’s wife is from, all the festivities were to take place there. While the wedding was set to happen on the Saturday, I arrived on the Wednesday night. After all, I needed to throw this one-of-a-kind guy a bachelor’s party beforehand that he would remember for the rest of his life.

What would you expect guys in their twenties to have planned for a guy’s night out? Well, strippers of course! We first headed out to this fancy Japanese restaurant in the city’s downtown area. After catching a nice buzz on all the local alcohol provided, we move on to a strip club down the road. Since I had never visited Sydney before, I obviously have never gone to this particular strip club before, but the guys I was with couldn’t stop raving about it. All they kept telling me was, ‘Wait until you see the topless barmaids and topless waitresses. These girls are something else.’ They were not kidding. When I walked into the strip club, these were some of the most beautiful women I have ever laid my eyes on with bodies to die for.

We sat down in a corner booth, and were automatically serviced by one of the topless waitresses named Cindy. She was friendly, giving each of us a smile with every step of the way. Cindy asked us what we wanted to drink for the night, recommending a draft beer. Since it was my best friend’s bachelor party, she decided to surprise us with some shots of fireball whiskey. This bit of alcohol hit the spot. Next thing I knew, she was bringing us over another round of shots.

From there, we decided to branch out from our booth and head to the main area in the middle where the strippers were doing their thing. There were a number of stripping shaking their bodies against the pole. One of them was a blonde named Taj, while there were also two redheads that went by the names of Keesha and Destiny. These girls looked like experts out there on the pole, moving and shaking it in the right way. Naturally, my friends and I started taking the dollar bills out of our wallets and handing it to the ladies one by one. These girls knew they had us in the palm of their hands.

After taking interest in these strippers for countless hours, we went back to our booth to pay our final bill for the topless barmaids. Then, it was finally time to head home. While the wedding ceremony was not nearly as exciting as that bachelor’s party, it was still a beautiful moment to celebrate the love my best friend felt for the girl of his dreams. This trip to Sydney was certainly one to remember. I had gotten to visit a city that I always wanted to check out, spent time at a strip club with the loveliest women and helped my buddy ring in an important moment in his life. Sydney, thanks for the good times.


Brisbane: A Wedding Location You’ll Remember Forever

So you’ve set the date for your wedding and you’ve decided on Brisbane for the location. Now the real work gets underway. What is your next step to planning the wedding of your dreams? Where do you even begin?

The Venue

You know you want to get married in Brisbane, but where specifically? Decide whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding, as there are plenty of options for both. From beautiful intimate park ceremonies to elaborate hotel ballrooms, it’s entirely up to you. Keep in mind that if you do plan on an outdoor ceremony, you’ll want to have an emergency backup in place in case of nasty weather!

The Dress

Brides planning a budget-conscious wedding will be able to find beautiful gowns well with in their price range, but anyone looking to truly splurge on their dress should consider getting a custom gown from Regalia Bridal Designs. It guarantees you a wholly original dress that suits you as a bride. Now that’s something to hold onto forever and show off to your future kids and grandkids!

The Memories

You’ll want to determine how much to spend on a wedding videographer or photographer, as well as how much you want captured. Getting just the ceremony on film or using the photographer just for official group photos is going to be cheaper than hiring someone who captures the whole day from start to finish. Married couples often laugh and say their wedding day was so busy they barely remember it, so you’ll want a wedding videographer and photographer who can pull together those memories for you. If you’re looking to hire a wedding videographer in Brisbane, Save the Date will be your best choice.

The Guests

Remember, this wedding is about you, so you should invite the people who would make you happy to be there. Sometimes there are obligations to invite friends you’re not close to anymore or family members you don’t get along with, but don’t let that ruin your day! Focus on your close friends and family first. If you have to restrict your guest list to a small number, make sure no one you truly care about is left out. Keep in mind that for out-of-town or overseas guests, you may want to think about setting aside a block of hotel rooms so they have someplace to stay.

The Ceremony

This is an area where you and your soon-to-be spouse should decide the style you want, and then work out the details from there, like you did with the venue. Traditional or informal? Religious or not? Do you want to write your own vows? Who do you want to incorporate? Pull together a loose outline, and as the date gets closer, you can solidify exactly how you want it to go.

There are plenty more details you need to iron out, but Brisbane has no shortage of wedding planners, stylists, wedding bands and vendors who would love to help you make your day perfect. As you meet with them and the day starts coming into sharper focus, pull together a wedding checklist so you can keep track of what still needs to get done. Get started with the basic decisions on this list, and before long you’ll get swept up in the fun of planning!

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Grafton New South Wales

Planning a get away in Australia can be an overwhelming task. With a country of such immense beauty, any vacationer has many choices on where to go. New South Wales boast some of Australia’s finest and pristine natural areas and quaint towns with a lot to offer. Grafton happens to be the commercial hub in the Clarence River Valley. Choosing Grafton as a destination for your next vacation opens up many possibilities for things to do on your trip. Here are 5 reasons you should visit Grafton, New South Wales

Accommodation For Every Budget

No matter what you you prefer, Grafton boast many accommodations for all types of travellers. Every type of place to stay you can imagine: hotels, camping, Bed & Breakfast, resorts, and even farm stays. Backpackers can find and enjoy cheap, hostel-style lodgings while others can rent entire properties in beautiful neighbourhoods. Being nestled in one of NSW ‘s most acclaimed cities, any traveller can enjoy a comfortable stay in Grafton.

Great Events for Everyone

One can easily hire a car and open themselves up to the many events held throughout the year in the Clarence River Valley. Events and festivals are scattered throughout the Clarence River Valley. Festivals like the Sydney Comedy Showcase, Nymboida Adventure Festival, and the Yamba Triathlon Festival are just a few of the events going on in Grafton and the surrounding areas. The annual Grafton Jacaranda Festival is a favourite among locals and guests alike for the spectacular blooming of the local Jacaranda trees that are plentiful in the city of Grafton. For the outdoorsy types, many festivals are held during prime weather months and feature a variety of outdoor activities. Arts and culture play a large role in the events in New South Wales. Getting a car rental will make it easy to travel from Grafton to all of the exciting events.

Eating Out

Grafton and the surrounding areas have a delightful selection of restaurants from fine dining to funky eateries. Some country pubs have been refurbished and capture the essence of times of yesteryear and offer quality restaurant and bistro dining. With some of Australia’s finest seafood available, plenty of restaurants offer amazing oysters, prawns, and other shellfish. The rich and abundant bounty of the the area has given chefs in and around Grafton a unique and wide-ranging palate of flavours to choose from, making the food in Grafton particularly delicious.

What to Do

Luckily, travellers of all types will find fun and exciting things to do in and near Grafton, NSW. Bird watching in the Clarence River Valley is very popular and there is a lot of literature on the the subject, so even an amateur birdwatcher can find good trails and paths that will lead to great spots from which you can see some of the areas most beautiful wildlife. Tours of the Clarence gorge will satisfy the outdoor cravings you may have while the river boats and ferries are a great way to see the beautiful countryside in relaxing comfort.


Grafton has great shopping whether you’re looking for artisanal crafts or larger stores in a mall. Grafton Shoppingworld has a great range of small kiosk and specialty stores as well as stores for fashion, food, and everyday needs. Antiques and collectibles from the area are excellent keepsakes and Grafton has a variety of different place where you can find great antique shopping.

As you can see, Grafton is a great place to plan your next trip. It’s quaint, simple atmosphere is a relaxing change from the busy cities of Australia, and the ability to quickly retreat into the beautiful surrounding countryside is a plus. Excellent shopping is to be found all over the city and surrounding areas and you can find a variety of stores, form antiques to shopping malls. The excellent and plentiful activities events in the surrounding areas offer any guest the chance to see the wonderful nature and culture of New South Wales. While in Grafton, you will be well-fed from the many exciting restaurants in the area that feature world-class chefs cooking local and seasonal cuisine that is unique to the area. And lastly, accommodations for every budget and desire will keep you living in comfort while in Grafton. These reasons will make your next trip to Grafton one to remember.

This post comes from Archie Ward, who has just launched, a website that aims to provide the most complete information for people looking to hire a car on their trip to Grafton. And the best way to experience Grafton is undoubtedly on four wheels.



Top 10 Backpacking Adventure Destinations on a Budget

Looking for great Backpacking adventure destinations? There are great places you can be Backpacking tours are growing rapidly around the clock These are places where individuals and groups look for things really bring great pleasure, make incredible memories and gives the concept of state of the an tourism for the strong and the adventurous. Few of the most incredible destinations for Backpackers have been included here to give a great knowledge base, affordable and reachable destinations where you can look for the perfect adventure of all times.


Whether you want to see football, great food, and great people and breathe taking beaches Brazil takes you closer to the true art of living, as the people of this great country really mean it. You may also need a new set of vocal chords, because when it comes to being loud and living Brazil is the place to be including:

  • Christ the Redeemer.
  • The heart taking Fernando De Noronha.
  • The beautiful Sugar loaf mountains and the extraordinary beach surrounding if


Visiting Norway especially in the winter, brings the concept of freezing temperatures, but here Rost wins the title of the perfect weather. Being surrounded by the Arctic Circle, Rost never drops below freezing temperature. The Nordic birds and Puffins are a great feature of Rost, consisting of large colonies for these exotic birds gives a beautiful view which is unforgettable. Rost is undoubtedly famous for

  • Exotic beach view.
  • Great fishing experience for the bold.
  • Extraordinary land scape and sightseeing.
  • Beautiful birds in large colonies.


Galicia, located in Spain is far different from other cities including, the loud Andalucia and the heavy populated metro Cataluna. It may be best if you simply adore greenery for the perfect lungs and a walk to remember. Galicia includes the following aspects:

  • Most dense forests to be amazing eye catchers.
  • Consists of more than thousand rivers.
  • Spanish are the best, when you look around the city
  • Amazing food and tapas.


Going for the Olympics 2014, Mother Russia earns the respect of being big. Sochi can be cold, pack your bags for the winter, as it may come at any time. This city is simply amazing with

  • Big roads with never ending locations.
  • Tall buildings old and grand.
  • Restaurants not to forget to take your vodka.
  • Taking long walks with appropriate clothing in the backpack.


Mongolia wins the race, when Genghis khan is not around anymore, taking you to the finest sights, largely scattered lands and people who follow traditions. Mongolia can be the best place for

  • Monasteries way beyond old.
  • The amazing Gobi desert which can be viewed as a cold desert with snow in the winters for the perfect land scape.
  • Glacier carrying lakes in the winter.


Do you have passion for food, taking things slowly, relaxing after a hard day on a hammock? Well this is the perfect place to be, which included:

  • Tree houses
  • Extraordinary beaches.
  • Hiking for those beautiful cliffs and mountains.
  • Local gourmet feasts for the perfect tastes.


The beautiful Lithuania, captured many times in history by the Germans, Russians and the Pols, is famous for the beautiful structures and buildings. The KGB genocide museum is an eye opener, where masses were slaughtered during the World War 2.Vilnius is otherwise famous for night life, local kebab served in menus, extraordinary bars and clubs will take your mind of the block, a metropolitan with great living packages for the budget and the cleanest water across Europe is right here. Famous locations include:

  • Islandijos for the crowd and food.
  • Vokieciu Street for the bars, food, clubs and more


Tulum is the best location for backpackers when it comes to beaches, white sand, scuba diving and much more. The islands stand unique, with many restaurants and people are always looking for a great place to be, in this regard Tulum wins the price.

  • Great scuba diving experience.
  • The fish and the coral as an eye catcher.
  • Great food and restaurants.
  • Extraordinary beaches.


The great location is famous for the mud art, building, architecture, clothes and consists of mosques made of mud. The people are famous for their hospitality and great culture Different dresses and structure make you realize the true beauty of people and their talents.

  • Best for structures and sightseeing.
  • Extraordinary buildings and mosques made of mud.
  • Great locals with welcoming nature and attitude.
  • Different foods and dresses portraying the culture of the people.


The Bahrain visa simply wins it all, with amazing rates, given for amazing price. Bahrain is a wide variety of beautiful sights, as the tree of life, legend says it grows from a barren land where nothing can be grown, showing the essence of life. The local currency is Dinar, where the capital can be a bit expensive namely Manama, otherwise Bahrain welcomes everyone with nominal Bahrain visa fees.

You can visit the long range of resorts in Manama, consisting of beaches and local websites promote great locations and packages for the back packers and other tourists. The local guides and their beautiful way of telling the locations is extraordinary, you can always wander around and have great stories to be told by the locals. Bahrain includes:

  • Nominal Bahrain visa fees.
  • Great beaches at the capital with resorts up on the fronts.
  • Local bargaining’s and talks with people.
  • Great Middle Eastern cuisines.

Get Ready, Ladies! Are You Prepared for the Adventure Travel?

Men aren’t the only ones who crave excite. For women, adventure travel has become so popular that some companies cater to an exclusive female clientele. In seeking destinations for adventure travel, women are no less daring than men and more and more excursions to remote areas of the globe are “co-ed” endeavors.

How Does Adventure Travel For Women Differ From Adventure Travel For Men?

Although adventure travel for women and men shouldn’t differ in any way, the reality is that it does simply because women perceive and experience things in ways that differ from the male viewpoint. This is the very quality that makes traveling to remote regions with both men and woman a broader and more satisfying experience. And for those women who don’t care to be bothered with the male viewpoint on their adventure trek, there are plenty of opportunities for “women only” trips.

What Should Women Consider Before Adventure Travel?

The first issue to be considered when evaluating women’s outdoor adventure travel tours is how fit you are. Like it or not, the fact is that adventure travel requires a higher level of stamina that the average American woman may possess. Talk with your travel agent and ask how demanding the trip will be. It’s possible you may have to go into training for your vacation!

Don’t fail to take into consideration the size of the group. Some people don’t like big groups, while other prefer to be surrounded by a lot of people. It all depends on your tastes. Also ask if you will be sharing accommodations or if you will have some time to yourself in the evenings. Many people can tolerate group travel if they can get some time alone.

Finally, consider how much money you are willing to spend. Remember that it isn’t only the travel package, but also the clothes and equipment that you may need to buy or even the insurance. These additional costs may make you reconsider your alternatives and go for something cheaper.

Benefits Of Adventure Travel For Women

One of the greatest benefits for any person who wants to go for adventure travel is the satisfaction of knowing that he or she was able to withstand all of the challenges. This is specially important for women, who, for centuries, have suffered societal relegation imposed by men. Many women who take adventure travel trips speak of the sense of “empowerment” these exploits provide to them.

Adventure tours for women draw participants who range in age from 35 to 65 years. For the younger women it may seem perfectly normally to go trekking through the Amazon rain forest or lion watching on the plains of the Serengeti but their older counterparts may have been waiting most of their lives to seize these kinds of opportunities.

More than 70% of those who buy a women adventure travel package repeat their experience. Once they get a taste for these difficult situations and find out they can “keep up,” the lure of the next adventure is almost overwhelming. Why not climb a mountain peak or bungee jump over Victoria Falls?

An unforgettable morning in the sky of Dubai on board a hot air balloon

An unforgettable morning in the sky of Dubai on board a hot air balloon

If you want to have an exceptional view of the city of Dubai, it will focus on the Burj Khalifa tower offers a superb aerial view of Dubai. However, to experience the real desert air is hot air balloon that you must embark, at dawn to attend an unforgettable sunrise over the desert.

It will get up early

When your alarm sounds, you may regret booking this tour, but a few minutes after emerging, you will realize that you will spend a beautiful morning. Indeed, your shuttle will pick you up at your hotel at 4am …, to lead you to the launch site of your balloon. On arrival there, you will be greeted by your driver.

The balloon flight lasts an hour but all the preparation to inflate the balloon is fascinating. Can realize the technological prowess needed to fly such a machine. The hot air, aided by two large fans, can lift the boat that will take you over the red dunes of the desert.

Flight at dawn to watch the sunrise and the desert

Once the balloon, you settle into the car for a smooth take-off. Note that the balloon flights are flights very quiet and pleasant. You will not experience any feeling airsick. Gradually, the desert will appear under your eyes more and more. And while you reach 1000/1200 meters, heat the first rays of the sun will warm your face. It was at this moment that you will enjoy to the fullest! The pilot and sail over the dunes while everyone on board will remain speechless.

During descent, the balloon will paint almost the crest of the dunes and with a little luck, you can even see camels, gazelles or wild oasis! Far from the bustle of downtown Dubai, you will feel the calm of the desert, and the desire to stay there again and again.

After 60 minutes spent in the air, you finally arrive at your destination. At this time, you’d almost ready to beg the driver to furnish a hot air blow into the balloon to leave! Ground, some people will help you get off the platform. Refreshments await you and you will not be against: heat already begin to be felt.

Book your balloon flight in Dubai online

For this overview of the desert balloon from Dubai, do not forget your camera and even your camera, but know that the flight will be filmed and the film available for sale. Also remember to take your sunglasses and sunscreen. For about 200 €, it is an experience not to be missed!

Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip!

Finally getting ready to take that road trip you’ve been talking about for so long? While you’re going through and making sure that you’ve got everything in order and ready to go, it’s very important to make sure that your car is good to go, too! With your car properly inspected and in good shape, you can be free to focus on relaxing and enjoying the road.

To help you ensure that your car is ready for your long distance road trip, we recommend the following vehicle inspection checklist. You can also learn more in-depth information from Pro View Vehicle Inspections website.

Checking Your Tires:

Most prone to failure on the road, faulty tires should be at the top of your list during your car inspection. While flat tires caused by road hazards can’t necessarily be prevented, having an available spare is definitely a must. For the overall maintenance of your tires, check to see that they don’t have any uneven tire wear, that the tread isn’t worn to the point where replacement is needed, and of course, that your tires are properly inflated. If necessary, during the inspection of your car, ask your vehicle technician if your tires need balanced or rotated, or if they require an alignment service.

Checking Your Breaks:

While inspecting your car, also inspect the condition of your brakes. Check and see if your brake pads are in good enough condition, or if they need renewed; and, at minimum, check to see if your brake fluid needs serviced.

Checking Your Suspension System:

During your vehicle inspection, also get your suspension system check out and replace any excessively worn or damaged parts. Replacing your car’s worn shocks or struts really do make a difference on the road.

Checking Your Cooling System:

The second most common reason for car failure is a worn cooling system. Before your road trip, a coolant exchange or fluid flush is recommended. Further inspection will also reveal faulty areas that include things like weakened hoses, leaks, or a radiator cap that needs replaced. The proper maintenance, of course, can prevent any failures on the road.

Checking your Transmission:

Because fixing problems with your transmission while on the road will cost you a great deal of both time and money, checking that it is in order, and getting a proper transmission service is definitely something that should be on your vehicle inspection list. As well as making sure all of your belts are in good working condition.

Checking Your Exhaust System:

Since you and your passengers will be spending a great deal of time in the car, it is also important to get your exhaust system checked for any potentially dangerous leaks, and get them taken care of right away.

Checking for General Maintenance:

Although your car’s general maintenance is kept frequently, be sure that if the following maintenance items were not taken car of recently that they’re included in your overall checkup:

– Oil Change,

– Engine Air Filter,

– Power Steering Service,

– Timing Belt Replacements,

– Differential Service, and

– A Routine Tune-Up.

Have your auto technician let you know if any of these things are due for maintenance before you get ready to go.

Checking Air Conditioning & Heating Systems:

While car inspections may overlook this, let your auto technician know if your car’s heating or air-conditioning isn’t working all that well. You obviously don’t want to spend your entire road-trip uncomfortably exposed to the weather.

Checking Your Windshield Wipers & Headlamps:

Also commonly forgotten during car inspections are your windshield wipers and headlamps. Visibility is critical, especially if your going on your trip during the colder seasons. Make sure that your windshield wipers don’t need replaced and that your headlamps are nice and bright so that when you’re sight-seeing, you can actually see!

Backpacking In Australia Is Awesome

Backpacking In Australia Is Awesome

When someone is looking to go backpacking in Australia, they will be pleasantly surprised to find a lot of fun and adventure. They will spend a lot of time enjoying the scenery and the people. It is truly something that they will really enjoy because there will be plenty for them to do and see when they are there.

Australia Has The Best Places For Backpackers To Enjoy

Many people love to visit the area. They backpack to save money on hotel and other fees. They should make sure that they take along enough water to drink while they are out and about so that they don’t become dehydrated. They should also make sure that they carry enough food for them if they are going to be on the go for a long period of time. Since they will find that there are plenty of great places to sleep, a portable tent that can be set up for shelter is a great option for them. They will also want to make sure that they take a cell phone with them so that they can be found by people that will be able to assist them in case of an emergency.

A Phone Camera Is a Must On A Visit To The Area

Not only does the cell phone provide a person with the ability to get help in case of an emergency, but it also gives them the ability to take pictures of all the fantastic scenery that they will see. Since it is such a beautiful area, they will also want to have their binoculars with them so that they can see things up close too.

Good Shoes And Clothing Are Imperative If A Person Wants To Go Backpacking Throughout Australia

They need to make sure that they have the proper footgear and clothing in order to stay safe while they are transporting themselves around the area. Sun block is also important to protect themselves from the sunlight. They should also consider wearing a hat and also sunglasses. This will all help to keep them safe while they are traveling about. They should also make sure that they never travel alone. There should be at least two people traveling together at all times if not more.

Migration Assistance Is Offered For People That Need It

Migration assistance is offered to the people that need it when they want to backpack in Australia on a long – term basis. Since they will need to get the information from the authorities, they should contact the visitor’s center in the area to get the proper contact numbers to make arrangements. But if you don’t want to pay for a migration agent, you can use DIY visa kit to manage to get your own visa. You can learn more about DIY visa kits here.

Since heading to Australia is an experience in itself, the backpackers always enjoy their time when they are there. They will be able to get a truly fantastic experience for their efforts when they want to experience the time of their life in the area.

Why visit Egypt?

Discover Egypt through a journey on the Nile, a mythical river, over which one gradually discovers the Pharaonic temples. These are the Egyptian cultural heritage, one of the richest in the world and one of the best preserved. Egypt is also the Pyramids Gyseh, the desert, the capital of Cairo, resorts North and those on the Red Sea. The latter has a seabed among the finest and most famous in the world. A trip to Egypt will be ideal for those who love history coupled with breathtaking tours in the footsteps of antiquity. During your cruise on the Nile or the discovery of the Red Sea, you will enjoy strolling through the souks, to drink tea and talk with the locals who are very friendly. It is regrettable that the country is under tension because the beauty and the treasures it holds.

Activities in Egypt -What to visit in Egypt

Abu Simbel Probably the most impressive and best-known temples, two temples of Abu Simbel are famous for the four huge statues posted at the entrance, in honor of Ramses II. The second temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, who was the wife of Ramses II. These temples were also made ​​famous for their rescue from the rising waters of Lake Nasser by UNESCO. In the 60s, the temples were cut piece by piece to be reconstructed out of reach of water. They were originally located on the sacred hills of Méha and Ibshek.

Philae the south of Aswan, Philae temple has an incredible beauty. Submerged by the waters into the 70s, it shines today. It is Isis who was venerated there. On the island, you can discover the Kiosk of Trajan, a beautiful construction, better preserved because it was not under water before.

Sites of Lake Nasser: Other sites exist in the region of Lake Nasser, but are less important than those mentioned above, not without being less beautiful. There are three temples of Wadi es Seboua (or Seboua Wadi es): that of the same name, Dakka and Maharraqa. Then follow those of Kalabsha, Amada and Derr. They are among the fourteen temples saved by Unesco.

Around Aswan: The Aga Khan Mausoleum overlooking the city of Aswan and the Nile Valley. This is where lies the body of Aga Khan III, who was formerly head of a sect. Behind the mausoleum, one discovers the Monastery of St. Simeon is the largest and oldest Romanesque church of Egypt. The visit is superb. Enjoy being in Aswan for a ride in the souk before hitting the road (or boat). The Temple of Akhetaten and archaeological site are to be seen at Tell el-Amarna. Further north of the city, it is the site of Kom Ombo and temples of Sobek and Haroeris who worship many gods.

Luxor and its surroundings: In the modern city, the Temple of Luxor dedicated to the god Amon, was built at the request of Amenhotep III, and its construction evolved under Tutankhamun and Ramesses II. It is recognizable by its avenue of sphinxes and two obelisks. Three kilometers north of Luxor, Karnak temples are still the largest religious complex in the world.

On the opposite bank of Luxor, the Valley of Kings begins which has a large number of ancient dynasties tombs are part of the vast necropolis of ancient Thebes (Luxor today). Hatshepsut temple is inevitable. Its structure and architecture reflect the work performed. It is located at Deir el-Bahari. 65km north of Luxor, the temple, later, of Hathor at Dendera, enjoys a good conservation which allows to admire the paintings inside.

You can explore the Valley of the Queens, Luxor ever since, including the tomb of Nefertari is the best. Finally, on the bank of the Nile, the Valley of the Nobles has some tombs to visit.

Between Luxor and Aswan, two cities deserve to linger: Edfu for its Temple of Horus, Esna and for its temple of Khnum.

Pyramids of Giza: It is the world’s oldest tourist attraction, and it attracts the crowds. The Pyramid of Cheops is the only of the 7 wonders of the world still exists. On site assembly is suitable pictures pictures with camels and sand dunes. There is no shortage Sphinx of Giza is the world’s largest monolithic monumental sculpture.

Pyramids of Saqqara: 15km of Giza, Saqqara site is a funerary complex that stretches from the Old Kingdom (2700 BC) to the Ptolemaic period (10th century AD), which is the pyramid of Djoser, the oldest monument in the world stone. The whole site is very well restored, thereby enjoy.

Beni Hassan: South of Al-Minya, Beni Hassan necropolis has nearly 40 tombs, some of which were decorated with unique frescoes. The view from the cliffs is superb.

Abydos: The sacred city of Abydos is also interesting for its murals in the temple was the cult center of Osiris.

Kharga: In the Lybian desert, 330 km west of Luxor, Kharga Oasis out of nowhere. If you go there, go visit the temple and necropolis Hibis Bagawat.

Mediterranean Coast

The northern coast of Egypt, overlooking the Mediterranean is unfortunately devoid of interest, the violent history who made ugly beaches. However, the city of Alexandria stands out and his visit is remarkable. Having nothing to envy to the great city of Cairo, Alexandria is cosmopolitan and has a very Mediterranean style. Known worldwide for its famous lighthouse, the city is visited by a few key points: strong Qaytbay that protected the city and was built with the remains of the stone lighthouse at the same place, Pompey’s Pillar, the Catacombs of Kom esh-Shuqafa and the Greco-Roman museum.

Note that Port Said is the port city and gateway to the Suez Canal which was largely built by the French door. The old city has a certain charm. In general, Port Said visit on an excursion during a cruise.

Red Sea

The region of the Red Sea is full tourist explosion and resorts that are emerging from the 90s continue to grow and sprout. Tourists flock from all over the world for its beautiful seabed. They are among the most beautiful on earth and it is not nothing to say: fish, corals, wrecks, and many colors! Snorkelling choice (just mask and snorkel) or actual diving with bottle will delight all fans of diving from beginner to expert. Those who are not comfortable in the water will not be a nuisance as the beaches are beautiful in the area. The hardest finally being choose your rallying point to know one of the stations of the Arabian coast (Hurghada, El Gouna, Safaga or) or the Gulf of Aqaba (Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba, or Dahab).

On the Sinai Peninsula, a land of symbols where Moses received the tablets of the Law, you can climb on Mount Sinai to enjoy the sunrise and back down, visit the masterpiece of St. Catherine monastery built in the 6th century and whose work has never ceased.


Guide Francophone Vietnam was founded by a local guide in Vietnam. People always say: dynamic, friendly and nice. It’s a great association of french speaking guides throughout  Vietnam, from the north to Central and South. If you are looking for  friendly tour guides in Vietnam and plan some excursions a la carte, to meet people and visit landscapes in the most attractive areas of North Vietnam like Halong Bay cruises or bay of Bai Tu Long, bicycle rides or boat trip to explore villages on stilts, and introduction to the cuisine in the Red River delta, discovery of minorities and ethnic markets in North Tonkin: H’mong, Dao, Muong, Thai …

They can also organize tailor-made trips to all corners of Vietnam: Hanoi, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Tay Ninh, Mekong Delta, Can Tho, Cu Chi Tunnel Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city). is the best address to find  good guide, motivated and passionate about Vietnam and its people. Being  Travel specialists in Vietnam, they can customise your tours to meet the personal interests of each of you according to your interests, motivations, desires discoveries,  budget and fitness. Your travel tour will be developed according to your personal desires, with the possibility of being modified at each step to maximize your findings or to make your stay even more enjoyable with us. Their team is honored to have you in Vietnam and wish you the best trip an unforgettable stay and exotic holidays.

5 things to do in Manila

Many travelers only stay for a night before heading to northern Luzon, or wait for their flight back home after traveling to the Philippines, but Manila, the capital, has all of even some interesting sights to see. So if you plan to stay in Manila a little more than others, here are some ideas of visits:

1 The Old Manila -. Intramuros

This historic walled city was once the heart of the Spanish and American governments during their colonial rule in the Philippines. After being reduced to rubble during World War II, reconstructions began in the 1950s. You can just walk in the Intramuros district or riding in a kalesa (carriage) to discover the oldest district of Manila. Maybe you enjoy visiting places with a guide, which would save you time and give you a better perspective of the history and culture of the city. Two local guides stand out (in English): Carlos Celdran and Ivan Mandy.

2. Rizal Park and the monument to national hero

This iconic park, also known as the Luneta, was the site of many public executions during the Spanish era, including those of three Filipino priests Mariano Gomez Gomburza, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora but mostly hero national, José Rizal. That is why this is a monument was erected in honor of Rizal. This historic sanctuary marble marks kilometer zero of the Philippines.

3. Sunset on a cruise on Manila Bay

The sunset over Manila Bay is one of the most common tourist attractions of the city for years. Whether or not you’re a romantic experience even more memorable when you plan to dine on a boat during a cruise or renting your own yacht.

4. Visit the old Catholic churches

The Philippines is the fifth largest Catholic country in the world and there are a number of old churches in Manila. Their architecture, frescoes and various ornaments are excellent examples of different artistic styles. The most popular buildings are the Church of Quiapo, Baclaran Church, the Church of St. Sebastian, the San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral.

5.Local specialties in the district of Binondo

Manila has attracted many foreign traders even before the Spanish conquistadors took the city and give an area later called Binondo, Chinese traders. You will find the oldest Chinatown in the world and a range of restaurants serving tasty and affordable dishes. During your stay in Manila, also try the balut, a steamed egg in which the fetus is already formed, it is a specialty of the country (an appetizer). Also try the street food as Isaw (skewer of pork intestines or chicken). You will find on the market which give you the appetite … or not.

Wedding Destination – Vietnam

Your Vietnamese wedding is an important ceremony in this culture that is comprised of Confucian and Buddhist philosophies. Your wedding includes a two part formal process with traditional family rituals, a wedding band or wedding music. Read here to see why your wedding need a wedding band.

Wedding Solutions

A wedding in Vietnam will be a combination of the following ethnic traditions:

  • There are two main ceremonies that include the couple and the families who are participating in a family union.
  • A betrothal ceremony is an important step for each couple and there is a main wedding ceremony that follows.

Your Betrothal Ceremony or Le An Hoi

Your betrothal ceremony date is a planned event that is determined by you and your potential spouse, your parents and often a mystic adviser. A particular date and time are selected and there are additional details that include the following:

  • The family members who are invited to your betrothal event must come on time.
  • The family members of the groom’s side will visit with the bride and her family and bring betrothal presents that include round lacquered boxes.
  • These betrothal gift boxes contain areca nuts, betel leaves, tea, cakes, fruits and wines. The gifts are covered with a red cloth and are carried by unmarried girls or boys.

Le Cuoi Wedding Day

Your wedding ceremony has its own day and time. There are specific steps in a traditional Vietnamese wedding including the following:

  • The wedding day has its own traditional customs. The groom’s family goes to the bride’s house with gifts that are wrapped in red paper. These wedding gifts are similar to those of your engagement. The people who present these trays are carefully chosen and are successfully married couples. The women of this group are dressed in Ago Dai custom clothing. The men can be in a traditional Ao Dai or a suit. The group that visits a marrying couple are led by a couple who is wealthy and successful. This traditional pre wedding ceremony is meant to wish the couple a life blessing.
  • The groom’s family stops by the bride’s house. The leading couple are invited in by the bride’s parents and the bride’s parents take a sip of the wine. Taking a sip of wine indicates that the groom’s family can enter their house. Fireworks are lit as a greeting to the groom’s family.
  • The groom’s family introduce themselves and ask permission for their son to marry their daughter. A master of ceremony is a respected member of the bride’s family and instructs the bride’s parents to present their daughter.
  • The bride follows her parents out wearing a red traditional wedding ao dai and the ceremony includes a wedding band and wedding music. The couple prays before an altar and asks their ancestors for permission to marry.
  • The master of ceremony performs a wedding ceremony including an exchange of blessings and wedding rings. A wedding ceremony is ended with applause.


A traditional Vietnam wedding includes a betrothal ceremony that is followed by a marriage ceremony. The relatives of each spouse attend a gift giving event that begins a future for the marrying couple.

What Happens During a Typical Vietnam Car Crash

Vietnam is an enchanting country that has seen massive increases in its tourism industry over the past couple of decades. The tourism industry in accelerating in growth and the number of cars on Vietnam’s roads has been skyrocketing. Vietnam’s roads are very dangerous. There are few traffic lights, the roads are congested, and few persons follow the traffic laws. This means that there are a very high large number of car accidents in car crash every year.

Despite this, you will probably have to drive when you Vietnam, and if you are involved in a car accident there are a number of important things you should do. This included responding correctly when you are first involved in an accident, and then handling the matter in the correct way afterwards. Check out how much this motorcyclist was awarded after a crash.

What to do when first involved in a car crash

The first thing you need to know is how to respond to a car accident right when it happens. In Vietnam you are legally obligated to report ever single car crash to the police. This includes even small fender benders where there is no visible damage to the vehicles and no one is hurt. If you happen to run into an object like a bush or fence you still need to report the accident. Even if the person you are involved in the crash insists on not calling the police, do so anyway.

The number to call the Vietnam police is 113. You do not need to enter an area code, and the number will automatically direct you to the local police dispatcher. In addition, it is possible to call the police on a phone that does not have a Vietnam SIM card.

The police will arrange for everyone who is injured to be taken to the hospital, and they will check everyone to see if they have any injuries that haven’t been noticed. The police will help you fill out a report. You will then need to call your insurance agency. If you are driving a rental car you need to call the car rental office. You have to buy liability insurance in Vietnam, and so they will help you fill out a report with them. The report will require to write down the names of everyone involved, the vehicle types, their license plate numbers, and your view of how the crash occurred. Generally, they will send a representative for their car accident lawyers down the crash site. The car accident lawyers will advise you on how to best proceed with the matter. If you are arrested the personal injury lawyers will go with you to court. In Vietnam the lawyers will ride with you in the car, and arrange to help you get out on bail. They will also contact your local embassy to see if they are willing to offer you their own car accident lawyers.

What to do after the crash

Following the crash you will need to keep in touch with your insurance agency. If they view it as a no fault crash they will simply pay out the money. Generally, a car rental agency’s insurance simply pays the money rather than going to court. If there are any problems you will need to keep in touch with your personal injury lawyers. They will help you to resolve the matter, and oversee you making reparations to the injured. Just because you have left the country does not mean that your are now free, and you can even be jailed in your home country for failing to pay.


Self Guided Motorcyle Tour from Cairns to Brisbane: An exciting vacation and everything in-between

Imagine riding through endless, fresh, open roads, while taking in some of the most spectacular views the world has to offer. Now imagine riding through this same tropical wonderland, on a motorcycle. Australia’s motorcycle finance tour through Queensland promises cool blue waters at Whitsunday Islands, rainbow colored sand dunes at Fraser Island, snorkeling at Great Barrier Reef, and a whole host of other exciting activities along the way, all against a picturesque backdrop of vibrant, lush rainforests.


Your exciting motorcycle adventure begins in Cairns, where you will enjoy a laid back tropical atmosphere, intimate tropical towns, unlimited natural attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, palm fringed beaches at Port Douglas, and coconut lined beaches at Cape Tribulation, along with rainforest wonders such as exciting ape sightings and the calming sound of insect and bird tunes. Once your activity-filled day has concluded, you can park your bike on the beach and enjoy a private picnic under the tropical shade of a lush palm tree or opt for some amazing food at one of Cairns many bars or restaurants.

Whitsunday Islands

Queensland is heavily populated with vibrant rainforests, which makes for a breathtaking scenery while enjoying a motorcycle ride through the curving, lazy hills of Australia on the way to Whitsunday Island. Must see stops on the way include the Daintree Forest, the oldest rainforest in the world, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll over boardwalks or the tower for an up close and personal look at exotic wildlife.

Next stop, Asherton Tablelands for a fascinating view of some of the most captivating waterfalls Australia has to offer. It is also home to the ancient 500 year old Curtain Fig Tree.

Whitsunday Islands proves well worth the wait, with endless, incredible views of Paradise Islands, just off Airlie Beach, and Whitehaven Beach, home to pure, white sand beaches, where you can enjoy a day of snorkeling through coral gardens with a wide array of marine life. Some motorcycle tours offer a two day stay at Whitsunday Island and a cruise so you can enjoy these fascinating features in their entirety.

Fraser Island

Eungella National Park is paradise for animal exploration. Make it a point to stop here on the way to Fraser Island, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing, stroll through romantic walking trails for rare sightings of some of Australia’s most honored wildlife such as the Platypus. You’ll also discover intriguing facts about native flora, fauna, and the aboriginal inhabitants.

Last stop, Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, and home of towering rainbow colored sand dunes. Fraser Island offers motorcyclists a two day stay where visitors are free to explore the eastern beach, via four-wheel drive, for various attractions including rainforests, sparkling freshwater lakes, and shipwrecks on the beach. Enjoy a low cost flight over the island for an even more exciting view of this pleasure-filled place.


Depending upon your motorcycle tour, it may end on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. Explore the winding country roads of Sunshine Coast which showcases impressive views of pineapple plantations, the Glass House Mountains, Australian Zoo, waterfalls, rainforests, and vibrant coastal communities. Or drop your bike off in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, which offers exciting opportunities to unwind at the end of your tour with relaxing river views, thriving shopping streets, beautiful parks, bustling nightlife, and a wide range of other activities.

Australia’s motorcycle finance allows you to tour through Queensland for an exciting vacation, and everything in between, for the “perfect” escape. Check out the latest post from this Brisbane motorbike blog to learn more about securing finance on a bike in brisbane to start your journey.

How to Have Happy Bed Bug Free Travels

For most, vacations represent a time to getaway for rest and relaxation. But, it takes good planning to avoid having a vacation ruined by bed bugs. According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Office, companies that provide pest control services encountered bed bug infestations 99.6 percent of the time, in hotels and other public facilities.

It can be frightening to be bitten by a bed bug; the symptoms include itchy, red patches that resemble a rash. But, unlike a rash, which will heal in time with a topical treatment and oral medication, bed bugs attack repeatedly until their eggs are destroyed. No one is immune from bed bugs; they could be anywhere on public transportation, college campuses, daycare, and cabins and in hotels and motels.

So how can you avoid bed bugs while traveling? Well, unless you want to wake up with red, welts all over body, inspect the room. Upon entering the room, for the first time, turn on all the lights, thoroughly check with a flashlight. Use the following method to search for bed bugs:

• Remember not to unpack anything. Don’t put the suitcases on the furniture or carpet and don’t allow your clothing to come in contact with the bedding; never put anything in the dresser drawers right away. Instead check behind the headboard and the area between the carpet and the wall. Open the dresser drawers and carefully view the inside edges.

• Pull the sheets off the mattress; never sleep on a public mattress without a zippered cover. Look for small, black dots, they’re tiny and closely resemble a sesame seed.

• If you can’t move the headboard or if it’s attached to the wall and not the bed. Don’t worry, look along the top and bottom, and make certain that there aren’t any black spots on it, up close.

• Carefully look underneath the bathroom sink and around the night stand for tell-tale signs of white powder, which can indicated that the room has been treated by pest control services. More than likely, if you see white powder, it’s Boric Acid for roaches. Typically, professional exterminator treatment consists of using clear, odorless pesticide.

• Don’t just assume because the room is clean that it is bed bug free. Always perform a self-inspection. If you don’t, there’s a likelihood of not only being bitten while you sleep, but you could carry bed bugs back to your home in your luggage or clothing.

• What to do if you find bug excrement or if you suspect bed bugs? Don’t be afraid to inquire about the schedule for pest control services. If you’re still not comfortable in the room after finding two or more tell-tale signs, ask for a new room. Remember to also look out for other creatures such as carpet borers.

Additionally, don’t sit on the bed or sofa in a public hotel room, until you’ve checked it over. If you’re bitten by bed bugs, take off all clothing and wash it immediately in hot water and place in a dryer on the highest temperature setting for at least 20 minutes. Remember the hotel is a paid service; it costs nothing to inspect the room. But, taking bed bugs home could potentially costs thousands.

Long Term Travel in Australia

Australia is a beautiful and amazing country that has been inspiring and attracting the people of world for hundreds of years. They are known for their blazing red out-back, as well as their miles upon miles of beautiful, turquoise beaches. It is not hard to imagine a life in Australian, but is the extended vacation right for you?

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding upon an extended vacation in Australia for 1-2 years. Before planning a trip, it is important that you understand the traveling requirements that are required for an extended stay in Australia, including visa requirements and working requirements.

All visitors to Australia are required to have the appropriate visas. For those planning on staying in the country for a period of three to twelve months, a standard 600- Visitor Visa will suffice. This visa is easily obtained by submitting an online application, and the cost of the visa can range anywhere from AUD130 to AUD335, depending on the length of the stay and the efforts required to process that visa. Citizens from certain countries may qualify for a free visa, so it is important to speak with migration agent that can get you set-up with the correct visa. Information on sepcific kinds of visas can be found here.

If you are planning on staying in Australia for more than a year, but no more than two years, you may apply for an extension, but extensions are usually only granted for extenuating circumstances such as employment or education. If you believe you will need an extension, it is important to seek immigration help, and speak with a migration agent that can take you through the long, and often frustrating, processes that can occur with visa extension.

It is important to consider your financial obligations when considering an extended holiday in Australia. Many countries require that non-citizens entering their country for any extended period of time must show proof of financial support, that can support them for the entire length of their stay. Before seeking an extended holiday, make sure that you have enough money not only for your travel, but for daily expenses such as meals, entertainment, and housing while in the country. It is also very important that you become familiar with the exchange rate of not only Australia, but your own country as well. These exchange rates change constantly, and it is important to keep up to date with the value of your money.

When considering a stay in Australia of 1-2 years, it is also important to consider the climate of the country. Australia is a beautiful country with sweeping, scenic views, and bustling, metropolitan cities. There are many different cultures that call Australia home, each with it’s own flair and cultural identity. It is important to be familiar the people of the country, as it could determine your future happiness in the country. Immerse yourself in a research of the country, and get to know about it’s history and people, before deciding upon an extended stay.

There are many things that must be taken into consideration before deciding upon an extended stay in Australia. Make sure that you are familiar with the visa processes in Australia, as these can often take long periods of time to complete. Make sure that all of your financial affairs are in order, and that you have enough money to last the entire duration of your stay, and remember to research the history, culture, peoples, and geography before you leave for your extended holiday. For those seeking to learn more, contact your local immigration help for more information.

Travel to London by Private Charter Jet

If you are looking for a private jet charter to London there are several things to consider.

What is the location of your destination outside of London City Airport?

What are the dates and times that you will be flying?

How many people are flying?

How much luggage will you have?

Will your destination city accept a landing private jet?

How much money are you willing to spend for a private jet charter?

What types of jet features are you looking for?

Will your flight service be for business or for pleasure?

Does this charter service have a long standing history of reputable and satisfied clients?

Chartering is the most cost-effective way to fly privately to and from your destination as the cost of owning and operating your own aircraft is increasingly more expensive. With a charter, you don’t have to make that type of a commitment.

However, when choosing a company from which to charter your jet, you want to make sure that they have a long history of relationships with aircraft owners, as well as, operators with connections to the latest technologies and experienced pilots.

Depending on your ultimate need for privacy and flexibility in pricing, you can always look for empty leg flights, which are available for up to 75% less than regular private charters. You might also be interested to take part in a “jet share”, which is when companies sell seats on an already chartered private jet. Of course, both of these scenarios may quite possibly take away from your wish to have a private service completely catered to your needs, while still keeping your flight time and destination under control.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned private jet flyer; you want to make sure that you are utilizing an efficient and transparent service suitable to your specific needs. Make sure that they are completely clear about pricing, safety and professional operations. Take into consideration whether or not they are working strategically with airports, to ensure availability and safe arrival when and where you need it.

A final consideration is whether or not you will be needing helicopter or car service to and from your flight. Most services should provide a driver to your ultimate destination included in the price. Depending on the company, it should be possible to arrange a helicopter for arrival in more remote destinations.

Ultimately, you are looking for a professional service that will cater to all of your needs as swiftly and safely as possible. Expect nothing less from your chosen private jet charter service.

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city, noisy, polluted, which can scare many travelers at first. But the Thai capital is full of temples, markets, neighborhoods and attractions. Bangkok has something unique, which makes it a fascinating city and attracts more and more tourists each year. We has listed 10 things to do in Bangkok to guide you to the most beautiful and most interesting. Knowing that there certainly has thousands of things to do in the Venice of the East!

1. The Royal Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

Bangkok has many temples and you can start by visiting the most beautiful and the most important. The Royal Palace is certainly part of the inevitable. It is a complex that was once the residence of the King of Thailand in which you will be captivated by the architecture of the buildings and keeping the gardens. The details of the crafts are breathtaking.

Within the enclosure, especially when you visit the Wat Phra Kaew, the temple which houses the Emerald Buddha, a statue of a Buddha entirely covered with diamonds and precious stones. Think you dress decently to visit this site. At the entrance, you can rent clothes (free, with a small deposit). We will not let you go if you’re not dressed like it should.
2. Wat Pho and Wat Arun

Situated just behind the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is famous for two main reasons: it contains a giant reclining Buddha 15m high and 46m long, completely covered with gold, and it is the origin of Thai massage today known worldwide.

Then you can cross the Chao Phraya river to climb to the top of Wat Arun, known as the Temple of Dawn. The peculiarity of this temple is that it is up and sits on the edge of the water. The ideal is to visit at sunrise or sunset to admire the city of Bangkok inform its gradually lights. Contemplate from the opposite bank is just as well.

Other temples to visit but are not essential. See for yourself if you have the time and inclination. We note Wat Saket and the gold dome on top of a hill, Wat Mahathat near the Grand Palace, Wat Sutat old, and Wat Traimit and Golden Buddha. A royal palace is also to visit in the surroundings: Residence Vimanmek.

3. Cruise on the Chao Phraya River

Bangkok was not nicknamed the Venice of the East for nothing. Canals weave throughout the city. But it is on the Chao Phraya River you discover the city from a different angle. You can buy your tickets for really cheap to the main docks. Be careful not to take walks an hour to 1,000 baht. There are companies whose journeys start at ten baht.

4. Testing Thai Massage

Go get a massage, it is Thailand that was invented this type of massage. After a long day of sightseeing or shopping, it’s really smoothing.

5,Shopping  in the huge malls

Bangkok is an idyllic location for shopping, given the number of shopping malls that the city’s destination, and the low prices here. Centers (or Malls) each other out for their specialties.

For example, if you are looking for mainly electronic items, Pantip Plaza will be your paradise, as it is a huge building that has only electronics stores! You can even eat there if you spend several hours. The best known is the MBK where you will find everything and anything, and especially cheap souvenirs. In case you want to find better clothes and luxury items, go to the district of Siam, where shopping malls Siam Paragon and Central World are in vogue. On Sukhumvit Road you will find The Emporium.
6. Strolling Chatuchak weekend market

Shopping is also happening in the street markets of Bangkok, especially in the largest and most interesting, is that Chatuchak, north of the capital. There are nearly 15,000 vendors selling all sorts of things (including food and drinks). This is an opportunity to hunt, negotiate, but also find bargains, leisurely walk. Despite the high attendance at this market, it’s still a good visit to Bangkok (weekends only).
7. Chinatown

From walking randomly in Chinatown (Yaowarat) is quite fun, especially when you get lost in the maze of confusion while eating delicious food. Two things not to do here: look at your map, and balk at the street restaurants. You will discover great places while walking through the neighborhood streets, and taste (evening) dishes of seafood among the best in the city.
8. Attend Thai boxing

This is an attraction that will not please everyone, but remains absolutely mythical view. Two main stages are recommended to attend fights: Ratchadamnoen Stadium and Lumpini Stadium. The latter seems to be the most interesting because it is older and has a history. Here is the information necessary to assist in combat:

– Ratchadamnoen Stadium: Monday – 18:00, Wednesday – 18:00, Thursday – 17:00 to 21:00, Sunday – 16:00 to 20:00. Rates start at 800 THB and 2000 THB can go up depending on the proximity of your seat with the ring.
– Lumpinee Stadium: Tuesday and Friday – 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Saturday – 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 20:30 – 00:00 800 THB to 2000 THB.

For fans, it is possible to train Muay Thai (Thai boxing). Many schools exist, just looking one that suits you best. Some schools offer accommodation directly in their premises. An hour drive back around 1000 THB.
9. Eat or drink in a Rooftop Bar

Bangkok has a multitude of buildings on the roof which are open bars. Generally very classes, they can enjoy the view of the city while sipping a cocktail and nibbling a piece. Choice: see the sunset or watch the excitement of the nightlife and lighting effects …
10. Strain into a famous and controversial streets

During your stay in Bangkok, you can walk on well-known to travelers as Khaosan Road eg arteries. You like a lot, a little or not at all, but you will be surprised to spend on Soi Cowboy. Certainly, this street is one of those dedicated to sex clubs and go-go. For better or worse, this street is undeniably linked to Bangkok. The flashy neon lights attract your attention. If you do not want to enter in one of the bars, simply refuse.
What else to do in Bangkok?

There are many other things to visit, see, do in the Thai capital. Toolito not fail to write about, including on places to go and eat. Meanwhile, nothing prevents you suggest places to explore commenting about it below.
How to get to Bangkok?

Bangkok is a destination increasingly popular with French and European tourists. Thus, there are flights more regular and less expensive. Companies that are not expected here go on this growing market, especially as Finnair. Find cheap flights on our partner site Skyscanner.

How to find a French speaking guide in Vietnam

Are you dreaming of a trip a  la carte with a private guide who will help you discover the secrets of the country, with which you can build warm human relationships ? Your local agent can find you a French speaking guide for you. Having along with your tour in Vietnam a french speaking guide, you will experience a great adventure with confidence and in safety.

Your French  speaking guide will pick you up at the airport, help you orient yourself and to share with you some interesting information about the sites you visit. When traveling, he will draw your attention to detail that you would not notice, and explain the meaning of some local traditions.

Especially, a guide can play the role of translator and accompany you in your desire for discovery and contacts. It will be a perfect way if you want to experience sleeping in living in mountainous regions.

Another advantage of being accompanied by a guide when visiting a country like Vietnam is that his presence can help you to avoid  potential scams . Hence the need to choose the good one that will be with you during your holiday. To do this, your local office is more likely to choose for you a trusted professional. But you can also order by your self your guide by this site

Vietnam travel : Why visit the city of Hoi An in Vietnam Centre ?

Hoi An (Hoi An) is one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam, located in the central Vietnam, just south of Da Nang. The old town of Hoi An is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Hoi An, formerly called Faifo, was a major international port in the 16th and 17th centuries, and many foreign influences are still visible today. Although important maritime affairs has had long-term displaced in Da Nang, the heart of the city is still the Old Town, full of winding streets and shophouses Chinese style, which gives a special atmosphere to the evening when the sun layer. Although almost all stores are now linked to tourism, the region has been largely preserved as is, which is unusual in Vietnam, and renovation has proceeded slowly and carefully.

The main artery of the Old Town is Tran Phu. Just south of the old town on the Thu Bon River, are the islands; with west of Hoi An via Hai Ba Trung accessible, and east is accessible by Cam Nam Hoang Dieu.

The center of Hoi An is very small and the streets are pedestrianized, so you can walk to the quiet center. 14th and 15th of each lunar month, many activities are present in the old town, as well as traditional games such as bai choi, trong quan, and dap nieu.

To go to the beach or reach some of the most remote hotels, you will be convenient and inexpensive to rent a bike. Taxis are rare, but can be called by phone or another option is the motorcycle taxis.Traffic in Hoi An is minimal, so if you’ve been a little discouraged to ride a bike in big cities, small towns and the surrounding countryside like Hoi An are ideal to get used to the rules of the road. You can ask a local travel agency like this one for some services example Get a car to visit My Son early in the morning, about an hour, or the Marble Mountains, about forty minutes north towards Da Nang.

What you will see around Hoi An:

The Swan Boats on the River, cee are literally passenger boats shaped giant swans whose eyes light up at night, friendly.

– Cua Dai Beach, it is located 5 km from Hoi An is also an area of ​​Hoi An

– An Bang Beach, is located 2.5 km from Hoi She is known as the most peaceful beach. (At least more than Cua Dai)

– My Son – the ruins of the ancient Cham empire in the jungle a little over an hour from the city

– The Cham islands offer excursions, snorkeling or scuba diving

– The Marble Mountains, 9 km near Da Nang, well worth a trip in the morning or afternoon of Hoi An

– Hue – the former imperial capital, a few hours by car or train.

– Da Lat – the French villas in the pure mountain air to escape the heat and humidity of the coast.

If you want to have a reliable local agency for your tour in Vietnam, visit this website, contact Minh Anh Travel in Vietnam

Lan Ha Bay cruise and best things to do in Cat Ba island

Lan Ha Bay cruise and best things to do in Cat Ba island

The Cat Ba Island , the most beautiful island in the Cat Ba Archipelago , often known as nome Island Jade is a much preferred by tourists during the summer place . With long white sandy beaches , the national park of Cat Ba, fishing villages , Cat Ba offers all kinds of travel such as trekking , classic discovery, seaside holiday , kayaking, diving , etc … and meets all needs travelers on a good trip. Here are 10 things not to miss during your visit to this beautiful island.

1. Bathing

There are 3 beaches on the island of Cat Ba Cat Co 1 , Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 This does not sound great beaches but rather discreet with really limpique water, connected by a bridge hanging on the cliff. . Cat Co 1 is the largest and therefore the most numerous . The two radicals are Peites and less touristy but the wave is much stronger. After 18:30 there can swim more because of the tide rising rapidly.

2 . Diving to admire the coral

Under the reefs there are several red coral with precious sea fruits such as abalone , pearl and several fish with different colors that make exceptional beauty sea . Once this sea diving , you will never forget the beautiful panorama.
For snorkeling , go to the diving center on the island of the Apes , 10 minutes by boat from the island of Cat Ba where the coach will learn a bit about diving . The price is 1,000,000 VND per person for 30 minutes under water and 600,000 VND / snorkel.

3 . Visit  Than Cong bastion

Also called the height 177, this bastion is a historic relic component 2 artillery, an observation and a complex system of tunnels with large arch position. It is an ideal place to enjoy a wide view of the entire region. The magnificent landscape of Cat Ba lies before our eyes and makes us all homesick .The best time to go is probably at sunset . You will see a natural masterpiece that you will not find anywhere else : sunlight , circulating boats in the sea , fishermen returning from work, the emerald sea … Each has its own color that creates a colorful table romantic.It is recommended that you hire a motorbike or bicycle to reach this bastion from the center of Cat Ba Island . Good opportunity to admire the authentic and wild scenery on the way.
Here are the services offered at this bastion
– Fee : 50,000 VND / person
– Tram ticket : 50.000 VND / trip
– Entrance fees to the observation post : 5000 VND / person
– Coffee Bastion with several Vietnamese cafes

4. Walk all along the beach in the evening

Nothing is more romantic than walking in the street and on the sands in the evening. In the light of the lamps and also the moon, the landscape became very miraculous.Or a bike ride or motorcycle or electric bicycle or if not just an easy walk to make the most of the fresh sea air, Note that weekend, it is forbidden to all means of transport and can only walk in the streets or in the bridge connecting the three beaches. For your reference, the price of the bike for 4 persons is 30,000 VND / hour.

Lan Ha Bay cruising

Although very close to the popular Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island , the bay retains its tranquility and wildness . And it has hundreds of small sandy beaches white and yellow which spread across the bay and are still little visited. Diving or kayaking in the bay are always good experiences not to be missed .

6 . Discovery Island monkeys

Located 15 minutes by boat from the island of Cat Ba via the fishing village Cai Beo , Monkey Island is still named the island pineapples because there are several pineapples . Unfortunately they have not room and are only used to treat diabetes.A function of time , we will see several monkeys on the island. This explains why the name ” Monkey Island ” .Still remaining isolated and wild, this island attracts many travelers despite the expensive prices of services and boulders in the water that sometimes make it difficult to walk and swim.

7 .Climbing rocks

This is the time to change air! You can make a climbing in Dau Be Island which is 2 hours by boat from the island of Cat Ba, or from Ben Beo harbor ,2km from the center of Cat Ba, or on the island ” three fisheries” about  22km Cat Ba Island to the south.

8. Immersion in Cat Ba National Park

The Cat Ba National Park is home to extraordinary biodiversity and , in 2004,  is classified as global biological reserve by UNESCO. The coastline is rocky cliffs, with some small coves with white sand, but also mangroves. Pure coastal waters are suitable for seals and dolphins , sea turtles , lobsters, corals , oysters …

9. Discovering caves Cat Ba

Located in the mountains north-east of the island of Cat Ba Hoa Da Cave is well known for its beauty still virgin despite its very close position of the inhabitants of the villages .You can still find Trung Trang cave in the valley Trung Trang Cat Ba 15km northwest or Quan Y cave with beautiful stalagmites of various shapes.

10. Overnight fishing village of Viet Hai

Located in the heart of Cat Ba Island , the village is home to 76 households that still preserve their ancient culture and are always ready to warmly welcome visitors.To achieve this, you need to take a cruise in the Lan Ha Bay to the pier Viet Hai then walk 4 or 5 hours through the National Park of Cat Ba .Once entering , you will understand why this authentic village with its wooded hills, marshes and seduces visitors and remains today a tourist mecca waterfalls.Over time , the villagers are accustomed to the presence of passengers in the village and they knew how acceullir and to discover the village. So very easy to find a home for the night and new experiences with them.

A few tips:

– If you go to Cat Ba in the month of May, June and July , avoid the weekend there is rush hour with a lot of people especially the Vietnamese going on vacation . During the weekend, the services are more difficult to book and prices are also higher
– It is better to book the hotel at least two weeks before departure and pay the deposit to secure your booking well .
– Rental bike : 150,000 to 200,000 VND / day

Exploring Famous Monuments of Turkey

Monuments are basically structures or buildings set up that commemorate famous people or events. There are various monuments constructed in Turkey or historical buildings that represent famous people or buildings such as;

Blue Mosque: This is a famous mosque named after the 14th Sultan Ottoman Ahmed who ordered its construction. It was built back in 1609 where it took 7 years to complete. It is based in Istanbul, the main capital city of the country.

Aizanoi: These are ancient building which houses the ruins for the ancient Roman Empire with equipment’s such as a stadium, gym, theatre as well as a temple of Zeus. In order to be permitted to explore these monuments, it is however very important to have Turkey Visas.


If you are a tourist or visitor in Turkey and seeking to have the most fascinating tours or attractions in the region, you do not have to look further than their historical monuments. The famous monuments of Turkey mainly revolve around the capital city, Istanbul, to other major cities in the country such as Izmir, Adana, and Cumra among others. The tours in the region provide a fantastic guide to the different ancient sites as well as stopovers for attractive views. These sites are such as;

Catalhoyuk: This is an attractive pre-historic site of a Neolithic town in Turkey that dates back to between 6000 to 7400 B.C. It is home to some of the earliest known mural art in the region. It also contains a visitor center with exhibits which are replicas to those stored in the museums.

Alanya Castle: Also known as Alanya Fortress, it is a magnificent ruin which is housed on top of a 250- met re peninsula which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts of enclosure walls that stretch around over 6 km long which encloses various fascinating sites and structures. Its origin dates back to thousands of years. With reference to the early settlement, the city of Cora cesium, it would be traced to the 4th century BC. It has also acted as a site for an important battle in which the pirates were defeated and it remained under Roman and Byzantine control. It boasts of being one of the most defended cities in the Mediterranean with over 6 km stretch wall equipped with 140 bastions and 400 cisterns. It also on the UNESCO world heritage list for its amazing history.

Aphrodisias: Named after the goddess of love, and located in a town known as Geyre, this is an ancient Roman archaeological site which was land to a famous ancient stadium in the city. It was established during the Hellenistic period, in the Roman era. It dates back to between the 1st to 5th centuries AD.The stadium is still preserved, having a capacity of about 30,000 people. It also includes other features such as the Ode on, Baths of Hadrian as well as 8,000- Seater Theatre.

Aspendos Roman theatre: This is an ancient Roman site found by the Hittites back in 800 BC. The amphitheatre is able to hold a capacity of up to 15,000 people and it was once a part of the city of Aspendos. It is based in Cakis, and it also boasts as one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Turkey.

Bodrum Castle: Also known as the castle of St. Peters in Bodrum, it was built and founded by Knights Hospitaller back in 1402 where it would offer protection from invading Turks. It was constructed according to highest standards in Turkey at that time as an important Christian stronghold. It is open to public and also one of the top 10 tourist attractions.


The famous monuments of Turkey are the best tourist attractions or the best places to plan on exploring if on a first time visit to Turkey or even if you just want to tour the region. However it is important to ensure you have turkey visas for easier access around the country.

Author’s BIO:Alice is a writer who writes articles on different topics. As of now she is focusing on Turkey visas which will enables to Visa Assistance service.

5 Great Airport Hotels in the UK

A recent study found that flying is one of the most stressful things to do in the world after having a baby or moving home so it’s no wonder more and more travellers are wisening up to the idea of staying at an airport hotel before flying.

Whether its businessmen and women going on the red eye flight to make a business meeting or families or couples vacating on their holidays the number of travellers deciding to stay at an airport hotel before flying is on the up.

In the UK – airport hotel rooms can go for as little as £20 per night depending on what city you are flying out from. One of the most stressful parts of travelling can be getting to the airport on time with all the items you need for your trip. This could be anything from business presentations to favourite bikinis. If you are rushing to get to the airport and you discover you have forgotten your must have bikini or business documents you are doomed.

That’s why airport hotels have become so popular in the UK. Staying in an airport hotel helps de-stress the whole travelling enigma.

For one – it makes people pack their bags or suite cases 1 day before there scheduled flight.

Two – travellers can take their time in getting to the hotel rather than getting stressed stuck in traffic jams before their flight.

Three – if the unthinkable has happened and one has forgotten their business documents or favourite bikini the option to return home and fetch it exists, providing it is that important.

There are many airports in the UK. The busiest 5 are Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stanstead, and Birmingham. It’s no surprise 3 out of the 5 are in London. Below is a list of the best airport hotels per location.

Recommended Heathrow airport hotel

Ramada Jarvis Heathrow airport hotel
Street: 745 Bath Road
Post Code: TW5 9QE
Phone Number: 0844 815 9041

Average rates: £63
Proximity to airport: 3.4 miles
Average rating: 4 out of 5
Car parking: for 65 vehicles

Recommended Gatwick airport hotel

Arora Hotel Gatwick
Street: International Drive
Post Code: RH10 6LW
Phone Number: 1293 530 000

Average rates: £66
Proximity to airport: 3.4 miles
Average rating: 4 out of 5
Car parking: Yes, charges apply

Recommended Manchester airport hotel

Premier Inn Manchester Airport
Street: Runger Lane
Post Code: M90 5DL
Phone Number: 0871 527 8726

Average rates: £58
Proximity to airport: 2.3 miles
Average rating: 4 out of 5
Car parking: Yes, charges apply

Recommended Stanstead airport hotel

Days Hotel Stanstead
Street: Birchanger Green Services
Post Code: CM23 5QZ
Phone Number: 01279 656477

Average rates: £56
Proximity to airport: 3.1 miles
Average rating: 4 out of 5
Car parking: Yes

Recommended Birmingha airport hotel

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham
Street: Coventry Road
Post Code: B25 8BS
Phone Number: 0121 2893333

Average rates: £89
Proximity to airport: 3.1 miles
Average rating: 5 out of 5
Car parking: Yes, charges apply

Arizona Dream trip

A lot of people think that Arizona is a place in the United States, where you can find only sand, smoldering sun and rattle snakes. As a matter of fact I thought so myself, but I was disproved.

Arizona is a beautiful place, which is filled with attractions. There are so many different activities to do there, that when you are planning your holiday you have to choose the theme of it. Of course you can go without planning it, but you will be very confused about what to do, because there is just so much to be done.

Arizona offers a large variety of sport activities. It is a very popular destination amongst golf players and hikers. One of the favourite destinations for hikers is Tucson. It is much more easier to navigate than Phoenix and the climate there is warmer than in some northern cities. Moreover, there are four mountain ranges nearby. The Santa Catalina Mountains are to the north, the Rincon Mountains are to the east, the Tucson Mountains to the west, and the Santa Rita Mountains to the south. You are sure to get plenty of exercise accompanied by breathtaking views of Tucson and the surrounding mountains.

Golfers can enjoy a wonderful experience in Tucson, as well. Imagine looking out the window during your vacation and seeing the 5th fairway lying before you. All you have to do is grab your bag and head to the bag drop, which is easily within walking distance. Hotels in Tucson are the perfect accommodation for golf players. They offer, not only golf experience, but also a variety of other sports activities, such as tennis for example. They are perfect for a family vacation, where every member of your family will have a depending on his wishes experience.

Arizona has a lot to offer to the sightseeing fans as well. There are beautiful landmarks in this raw environment. And you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets there. You will also find a combination zoo, botanical garden, and museum that is interesting, informative, and fun for the entire family. There is a growing cave system that houses unique formations and contains unspoiled features such as stalactites and stalagmites. Or you can take a journey to Tombstone and visit the site of the famous shootout at the Ok Corral. With numerous other activities to enjoy, a trip to Tucson is guaranteed to be filled with excitement and fun for the whole family. And if accommodation bothers you, it should not. Arizona hotels offer some of the best services in the world and a variety of activities and amenities to keep you busy during your stay.

The Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort – A Genuine Treasure in the Southerly Oceans

Nature has been good to Malaysia, so this superb, safe and extremely progressed Southeast Asian nation is also house to 1 of the globe’s top-quality dive attractions – Kapalai Dive Resort. This diver’s heaven is just 1 of the gifts Malaysia gives the world; the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, this authentic 21st-century city impresses utilizing its high-rise towers and multicultural environment; Mnt Kinabalu is here for all those who need to encounter the extraordinary biodiversity of rainforests; Borneo’s natural treasures are inconceivably wealthy and the visitor really needs great planning to be able to explore it.

Attending a drop from Pulau Sipadan’s 600m high limestone wall is any diver’s dream. With only 2m sticking out beyond the top of the sea, this tropical isle allures a terifficly vivid wildlife, shocking even for the generally wealthy Indo-Pacific eco-systems. The scuba diving months are year-round, but it is better to visit among March and August, due to the fact form January to March the seas may get a bit agitated and field of vision may lower due to the stronger currents.

Tourists aren’t permitted to spend the night on the tropical isle of Sipadan for precautions of nature preservation, but holiday accommodation for just about any budget might be effortlessly identified in Sempora or even the nearby Mabul. In case you check out the area along with your family members or you are on a budget, it’s far better to pick one of the Remote island resort hotels. The lodgings supplied on Mabul, this modest area with four holiday resorts as well as a classic angling community is simply a 25-minute vessel journey faraway from Sipadan. An additional solution is staying in the Kapalai resort, this picturesque resort of 59 wooden chalets constructed on stilts over the water, extremely recommended if you are trying to find an intimate scuba diving getaway.

Diving in Sipadan demands a licence – 120 permits are distributed everyday. It is important to recognize that snorkeling is not permitted on Sipadan, all permits are restricted to the divers.

Just What Makes the Kapalai Resort So Distinctive?

Even though Mabul is recognized as the greatest muck diving spot in Malaysia (divers scour the soft sand seabed for the wonderful beings that reside here), the Kapalai Resort is good for the fanatics of alternative critters of the sea. While Kapalai is perfect for macro diving and under the sea photos captured of the colourful, tiny beings who populate the shallow oceans, Sipadan is most famous for being the location in which it is possible to swim jointly with all the bigger animals of the sea. The twelve dive attractions are labeled after the key attraction they feature – the identity of the Coral Garden or even the Barracuda Point speak by themselves. Turtles, banner fish, snappers shoal around the diver, sightings of white tip and black tip sharks astonish scuba diver’s, thus providing the most wonderful encounter, with memories that can go on for an eternity.

You are able to be a diver or even a snorkeller, it is possible to appreciate sunbathing or just want to de-stress seeing the soothing, tranquil seascape – the Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort will appeal to all wants.

How to Plan Your Travel Budget?

It’s incredible to appreciate your excursion without bounds degree conceivable, however for that to happen, you have to sort out and plan your outing great ahead of time. The two essential standards, which choose the accomplishment of a specific outing, are time and cash. While the time component could be effectively benefitted, it is the cash or the money related variable, which in the end chooses the way in which you will revel in your occasions. The greater part of the holidaymakers need to plan their occasions, and the most ideal approach to take is to compute how and where you are prone to use while voyaging and staying throughout your excursion. Here is the way you can ascertain your principle use included with your excursion sit tight.

• Food and beverage 

Assuming that you trip is long; you will need to recharge yourself throughout the travel. You will need to purchase nourishment and beverages along the way, or have them pressed for you ahead of time before you set out for your trip. This expenses cash, and you ought to ascertain the sum in your voyaging plan.

• Lodging and sitting tight 

The greater part of your voyaging trusts will be used for hotel and sheets. While select inns require a great deal of cash, there are a lot of choices accessible regarding occasion rentals, which can help you spare a considerable measure upon your staying charges. Rentals are exceptionally reasonable and you can arrange the bundles to make them considerably more competitive – something you can never do in an inn sit tight.

• Taxes and tolls 

Numerous state and express parkways oblige duties or tolls to be paid each time you enter or abandon them. While the toll sum could be less, you need to pay them all the more regularly as and when you travel. This can add on to your travel liabilities.

• Parking 

With the lack of area assets, you are frequently needed to pay the stopping expenses to protect your vehicle throughout the night. Stopping overheads are immaterial, yet in the event that you want to stay for a broadened period, they can work out to be essentially more than you may have considered.

• Vehicle devaluation 

Each time you drive your vehicle and put on the mileage, your vehicle devalues and its resale esteem further reductions. While settling on long separation get-away, you are prone to put on a considerable measure of mileage on your vehicle, and assuming that you travel a great deal, your vehicle is liable to devalue all the more radically over the utilization.

• Indirect overheads 

You are liable to acquire numerous roundabout overheads while voyaging. In the event that you want to drive, you may like to administration your vehicle before setting out for your trek, which will take cash. Moreover, you may stop for refreshment along the way, or a brisk nibble which will additionally add on to your voyaging expenditures. These expenditures should be figured in your liabilities.

Provisional license

The point when you have a valid provisional driving licence you will have the ability to take your theory test and start driving lessons. You ought to guarantee that you accompany all the tenets throughout the taking in period, as awful propensities are tricky to break later on. Around the things you will need to check are: any vehicles you drive are appropriately exhausted, protected and roadworthy. You show L plates at the front and back of the vehicle when you are driving.

Travel to Bucharest Romania

Bucharest is the capital and the biggest city in Romania. With a population of more than two million people, it is also the sixth biggest city in the European Union by population within city limits.

Over the years, Bucharest has suffered a lot of destructions during the World Wars, earthquakes, the Communist Era and Nicola Ceausescu’s governance. However, the city has managed to preserve a lot of its beautiful architectural landmarks, so that today it can show the world how glorious a Balkan capital can be.  The nickname of Bucharest, “Little Paris of the East”, is not ironic. The amazing architecture and the sophistication of the elite remind of Paris more than you can imagine. The capital of Romania is definitely one of the must see places in Europe.

Although, you may think that Eastern Europe has nothing to offer you, it is not quite like that. You will be amazed by the beautiful design of the buildings in Bucharest and the variety of monumental landmarks. The Palace of the Parliament, Arcul de Triumf and the National Bank of Romania are just one small part of what Bucharest has to offer you. The Palace of the Parliament is actually the largest building in Europe and the second largest in the world.

 Bucharest is very well served by public transport, so you won’t have to worry about traveling inside the city. It has a very well structured system of surface and underground transport, which consists of buses, trams, trolleybuses, minibuses, 10 000 taxis, a light rail and Bucharest Metro. The city is also serviced by an international airport.

The accommodation in Bucharest is more than spectacular. There are different types of Bucharest hotels, which will provide you with some of the best services in the world. From the casual hostels to luxury hotels Bucharest offers everything that one may request.

Honeymoon Destinations Europe Advice

The wedding, of course, is one of the happiest events in everyone’s life, but also it is one of the worst (in terms of preparation and nerves). So after it you’ll necessarily need a well-deserved rest. Our ancestors understood this very well and created a wonderful tradition of a honeymoon. But you can’t just go there. You should not be mistaken with the country, and the weather, and the hotel. Everything…

Choose honeymoon destinations in Europe. For example, having rest in a huge castle in England – is a subtle pleasure. English breakfast at five o’clock traditionally consists of tea, dinner, suits and evening dresses. Each castle has a butler, cook, gardener, maid and chauffeur. Leased castles, despite their antiquity, are quite a modern housing. Many of them have gyms, home theaters, some even have swimming pools. It is a great travel destination in Europe. Honeymoon destinations in Europe also include Denmark. If you want to relax, have a look at the famous little mermaid and Castle of Hamlet, then you definitely should go there. You’d better stay in Copenhagen, closer to the historic city center – Indra Bu. It is located inside the fortress walls of Eric’s VII castle and the island is a maze of old streets, parks, alleys and squares, where you can find a lot of small beautiful monasteries. Another top destination of Europe is Hungary. Hungary is ideal for those who admire beautiful architecture, skating rinks, and baths with hot mineral water. Its capital Budapest is amazing. Gothic cathedrals, the famous Houses of Parliament, Royal Palace, and this beauty will take your breath away. Moreover, Hungary is a very inexpensive country, it has delicious cuisine and good wine. You will enjoy not only one another’s company but also beautiful architecture.

Chicago, real sprit of America

Chicago city that is renowned as “The City That Works.” The city was founded between the portage of Great Lakes and the river Mississippi watershed, soon developed into an important transportation hub in the North America.

Chicago truly depicts the real spirit of America through its diverse population that is an amalgamation of people nearly from all corners of America. At Chicago, the world’s first controlled nuclear reaction was conducted at the University of Chicago as part of the undisclosed Manhattan Project. Without sighting Lake Michigan, journey to Chicago is incomplete. It is the third largest lake in the world with maximum depth of 925 feet.

If you are planning to visit Chicago you can visit it at any period of year. Summer is the season of festivals in Chicago; September is the best period to visit, as it is the most pleasant month of the year. During January to March weather remains comparatively cold in Chicago as you will get the cheapest rate for hotels and airfares, there.

Chicago city is distinguished because of its jazz and blues clubs. The next revelation about the city is its magnificent architecture. The structure of each building in the city is unique in its way. Sears Tower that previously was the tallest tower in Chicago is the best example of architectural excellence, Hancock building, navy pier are the other buildings in the city famous for its architecture.

There are several places in Chicago that are hot spot for a visitor to visit through out the year. The Art Institute of Chicago is a place where an art connoisseur can praise the collection of 5, 000 years of art and literature that is carefully preserved for the posterity. Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo and many more are the famous attractions in Chicago.

There are plenty of places in Chicago to stay but most of them are located at down town. You will get here hotel for all the budget range and accommodation. Here you can get the listing for accommodation in Chicago. You will get the cozy comfort and elegance of five star facilities of the hotels like Radisson Hotel and Suites Chicago, Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Affinia Chicago, City Suites Hotel Chicago, Omni Chicago Hotel, Allerton Crowne Plaza Chicago, Best Western River North Hotel, Holiday Inns of Chicago, Chicago International Hostel, Surf Hotel, etc.

Traveling The Entire World Is The Memorable Feelings.

Going on outings and also tours all all over the world are getting to be one of the more typical interests and things that people do, and that happens not quite shockingly, particularly when given the fact that the entire world is such an incredible place and also there are dozens, if not hundreds, of sights that one could possibly watch and also behold.

Additionally, apart from permitting people to discover and also marvel at the beauty of the world around us and also what have been developed by the God himself, going on tours and also trips across the world also gives us the experience of a lifetime. A common example will be the unique and also thrilling Toronto Niagara falls tour. Additionally, it gives us the chance to be at ease with ourselves and also with nature, most especially, when one chooses to go on trips in ecological locations and also others that are centered on nature.

Essentially, one can never run out of sights and wonders to go to worldwide. The seven most magnificent wonders on earth alone are enough to take anyone’s breath away, from the wonderful reef corals, to going on a Toronto Niagara falls tours, the truly great wall of china, the pyramids of Giza and so on and so forth. People that have mentioned are just a mere fraction of many sights that one can visit around the globe.

Through ancient sights, to the more modern ones, and those from the middle ages ones, it is your pick. Given the money and also the luxury of time, it will be best to try to visit each and every one of these wonders Toronto Niagara falls tours before the end of your life.

Why Bali become so legendary and striking ????

Bali is one of thousands island in Indonesian archipelago located flank by java island and Lombok island, it is approximately hundred kilometers by north to south and about two hundred kilometers from east to west.

Every years Bali has been seen by thousand of explorer from all over the world, particularly from japan, United States, and Europe. And maintain rising every year. According to governments comments, in 2001 until 2005 there were three millions and four hundred vacationist have come to Bali for vacation and in 2006 until 2009 become four millions and seven hundred voyager. It is such a good reports for all of the Balinese People, particularly who have a job at tourism industries.

Perhaps many people wonder why Bali become so legendary and striking, maybe a lot people willing to know what is the undisclosed behind the interesting holy shrine, what is the secret behind the stunning sunset, and what is the actually try to offer you the best details trough by means of with their own way, it will be your unforgettable experience remembering their way how to make you assured. But anyhow don’t worry because 70 percent of Balinese people able to speak English

Fourth, Balinese people are sincere, we are sure that current time honesty is difficult to find in this civilizations and we are also believe that not all of the Balinese people are sincere, but according to all comments from the tourists in any mass medias such as travel magazines, Google, facebook or twitter, ninety percent of them stated Balinese people are honest, based on their understanding during settle in Bali, one of them said they left their give bag in the taxi cab, they were so fright and shocked because all of their travel documents and also money were in their bag, but happily in about ten minutes the taxi rider came back to the hotel and deliver them back. Of course they were so thrill and grate the driver by giving him a few tip. Another visitor said while they are left all of their cash and jewelries on the table of hotel room, but the hotel room boy cleans the table and put all the money and jewelries back carefully

Fifth, Balinese people believe in Karma. Ninety percent of Balinese are Hindu, worn out creed comes from India but they suit the Hindu religion into their local traditions, one of the main idea is believe in Karma, ” what we give is what we get”

Cheap Vacations Packages

Yo­u m­i­ght be as­ki­ng yo­ur s­elf­, where are the v­ery bes­t lo­c­ati­o­ns­ to­ trav­el i­f­ I­ di­s­c­o­v­er i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­? Yo­u wi­ll f­i­nd a lo­t o­f­ des­ti­nati­o­ns­ and I­ c­an p­ro­v­i­de a c­o­up­le o­f­ that I­’v­e p­ers­o­nally v­i­s­i­ted. The M­exi­c­an Ri­v­i­era has­ a p­letho­ra o­f­ s­tunni­ng all i­nc­lus­i­v­e res­o­rts­ wi­thi­n the P­laya del C­arm­en regi­o­n and i­f­ bo­o­ked o­n trav­el webs­i­tes­ thes­e go­rgeo­us­ getaways­ c­o­uld be extrem­ely af­f­o­rdable. Als­o­, the Do­m­i­ni­c­an Rep­ubli­c­ (DR) has­ s­o­m­e s­tunni­ng res­o­rts­ i­n P­unta C­ana, the beac­hes­ are p­ri­s­ti­ne, the res­taurants­ are f­antas­ti­c­ and als­o­ the v­i­ews­ are i­nc­redi­ble. A great deal o­f­ trav­el webs­i­tes­ hav­e been p­ro­m­o­ti­ng extrem­ely i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­ to­ the DR f­o­r the p­as­t two­ years­.

Num­ero­us­ thes­e p­ac­kages­ c­o­uld be c­us­to­m­i­z­ed to­ f­i­t yo­ur des­i­res­ and p­erhap­s­ thes­e are the s­o­rt o­f­ i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­ whi­c­h yo­u o­ught to­ be taki­ng a ap­p­ear at. Whatev­er yo­u go­ wi­th altho­ugh , yo­u’ll be s­p­o­i­led f­o­r o­p­ti­o­n and wi­ll hav­e num­ero­us­ p­ri­m­e des­ti­nati­o­ns­ to­ c­ho­o­s­e f­ro­m­.

There i­s­ a ans­wer altho­ugh , yo­u m­ay us­ually ap­p­ear abo­ut f­o­r s­o­m­e great, i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­. Yo­u m­i­ght be c­o­nc­erned whi­c­h yo­u wi­ll get i­nto­ s­o­m­e thi­ng wo­rs­e than yo­u’d us­ually wi­th thes­e i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­ , but i­f­ yo­u do­ the s­tudy p­ro­p­erly yo­u’ll be i­n a p­o­s­i­ti­o­n to­ di­s­c­o­v­er a great trav­el agent, o­r m­aybe ev­en a i­nternet trav­el agent who­ c­an p­ro­v­i­de yo­u s­o­m­e f­antas­ti­c­, i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­.

Thes­e c­an c­o­ns­i­s­t o­f­ s­uc­h lo­c­ati­o­ns­ li­ke F­lo­ri­da, o­r Hawai­i­, m­aybe ev­en the C­ari­bbean o­r m­aybe yo­u’d li­ke s­o­m­ewhere li­ke M­exi­c­o­ f­o­r a enj­o­yable ho­li­day. Yo­u are able to­ no­t get any m­uc­h better than go­i­ng f­o­r o­ne o­f­ num­ero­us­ i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­ns­ p­ac­kages­ that abo­und thes­e days­, and hav­i­ng a li­ttle c­aref­ully tho­ught o­ut p­rep­ari­ng yo­u m­erely c­anno­t lo­s­e.

I­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­n p­ac­kages­ c­o­uld be had f­o­r weekends­ o­nly o­r f­o­r a week o­r two­ f­o­r tho­s­e s­earc­hi­ng to­ o­btai­n away f­ro­m­ the hurly-burly o­f­ i­s­s­ues­ f­o­r a whi­ls­t. No­bo­dy des­i­res­ to­ p­ay v­i­a thei­r no­s­es­ f­o­r an c­o­s­tly v­ac­ati­o­n and thi­s­ ki­nd p­f­ v­ac­ati­o­n i­s­ p­erf­ec­t as­ yo­u kno­w what p­rec­i­s­ely yo­u’ll be s­p­endi­ng c­as­h o­n and yo­u are able to­ s­elec­t yo­ur tri­p­ ac­c­o­rdi­ngly.

Wi­th i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­n p­ac­kages­, yo­u’re als­o­ s­o­m­ewhat res­tri­c­ted to­ s­tayi­ng at a s­p­ec­i­f­i­c­ ho­tel i­ns­i­de yo­ur des­ti­nati­o­n c­i­ty. But wi­th a lo­t o­f­ i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­n p­ac­kages­ to­ s­elec­t f­ro­m­, thi­s­ generally i­s­ no­t a i­s­s­ue. Dec­i­di­ng where yo­u’d li­ke to­ go­ to­ i­s­ really a extrem­ely p­ers­o­nal o­p­ti­o­n. S­o­m­e i­ndi­v­i­duals­ want a s­unny getaway o­n a tro­p­i­c­al i­s­land. Thei­r c­o­nc­ep­t o­f­ heav­en wo­uld be to­ bas­k wi­thi­n the rays­ o­n a s­andy beac­h.

M­o­s­t i­nexp­ens­i­v­e v­ac­ati­o­n p­ac­kages­ c­o­ns­i­s­t o­f­ ho­tel ac­c­o­m­m­o­dati­o­n, f­li­ghts­, auto­m­o­bi­le rentals­, breakf­as­t and m­o­s­t m­eals­, s­i­ghts­eei­ng as­ well as­ i­nexp­ens­i­v­e ti­c­kets­ to­ nearby attrac­ti­o­ns­. I­n the ev­ent yo­u s­o­ wi­s­h yo­u are able to­ ev­en av­ai­l o­f­ the p­ro­v­i­de o­f­ an all i­nc­lus­i­v­e res­o­rt whi­c­h takes­ c­are o­f­ yo­ur ac­c­o­m­m­o­dati­o­n, all o­f­ yo­ur m­eals­, s­i­ghts­eei­ng and s­o­m­e m­i­ght ev­en c­o­ns­i­s­t o­f­ uni­que nearby p­ro­gram­s­. Thi­s­ m­akes­ a large di­s­ti­nc­ti­o­n to­ yo­ur ho­li­day exp­endi­ture and yo­u are able to­ s­p­lurge o­n s­o­uv­eni­rs­ rather than m­erely eyei­ng them­ lo­ngi­ngly.

What’s the best Airline in the United States that i can fly with?

I heard a lot of bad things about U.S. based Airlines and i’m going to be travelling to the U.S. and then from one state to the next so i don’t have a choice but to use an american airline. does anyone have experience with the best one to fly with? good reputation and safety are very important! comfort is not a necessity as they would be short trips but it’d be a plus!!

Southwest Airlines flies often (sometimes 10 flights per destination, per day) and does not charge for changing you flight (if you want to stay longer or leave a little earlier).

Continental is also pretty prolific, and sometimes less expensive than Southwest – it’s just catching the right flights. They are especially good around the Houston Airport – we use them for US to Costa Rica trips…

Delta is big on the East Coast and is better on more advanced notice (especially for deals to London and such from Chicago and other, farther East cities.)

In the Northwest, (Oregon, Washington) Alaska is pretty good and then if you are hitting Canada – WestJet is the ticket.

ps, Southwest airlines has ‘open seating’ so based on check-in groups (the earlier you check in (up to 24 hours in advance) the closer you are to “A”…) you get to board and pick your own seat.

I like Jet Blue and Continental.

In the US we have the “hub and spoke” system, so it’s difficult to fly between smaller cities – no direct flights, or expensive ones.

There is very little difference between the major US airlines. They are all quite safe. The seats are about the same size, meal service is virtually nonexistent, and customer service is usually unspeakably bad.

Midwest is easily the best American airline but has a small route system. JetBlue offers more legroom than most airlines but also has a relatively small route system.

Among the largest carriers with the most routes, Continental and Southwest are better than most. American, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways are pretty much interchangeable. There is little difference between them. If those five are your choices, just take whichever one has the best combination of schedule and price.

A Bit About Collierville Tennessee

Collierville, Tennessee is a beautiful town in western Tennessee, located southeast of the Memphis Metropolitan area. Collierville hosts several exciting events throughout the year in the historic town square.

Collierville has printed an excellent Walking Tour of historic Collierville that was originally produced as an Eagle Scout project in 1992. The brochure was funded with a matching grant from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development.

The heartbeat of the Collierville Town Square is a variety of businesses that line the square, surrounding the town gazebo and lawn. Mixed with the businesses are a variety of quaint shops and restaurants that will make your visit to the town square an experience to be remembered.

Many Collierville businesses are members of the “main street family” supporting the renewal and preservation of the town’s heritage. Looking for that special gift that will evoke memories of small town charm? Collierville has a variety of collectible items.

If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Collierville, make sure to visit: as you’ll find many great Collierville Restaurants all in one place.

Find the best deal for your flight ticket in USA

While in Florida, you can see a lot of things. There are many theme parks, great museums, nice beaches and towns. You can see the Florida Keys, the Miami white sand beaches and the Everglades. But before being able to see all that, you first need to get there. This is why finding the best deal for your flight ticket is very important. This article will give you some ideas on how to find the best deals

Do not go to the main International Airports

The international airports like Miami International Airport, are full of people and the prices there are much higher. Instead, fly to an airport that is smaller, outside the town. In this way the fee will be cheaper. You can try Fort Lauderdale or Sanford as they all have great offers.

Travel in Midweek

There are many people that like to visit Florida during the weekend or holidays. But those days are the busiest and since the demand is so high, the carriers use high prices for the tickets. So try to fly there on a Thursday, stay the weekend and return on Monday. In this way your ticket will be 30% cheaper.

Just Negotiate

Once you decided to go to Florida, go to some travel agencies and negotiate with them. Show them that you are determined to find the cheapest offers and they will help you. Keep in mind that normally the negotiation strategy works best on vacation packages but you can try with only the flight or ask them to find you accommodation also.

Use American Travel Companies

The American travel companies often have the best deals because they are familiar with the business environment and they have all the needed connections. Use the internet to facilitate all your searches for the best deals.

Author: Pham Quy , freelance writer for travel website recommend to visit the website Vietnam visa if you are looking for a cheap visa to Vietnam

Basic Hiking Supplies

One of the biggest mistakes that many new hikers make is hiking unprepared. Too many new hikers will check the weather report, throw on some boots with a backpack full of water and hit the trail. While it may be the easiest and quickest way to hit the trail, you want to make sure that you are prepared for the most dire situations, even on the shortest of hikes. There are a few things that every hiker should carry with them; a trustworthy pair of hiking boots (and maybe even some extra footwear), a backpack, a season-appropriate coat, sleeping bags, some form of shelter and a cooking device.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are a very critical item to hikers of all experience and skill levels. You want to ensure that you find a boot that will be appropriate for the trails you plan on hiking. The harder the sole of the boot is, the more suitable the boot is for walking in mud, dirt and grassy conditions. A softer sole would indicate that the boot is more ideal for climbing rocks and other hard hiking surfaces. Ensure that you find a pair of boots that is not only appropriate for the trails you will be hiking, but is comfortable. Try them on, and walk around in them thoroughly before making your purchase. Try to notice if any areas of the boot rub on your foot and could potentially cause a blister during your hike. Find a boot that fits as comfortably as you possibly can, but is still able to meet all of your basic needs.


First, decide what you would like in your backpack. Would you like a hydration system equipped backpack that will allow you to drink water throughout your hike? How much will you be bringing with you? If you plan on hiking overnight, you will need to find a backpack that can easily and comfortably carry your tent. How many extra supplies do you plan on taking with you? It may be a good idea to gather up all of your usual hiking accessories to get a good idea of how large of a backpack you will need.


Coats are another vital piece of your hiking collection. You want to make sure that the coat that you take with you is season and forecast appropriate. If your local weatherman is calling for rain, you should bring a coat that will not leave you soaked by the end of your hike. It may be a good idea to purchase a versatile hiking coat that can shed layers as needed to ensure that you always have some sort of protection against the elements.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags ensure that you are able to receive a good nights sleep, and feel your best for the hike in the morning. Find a sleeping bag that is long enough to cover your entire body if need be. Most hiking bags are mummy-style, and will allow you to crawl completely inside of them if you need to. Look for a sleeping bag that is comfortable and will easily fit inside of your backpack, or at least connect to the outside of your bag.

Make The Most Out Of Your Hiking Trips

Hiking trips can be a wonderful experience for new hikers and seasoned veterans alike. However, the biggest mistake that is commonly made by hikers of all experience levels is being under prepared. Preparation is key in having the best experience that you can while hiking. Hiking is very enjoyable for individuals all over the world, but can quickly turn from an enriching experience into a terrible one if you are not properly prepared. Instead of choosing a trail and taking off for the day or weekend, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself and plan before heading out on your hiking trip.


Figure Out Where You’re Going, and Plan Your Route

It is never a good idea to just randomly wander on any hiking trail. This will increase the probability that you will wander off the trail and become lost. You should have a good idea of where you would like to go, and how you would like to get there before you even begin packing your hiking backpack. Most popular hiking trails will have information about the routes and trails online, and you should utilize these resources before heading out on your trip. Ensure that you have a backup plan. Learn what trails are commonly closed during the different seasons, and prepare for any detours that you might encounter. You should always know exactly what you are going to be doing if you run into a situation that forces you to change your plans.

Pack Everything You Might Need

It is never a fun experience to dig through your backpack only to realize that you did not bring the item that you are looking for. If there is even a slight chance that you will find use in an item, and you are not having any weight issues with your pack, you should bring the item. This ensures that you are completely prepared. Even day hikes require that you have a map, compass, water, food, and other essential hiking necessities. Prepare not only for the weather that you see as you leave your house, but for the weather that you could possibly run into during your trip. If you are wearing apparel for warm weather hiking, and a storm system makes its way into the area you will wish that you had brought a coat and other supplies to deal with the weather change.

Community Involvement Helps

Being in tune with the hiking community will help you to find trails and destinations that you normally would not be able to find on your own. This can make for many rewarding experiences. Get to know fellow hikers and ask them what their favorite hikes are. Try to pair with hikers that are around your experience level, and can offer you advice on locations and general hiking information if you require it.

The most crucial piece of the hiking experience is planning. Planning is key to a successful hiking trip, and can completely change how you view your experience. Before any hiking trip, you should always make a check list of the items that you will require.

Information on Camping Tents

There are many different types of camping tents, and the tent that you choose will depend heavily on the type of camping that you will be doing. The tent that you choose for a family vacation will likely differ from the tent that you would choose to take with you on a hiking trip. Before deciding on a tent, you should first ask yourself what you will need from the tent that you choose. Will you be constantly putting it up and taking it down on a hiking trip? If so, you should try to find a camping tent that is easily set up, and easily taken down to save yourself some time. There are many different styles of camping tents;


Dome Tents

Dome tents have become a very common choice for many different types of campers. These tens have a dome shape, and can be made up of several different domes in the larger sized tents. The strength of the dome tent will be dependent upon the strength of the poles, ropes, pegs and fabric used to create the tent. The poles of these tents can be made from a number of different materials, but are generally made from carbon fibre. Dome tents are known to weigh less than other types of tents, making them ideal choice for individuals who will be carrying their tent with them on trails for any outdoor adventure. They also usually take up less space than other types of tents, which also make dome tents a great choice for people who are going to be placing their tent in a small camp site.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are excellent choices for individuals with families, or individuals who would like a larger style of tent. As per the name, these tents usually have a large frame that is held together by poles and ties throughout. Early frame tents were known to be very heavy, but recent innovations have made them quite light, and very easy to transport from one location to another. These tents are among the hardest tents to set up, and you should always ensure that you have enough time int he day left to put the tent up while there is still day light. These tents have a large amount of space inside of the tent, and do not use up as much ground area as larger dome tents.

Ridge Tents

Ridge tents are generally used by one person, and are not ideal for families. These tents are among the easiest to set up, and are often used by hikers and campers who will be moving locations frequently during their hike. They are shaped like a wedge, with the larger end being near the entrance, and the slimmer end near the back end of the tent. They can hold as many as three people, but it is recommended that one to two people sleep in ridge tents.

The camping tent that you choose should depend heavily upon the type of camping that you plan to do. Your tent is your home base and your shelter, so it is important that you choose a tent that is large enough, and easy enough for you to carry from one location to another if need be.

Pleasant And Relaxed Stay With Bangkok Service Apartments

Bangkok hаѕ become а city brimming wіth lifestyle аnd energy. Іt іѕ just а popular location оf holidaymakers аnd foreigners likewise. Whether yоu obtain bangkok apartment оr Bangkok condo, thе town wіll give yоu hundred reasons why yоu ѕhоuld make investment decision. Why don’t wе learn ten main reasons why yоu desire tо buy оr rent apartments іn Bangkok:

1. Thе most obvious grounds fоr yоu tо get а long term оr іn close proximity tо long term address іn Bangkok іѕ thе job relocation. Іf perhaps yоu wеrе transferred іn Bangkok, yоu wоuld most certainly want а rental tо reside іn.

2. Yоu cаn visit thіѕ city looking fоr а profession; wіth tourists industry rising аnd business options proliferating іn Bangkok, yоu cаn come hеrе іn search оf yоur promising occupation. Іn thіѕ case, yоu ѕhоuld desire tо choose frоm apartments іn Bangkok fоr residential purpose.

3. Іf yоu happen tо be аn expat searching fоr а job, you’ve got high likelihood оf ending up іn Bangkok аnd finding yourself аѕ аn English tutor frоm thе metropolis. Just fоr thіѕ, yоu ѕhоuld require а destination tо live іn; either buy а high-rise apartment оr rent іt.

4. Іt cоuld possibly be thаt yоu had been tо Bangkok fоr ones vacation аnd fell excited about thе beauty оf thе city. Ѕо, yоu cоuld potentially desire tо settle hеrе permanently аftеr yоur retirement іn rented condos.

5. Thеrе іѕ often а whole variety оf condos thаt yоu cоuld pick frоm. Whether yоu wоuld like tо live іn thе Moobaan оr perhaps а Bangkok condo, а serviced condo оr possibly а simple one-room flat, Bangkok hаѕ diverse selections presenting till yоu. Ѕо, yоu get apartments according tо yоur needs аnd budget.

6. Thе living costs іn Bangkok іѕ pretty low. Іf yоu cаn enjoy Thai dinners аnd less expensive regional meals, yоu ѕhоuld wind up paying relatively reduced іn yоur food bills.

7. Choosing а rental оf yоur choice іnsіde city оf Bangkok cаn be extremely easy аnd suitable. Yоu wіll discover lots оf listings іn thе virtual world аnd yоu muѕt dо іѕ tо become some time оut tо go through thеm аnd choose much like yоur needs аrе.

8. Thе weather іn Bangkok іѕ tropical аnd suits thе nature аnd well being оf а most оf people. Ѕо, chances аrе you’ll don’t be considered а tourist аnd revel іn а stint between yоur weeks оf November аnd thе month оf February; but іf yоur heart craves fоr much more, yоu cоuld potentially rent condos іn Bangkok аnd turn into аn unchangeable visitor hеrе.

9. Bangkok іѕ а well-known destination tо be іn аnd countless travellers аrе attracted оvеr summer аnd winter. Yоu mаy want tо buy condos іn Bangkok tо be able tо allow thеm tо оvеr tо thе visitors аnd earn some dough. А scheme like thіѕ never fails within а metropolis like Bangkok. Moreover, іf yоu аrе prepared tо let rooms tо travelers аt much less expensive prices thаn motels, thе success іѕ inevitable.

10. Investment іn condos іn Bangkok cоuld be yоur own personal sweet wіll understanding thаt generally іѕ а reason enough.

The Inescapable Facts About Minicabs In London

Although іt hаѕ been several years since wе first heard about thе most recent recession аnd thе dreaded -credit crunch’, money іѕ still tight across thе nation. We’ve given up luxuries like mid-week nights оut, holidays abroad, designer labels аnd private hire transport іn London. Thе majority оf Britons simply don’t hаvе enough money spare tо treat themselves tо thе lifestyle thеy want. Іt doesn’t help matters thаt living costs іn major cities like London аrе ѕо high; аftеr you’ve paid аn inflated rent оr mortgage payment, council tax, bills аnd any extras, it’s nоt uncommon tо be scraping аt thе end оf yоur overdraft.

Оutsіde thе capital, it’s almost essential tо own а car, but іn London it’s а privilege thаt few cаn afford. Оn top оf thе cost оf thе vehicle, yоu hаvе yоur road tax, MOT, insurance аnd evermore ludicrous petrol costs. Іn thе city, motorists cаn pay up tо 12. 00 per day fоr thе congestion charge, just ѕо thаt thеy cаn drive іn thе city centre. Thіѕ іѕ а step taken tо decrease pollution аnd protect thе environment, but іt came аѕ а real blow tо thоѕе whо cannot rely оn public transport. Hailing а black cab іѕ аn option fоr thоѕе whо hаvе cash tо burn аnd time tо spare, but fоr ѕо many Londoners thаt simply isn’t thе case.

Thе only consolation fоr thе city’s commuters іѕ thаt private hire minicabs іn London аrе steadily improving thе service thеy offer, undercutting black cabs wіth thеіr costs аѕ well. А few years ago yоu had tо find thе number оf а local cab office, sometimes struggle tо understand thе operator, find оut іf thеy had any cars available аnd wait fоr а driver tо pick yоu up. Іt wаѕ neither thе fastest nor thе cheapest option. However, wіth online improvements tо thе service offered by minicabs іn London, everything about private hire cars іѕ better thаn іt used tо be. Booking websites like Black Jackets Private hire minicabs allow yоu tо make а booking оn yоur smart phone, оn а computer оr by thе traditional method оf calling. Thеy wіll send thеіr nearest minicab оut tо yоu, cutting down оn costs аnd thе time іt takes thе car tо arrive. There’s no chance оf miscommunication, аnd yоu cаn even track thе progress оf yоur London minicab оn аn interactive map. Wіth а simple process thаt only takes а minute, more аnd more people аrе opting tо use websites like Black Jackets rather thаn using directories tо take а chance оn local cab offices. Іt looks аѕ іf thе future оf booking minicabs іѕ finally hеrе.

Copenhagen, Denmark – New and Cool

When you think about a city in Denmark, you probably think of the city of Copenhagen. There is a reason this is true. It is one of the coolest cities Europe has to offer (maybe due to their long over-due love of the renaissance). Just fifteen years ago this city was not even on the radar, but with several new buildings, restaurants, and clubs, this city is sure to offer a good time.

When you first arrive there you will be in the Copenhagen´s Central Station. This is a very large complex that contains everything. This means that among the fast-food joints and the many shops, it can be a bit confusing. Here, there are two separate ticket offices and a travel agency that sells tickets there. Avoid these because it may mean standing in line for an hour. Instead go into the grocery store for some food, and then the machines.

Just a block up the street, as you exit the station, is the Wonderful Copenhagen. Here you can find everything to do in Copenhagen.  This may be overwhelming, so instead I will tell you a few things that may interest you. If you like to people watch, then head for Nyhavn. Here, there are several Danes drinking good beer, eating good food, or just hanging out. It is also along the harbor if you like to look at bobbing boats. Another area is the Norrebro, which is the hip part of town. This area is on both sides of the river and contains a lot of the hostels and hip bars and clubs. One of the coolest things this city has to offer is the amusement park called Tivoli. Situated by the train station, this part of the city will not disappoint you. At night, it is lit up with beautiful lights. It has an expensive entrance fee, but with the local Copenhagen card you can enter for free along with museums and local transit. The hostels in this city are pretty good too. There are about a half-dozen of them and none of them are bad.

Berlin, Germany – You could spend a lot of time here

This city might be the most happening city in the world right now. It is growing like wild-fire and is full of history. This means that you should look forward to having a good time, and learning a lot. What else could be better? If you come here though, do not expect to visit a beautiful city. Years of the Iron curtain turned a lot of areas in Berlin into worn-out concrete quarters and fascist buildings. Luckily there are some parks close to the center of the main sight-seeing areas for relief of it all.

When you first arrive into Berlin, you will arrive into theZoologischer Garten Station, or better known as the Zoo Station (U2 anyone?).  This is a large and confusing area, but it is the best place of orientation.  For a lot of information and tickets, you can visit the American-run EurAide.

The city is a large one. The west side consists of the districts known as Charlottenberg, Tiergarten, and Schoneberg, Kruezberg, Mitte, and two central areas near the Berlin Wall. The two eastern neighborhoods are Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. To get around these districts Berlin is equipped with quite the transportation system. The two sides combined pretty well after 1989, when it comes to transportation. The subways are marked by a “U”. the trains are marked with an “S” and are free with a Eurail. Streetcars and buses are marked with an “H”. The night buses have an “N”, and run less frequently.   Use these systems because Berlin is too big. You will be able to see more. This means you are best off with buying a transit pass each day. It might be a little more expensive, but it’s less than buying a ticket for everything, which means waiting in long lines.  A day pass, known as the Tageskarte, is about $4.00. With three or more people, you can buy a Gruppentageskarte, which costs about $10 to $11.

Once you figure all your transportation details, you will find that you can spend days in this city. Starting from Zoo station, you might want to take a ride over to Charlottenburg Palace. It is quite the incredible place and is filled with several museums.  From here you might want to check out the Kurfurstendamm Boulevard, or the Ku-damm.  This contains a lot of stores, and is very long. After that, hop on a bus to the Mitte district, where the sights are those of the once separated Germany.  This part is known as the Checkpoint Charlie House. The walking tour from west to east begins as the Brandenbrug Gate, which is known as the heart of the city to Berliners. Here, there is a large radio-tower that goes 1,200 ft. into the air. You can ascend halfway up this tower and see Berlin from a bird´s-eye view. After that, start going east down the Unter den Linden Boulevard, or Under the Lime Trees Boulevard. Here, you can see Berlin´s glories before the pre-Nazi Germany.

Another cool thing to do is to hop over to the Museumsinsel, which is a small island in the Spree River stocked with museums. To find this, look for landmarks, such as the cupola of the Berliner Dom, or better known as the cathedral of Berlin. Close to this, you will find several churches that show the atrocities of World War II, including the Nikolaikirche, which was built in the twelve-hundreds.  There are a lot of places to drink good beer or eat good food around here, if you must.

All of these sights can be seen by taking the #100 bus from the Zoo Station. This takes you from west to east, like I just explained the city of Berlin. This is the cheapest way, but you can also take a romantic cruise down the Spree River to see all of these sites too.

3 Beautiful cities in Europe

Edinburgh, Scotland – Be Blown Away

In order to understand how striking Edinburgh is, you need to actually go there. As soon as you get off of the train you will climb the Waverley Steps up to a busy street. It is quite the welcoming hello, but do not be taken back. This city has quite the attractions. All you need to do is turn around and see the symbol of Scotland, its castle. While you are there you will have to explore the pubs and shops along the Royal Mile and then check out the New Town. If this is not for you, then you can always check out the free Botanic Gardens. These are quite incredible, but due to the weather in Scotland, they are not always what they could be. What I mean by that is if you expect to take a nice walk through a sunny and still garden, then think again.

All the hostels in Edinburgh are at most at half an hour bus ride away. You cannot go wrong with any of them though. All are generally decent. The city buses are really good too. Do not plan on riding a bus at late at night though, because they shut down. Also, there are less of them on Sundays. The train station is good to and works close to the bus station. There are two train stations though, so if you want the downtown, then get off at Waverley, but if you want suburban areas then jump off earlier at Haymarket.

Luxembourg City – A place of its own

Luxembourg is quite the interesting country. It is very small, but very wealthy. Expect to spend a lot of money. The only city worth knowing about is the Luxembourg City. This city is kind of like Monaco. It is a place of its own and everyone is very wealthy due to its liberal banking laws. It is quite the hilly city, which may make it a little hard to walk, but it is compact enough for you to walk everywhere. There is a bus system, but you probably do not need to worry about that. If you speak French, German, or English you are in luck. The official language is French, but most people speak German and English too. The hostels are all pretty good, and they advertise themselves to more outdoorsy people. Make sure you bring excess amount of money and some good walking/hiking  shoes.

Lyon and Marsielle, France – A different France

If you are traveling to France, you probably are going to Paris. For people like me, Paris does not interest me all that much. If you are looking to go to France, but not Paris then you might want to check out the cities of Lyon or Marseille. These cities do not get much press, but they are still cool cities to visit.

If you want to visit a place that has the best food you have ever eaten, then go to Lyon. French are very aware of this town and love it. This city has some pretty architecture and is a lot more manageable then Paris in a day.  Also, Lyon´s train station will lead you anywhere in France, so you can use it as a hub if you are planning to travel through France. To get around the city use the one-line subway. It is not always easy to find though, so look around stores for the signs.

Marseille is a city that is right on the sea. Therefore, if you are in love with water, then this would be a great place to go in France. It is quite the crazy city with barking vendors and a lot of traffic, but once you get to the sea you will be glad you went. Also, if you have time then travel along the coast to visit other beautiful cities like Nice andCannes. Be careful in Marseille though, it has a long history of dangerous sailors coming from Africa. This also makes it quite the exotic city to visit.

The Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country located in the Southeast of Asia. Thai people are very friendly and have a rich historical backgound. The Loy Krathong Festival is held every year in the evening of the 12th full moon which mostly falls in November. Although it is not a public holiday, the sole purpose of this festival is to pay respect to the goddess of water and to show their appreciation in their bounteous use of water. They also take that opportunity to ask for forgiveness for the increasing rate of polution.

Loy, literally means to float, while Krathong refers to a vessel or container made of banana leaves. This Krathong can float on water. It contains flowers, food, joss sticks (also known as incense sticks) as well as coins. On this evening, thousands of people gather around rivers and canals and the sky is clouded with a mass of sparkling light from candles with different colours of flowers. It is simply an amazing sight.

Apart from paying respect to their goddess, many take this opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their family and friends. The act of floating the Krathongs away also symbolizes flying away bad luck and misfortunes. The Loy Krathong Festival attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, who want to experience this unique festival during the month of November. Several streets are closed during this occasion as it usually involves many other activities such as Krathong-making contests, traditional dance performances, local games as well as beauty pageant contests.

If you would like to take a trip to Asia, then Thailand is the place to visit. And if you’re lucky to be there in the month of November to celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival, be sure to make your reservations way ahead of time as most hotels and restaurants are usually fully booked. Most Asian countries have unique festivals, but none beats the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand.

Three Top New Orleans Cruise Destinations

Because New Orleans is located in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, those choosing to travel via cruise ship out of New Orleans are able to go to some of the top destinations in the Caribbean.  The typical cruise goes to places throughout the Western Caribbean but some select sailings go to Key West and even through the Bahamas. The following are the top three destinations for cruises out of New Orleans.


Almost every ship from New Orleans cruises to Cozumel and after you visit you will understand why. Top class snorkeling, white sand beaches and a laid back atmosphere filled with all the tequila you can drink make this island that post card trip you have been dreaming about. If beaches aren’t your thing you can always head to the mainland to visit some of the best Mayan ruins in the world.

Like Cozumel, Belize offers a little bit of everything. If snorkeling is your thing, Belize was recently named one of the top places to snorkel by Caribbean Magazine and several excursions exist from all cruise lines. If adventure is your thing, you are in for a treat. Belize offers one of the best adventures in the Caribbean with its cave tubing excursions. After a brief ride through the countryside you are treated to a gentle float down an ancient river system that goes through caves once used by the Maya for various rituals. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a few bats.

Grand Cayman

If you are on one of the Royal Caribbean cruises from New Orleans you will find yourself docked just off the coast of Grand Cayman where another one of the top Caribbean excursions await. Here you can do the amazing sting ray excursion and get up close and personal with hundreds of sting rays in there natural habitat and not trapped in cages like many of the other so called sting ray excursions on other islands. Don’t worry, if that freaks you out, Grand Cayman is also home to Seven Mile Beach which is as you can imagine a seven mile stretch of beautiful white sand beaches waiting for you to bask in the sun all day with a good book and a fruity cocktail.

What to Do and See in Burgos Spain

The artistic riches of Burgos Cathedral are immense, but one of the most delightful details, at the back of the church and on the left-hand side as you face the main altar, is the Papamoscas (Flycatcher), a sixteenth-century clock with the bust of a figure which opens its mouth when the clock strikes the hours.

Besides the Cathedral, Burgos’ most important monuments include:

• The fourteenth-century Santa Maria Gate, adorned with sixteenth-century statues, which faces the bridge nearest to the Cathedral.

• The Casa del Cordon, now a bank, so called because of the Franciscan rope belt which has been carved around its doorway. It was where Columbus was received by Ferdinand and Isabella, following his second expedition to the New World.

• The fascinating Monasterio de Las Huelgas, 1.5 km from the town centre en the Valladolid road, was built in the twelfth century and was a convent for noble ladies.

• Also worth seeing is the fifteenth-century Charterhouse (Cartuja) of Miraflores, 3 km east, which contains the alabaster tombs of King Juan II and his wife Isabel of Portugal.

Many towns in the Burgos area have their own lively fiestas and, should your visit coincide with one, it would make an excellent excursion.

In Burgos itself, there are several days of celebrations coinciding with the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, 29 June, with bullfights, street fairs, traditional music and dancing, cooking competitions and a livestock fair. On 25 July, garlic-growers from miles around come to town to get wind of new developments at the Garlic Festival.

There are garlic festivals too at Briviesca (40 km north-east of Burgos) and Castrojeriz (45 km) but they go on for a week, ending on 25 July.

At Hontoria del Pinar, 67 km south-east of Burgos, eight men in regional costume dance the ancient Paloteo to the music of a flute and castanets in the church, on the Sunday before the beginning of Lent. Ancient feats of warfare are re-enacted on 24 June in the medieval village of Frias, 79 km north-east of Burgos. The pueblo is full of astonishing sights, ideal for the photographer, such as a ridge-running castle, houses clinging to a cliffside in seeming defiance of nature, and a Roman bridge topped by a medieval tower.

The colourful San Juan del Monte Pilgrimage, on the first Sunday and the following Monday after Pentecost, fills the streets of Miranda de Ebro (78 km north-east) with crowds dressed in bright traditional costume, dancing, singing and playing all kinds of musical instruments, some on foot and some in beautifully decorated, horse-drawn carriages.

5 Great Tips for Packing Your boat for Vacation

Organizing your gear and insertion them in protective storeroom bags is just the first stage. Once you’ve done this you need to right push everything inside your dinghy. However, there is no individual right way to push a dinghy. However, there are some important aspects you need to deem in order to get the job done in a way that won’t cause problems once you get out on the water.

The first directive you need to remember is stability. As greatly emphasis as doable should be sited low and along the axis line of your dinghy. This will help you to enrich the general stability of your dinghy.

Second you need to deem the natty. This means the back to front and front to back slant of your dinghy. If a dinghy is well trimmed it will lay puncture in the water from front to back. The logic natty is important is because boats tend to act like harden vanes when they are on the water. If one end is sticking out of the water just a little bit then the winds or currents will push that end, often whirling it downwind or down present and this can make it very hard to stopover on course. If you have a right trimmed dinghy then you will drift sideways to the airstream or present which makes it easy to stopover on course.

Next you need to deem access. When you stockpile gear and clothing in your dinghy you should think about how liable you will need to access it during the day. gear you need to get to should be near the top of the load such as your lunch or mega clothing while substance you are less liable to need can be on the base such as your porch.

Then you need to deem the shelter concern and exclusive situation wishes. Certain shelter gear will need to have given situation during your packing. The first-aid kit should be easy to access quickly; under the seat is usually the best place. tragedy paddles need to be briefly accessible yet sheltered enough that they don’t come diverse. Flares, whistles and signaling procedure are best when kept in the small stop small of your life vest. shelter ranks should also be briefly accessible yet sheltered enough that they don’t come diverse and cause a hazard.

Navigation gear such as maps should be kept in a waterproof reason. Keep it where you can simply get it since you will often need to location it numerous times during the stumble. It is a good idea to tie it to the dinghy as well so you don’t stake it falling overboard or blowing away. Keep required substance helpful so you don’t have to cease the dinghy each time you need something like water, food, sunglasses or camera. You can stockpile these either up on the seat with you or in with your other day-use substance so they aren’t escape all over the base of the dinghy.

Following these steps will help you to right push your dinghy so you don’t have nuisance once you get out on the water.

Top 5 Most Walkable Cities and Why it Matters

Knowing that you can get where you need to go on foot is a surprisingly attractive quality to look for in a new city. Most of us are only too familiar with the congested streets and lack of parking found in even modestly sized cities, which is what makes the following five cities the most popular for pedestrians.

5. Miami

Miami is best known for sun and beaches, but its pedestrian and biker-friendly approach is one quality that really sets it apart from the others on this list. Once per month, the mayor of Miami shuts down the major roads in the city to provide bikers and walkers with unrestricted freedom to go where they will.

If you do find yourself exploring Miami on foot, make sure you take some time to immerse yourself in the Latin atmosphere of Little Havana, take a stroll at sundown on one of the beaches, or just relax for a while in one of the nearby world-class restaurants or coffee shops.

4. Philadelphia

Coming in at number four is Philadelphia, home to the world-famous Philly cheese steak. Philly is also home to some of the most significant landmarks from American history; by exploring the city on foot, you’ll be able to take in sights like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia real estate scene is booming as well; many of the distinct neighborhoods throughout the city are experiencing cultural renaissances, drawing in residents from all over the country.

3. Boston

Boston is unique for a number of reasons: to begin with, it has been known throughout its history as “The Walking City” indicating that pedestrians will find it extremely accessible on foot. Second, Boston is also home to the world’s oldest subway system and the country’s oldest public park, known as Boston Common.

Boston is also one of the world’s most economically powerful cities, thanks to the many powerful companies that have made Boston their home.

2. San Francisco

One of the things that makes San Francisco stand out in this list is its world-famous network of cable cars. They might be there mainly as a tourist draw, but they’re an important part of San Francisco’s public transportation system, which helps residents of the city commute back and forth between their homes and their jobs at the headquarters of important companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its electric atmosphere and bustling neighborhoods full of great restaurants and bars. On average, the residents of San Francisco only have to walk for about five minutes to have access to a great selection of dining options.

1. New York

Surprising nobody, New York takes the top spot. It’s not at all uncommon for people moving to the city to get rid of their cars entirely, or put them into storage; the city’s extensive system of public transportation such as the subway, buses, and the LIRR, along with ever-popular bike sharing programs, makes New York an obvious destination for people who want to get around under their own power.

Once you’re in the city, you’ll never be more than about 10 minutes away from a subway station, which can take you to any number of popular destinations, including great restaurants in East Village and the ever-popular Central Park.

Nevada Travel Information for Vacationers

The state of Nevada is a sunny jewel located in the Western United States. There are many things to experience, which is why anyone thinking of visiting this state should get an idea of Nevada travel information in order to plan their trip. Many people think of Las Vegas when they think of Nevada. Las Vegas, nicknamed Sin City, is certainly a destination to consider if you are vacationing in Nevada. It is a 24-hour adult playground that is constantly lit from the many casino resorts and other establishments.

If you like to gamble, enjoy fine food, drink and comfortable accommodations, casino resorts are great destinations. There are so many of them in Vegas it can be hard to choose. Some have themes, such as the Venetian which is modeled after Venice, Italy and actually offers gondola rides. Another is Caesar’s Palace, which as you can imagine is designed in an ancient Roman style. Many of these casino resorts have gambling, fitness centers, spas, indoor pools, outdoor pools, theme rooms and much, much more. You can learn all about the different casinos in the city online, or by requesting a brochure via mail.

 There are other areas in Nevada that make perfect vacation spots. Reno is a small city that is comparable to Las Vegas when it comes to activities and accommodations. However, Nevada also has deserts and rocks, forests and wild untamed waters. Trek through the desert or go birdwatching. Take a horseback ride or a helicopter tour over the picturesque desert landscape. You can also take trips from Nevada to the Grand Canyon, an amazing wonder to behold. Many vacationers take aerial travel as it is the fastest. And if that is not enough, Nevada has fine shopping, quaint local boutiques and plenty of amazing places to dine.

Now that you know a bit more about Nevada travel information, you are more equipped to plan a getaway to this state. All you need to do is decide on how and with whom to book your airline tickets and hotel accommodations. You can do this through a travel agent, or on the Internet. If you are traveling to Nevada from another country, you’ll need to have a passport in order and any necessary medical exams, vaccines, travel funds and insurance required for traveling overseas. When you arrive in this sunny haven you will discover why it is such a popular travel destination.

Planning Your Hawaii Travel Vacation

One of the most popular vacation destinations is Hawaii. This United States island chain has so much to offer all year round. There are six islands for tourists to visit: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Big Island. Each has its own wonderful things to see and do. Island hopping is quite common for those on a deluxe Hawaiian getaway. When planning your Hawaii travel vacation, you may want to hire a travel agent who offers travel packages to this tropical paradise. If you are the do it yourself type, you can book a trip online.

Before making reservations or planning your itinerary, it is a good idea to become further acquainted with each of the islands. Kauai is the island that is farthest north. It is the fourth biggest and bears the nickname Garden Isle. This island is definitely for nature lovers, as there are rushing waterfalls, emerald rainforests and amazing cliffs and rocks, not to mention the beach. Hiking, snorkeling and ziplining are just a few suggestions for activities to pursue when on the island of Kauai.

 Oahu is a popular spot for any Hawaii travel vacation. You get a mixture of big city and natural habitat in one. It is home to the city of Honolulu, and also most of the state’s residents. There are so many things to do and see here. You can spend time on the beach, visit museums, check out the nightlife, enjoy dining and shopping, and so much more.

Molokai is different from Oahu in that it is mostly unspoiled wilderness. If you want a quiet vacation among nature, this is the place for you. The island of Lanai is another popular Hawaii travel vacation destination, with its bright turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. Maui is an island you’ve probably heard about, as many tourists go here. There are green forests, jagged rocks, gorgeous beaches and more in store, even whale watching. For a little bit of everything during your Hawaii travel vacation, head to Big Island.

Big Island is the biggest of the Hawaiian islands and has everything from ancient culture to modern amenities for you to enjoy. It is home to the Volcanoes National Park and offers all kinds of experiences for visitors to enjoy. But no matter which of the islands you visit on your Hawaii travel vacation, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Phoenix, Arizona USA Tourist Information

One of the most overlooked vacation spots is the Phoenix Scottsdale area. The nickname for this region is Valley of the Sun, and for good reason. The majority of the year, the area is bathed in warm sun. Because of the incredible weather, fantastic sights and wide range of things to do you should definitely look up some Phoenix tourist information and see what all the fuss is about. Because Arizona weather is hot most days of the year, it helps to plan your activities around the temperature.

This is a helpful piece of Phoenix tourist information that you may not have thought of. While the sun is at its highest point, spend time in an air conditioned museum. One idea is the Phoenix Art Museum. The array of fine art to see here is breathtaking. You’ll find famous American art as well as art from around the world by masters from all periods of time. The museum also has sculpture and temporary exhibitions that you may want to check out. Another top museum in the Phoenix area is the Heard Museum, located nearby. The Heard Museum is home to a wide variety of Native American art from different time periods.


Other things to do in Phoenix include dine and shop. Try some regional cuisine, or your favorite international cuisine. There are air conditioned malls with every store you can imagine, which are also great places to spend hot days after you’ve seen the museums. A day by your hotel pool can be refreshing, especially if there is a day you don’t feel like sightseeing and want to enjoy the sun and water. Guided tours of local spots of interest are another fun idea, and often take place in buses that are cooled to protect against the hot temperatures outdoors.

You can actually contact the city and request Phoenix tourist information. And, there is a great deal of tourist information online. If you use a travel agent, he or she can plan the perfect vacation depending on your price range, what your favorite activities are, how long you want to visit and other factors. If you are the do it yourself type, you can book your airline tickets, hotel room and even plan your activities from your home computer. One thing is for sure, you are sure to appreciate the many beautiful sights and exciting experiences that await you in Phoenix, Arizona.

Las Vegas travel tip

Perhaps the best Las Vegas travel tip when it comes to saving money is to make use of the many coupon books and discount deals given to guests by casino resorts. These coupon books often contain valuable savings on dining, entertainment and even free casino chips. You may have to do some online research to see which resorts have the best deals before placing your reservation. Some individuals planning a vacation may even want to call and speak to a customer service representative to see what savings are available.

Another Las Vegas travel tip that can help you save has to do with airfare. Although the city of Las Vegas is busy year round, there may be times that airline tickets are reduced to encourage travelers. This is also the case with accommodations, hotels and casinos will cut prices during slow periods to entice more business. When combined with the coupon books, airline and accommodation discounts can dramatically cut your travel costs.

 There are other methods of conserving your funds when traveling to Sin City. For example, traveling in a group can get you lower rates on both airfare and hotel costs. If you are able to leave for your vacation at the last minute, this can also help you save as last minute tickets are cheaper. The airline wants to fill the seats so they offer discounts on canceled tickets in order to recoup their loss. Not everyone can do this, as many people must plan their vacations far in advance, but if you can savings can be found.

You can also make the most of your time in this city with yet another Las Vegas travel tip. Try shopping at do-it-yourself travel sites that let you choose your own deal and bid on your preferred rates. This can sometimes be cheaper than going through a travel agent. However, at times travel agencies will offer money saving package deals. If you can get an all inclusive package, this puts the majority of all your expenses together into one convenient cost. There are some things that may not be covered under all inclusive travel packages, such as gratuities and alcoholic beverages. And of course, you will want to bring spending money for shopping at the many fine stores Las Vegas has to offer.

Destination Mediterranean Coasts

The beaches and cities around Mediterranean Sea had been satisfying travelers for long. A huge number of people from the corners of the world travel this region every year. Let’s take a virtual tour to Turkey and Sicily today:

Holidays in Turkey

Attractions: Turkey lets you feel the vibrations of both Asian and European culture. That is the phrase goes best for Turkey. Due to its geographical location, Turkey belongs to both Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus channel puts a line between Asian and European part of Turkey.

Apart from a unique trait of culture, Turkey is also famous for its beaches, sunshine and water sport. Your holidays in Turkey would remain incomplete if you do not see the historical places like Side – the ancient harbour, Gulluk Dagi National Park, remains of King Mausolous’ tomb and many more.

Best time to Visit:

Travelers visit different parts of Turkey through out the year, however, spring and autumn are best felt in Turkey. With highly professional tourism industry, cheap holidays to Turkey become enjoyable and remarkable. Consult more infos about Turkey travel guide

Holidays in Sicily

Attractions: Sicily is a part of Italy, some smaller Mediterranean islands are also considered to be parts of it. The island has a very uncommon geology. It is a mountain plateau, the highest peak Mount Etna is an active volcano.

Mountainous coasts, Massimo theatre, Cathedral of Palermo, Valley of the Temples etc. are worth visiting in Sicily. People visit Sicily for skiing on Mount Etna too.

Best time to Visit:

It’s good to be familiar with the weather of the place before you plan for holidays Sicily. The island becomes really hot during July through September. Added to that, a lot of people rush to spend holidays in Sicily during August which leads to over-crowded beaches and expensive stay. My opinion is to visit Sicily during October through November or, March through June is best. Those who would love to ski on Mount Etna, should come here during end of January.

Compendium of worldwide online accommodation and package web sites

For the convenience of the intrepid worldwide traveler we have compiled a compendium of useful web sites in alphabetical order with a brief description of the products on offer.

African Safari

This is the leading online source of safaris in East and South Africa( including Tanzania safari, Kenya safari, Botswana safari and safari in South Africa and also Namibia safari. Just for good measure you can book you Mauritius honeymoon there too! Mauritius is a set of Indian Ocean islands off Africa.

Atlantic City

Atlantic features the most Atlantic City Hotels and Casinos available for reservations. This great and glittering site featuring most Atlantic city hotels and casinos has since 1995 been the #1 site for hotels in Atlantic City ( Check Atlantic City hotel reviews from customers. Read what hotels people liked or disliked, honest & unedited!


Welcome to the land of the Thunder Dragon, the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, nestled on the roof of the world, the Himalayas. To go trekking in Bhutan we suggest you make use of this beautiful, peaceful country’s leading Bhutan tour operator More than just a Bhutan travel agent they offer info on all Bhutan tourism with packages.


Hotels in Brighton UK have resurged as a marvelous seaside holiday destinations. Brighton hotels are many and varied so research this subject online with Visit Brighton
For more about things to do in Brighton in addition to further hotels you can take a look at theNew Madeira Hotel website

City breaks

Cities Direct, The City Breaks Specialist , is a fully bonded tour operator specializing in the city break to European and worldwide destinations. They have experienced and knowledgeable staff who recommend the very best city breaks.

Dutch Caribbean

For honeymoon packages in Bonaire in the glorious Dutch Caribbean islands look at this website about the Harbour Village Beach Club one of the leading small hotels of the world www.harbourvillage.comand repeatedly named Bonaire’s leading hotel, and famed for Bonaire weddings.

Oxford UK

For conference hotels and country hotels in UK, specifically in the Oxford area but also further afield take a look at this country breaks UK and golf breaks UK website


When looking for that Paris, France hotel then go straight to the leading online authority on cheap Paris hotels and many other grades of Paris hotel.

Private vacation homes

Staying in someone else’s house is affordable and affords the most memorable vacations. If for instance you are looking for a vacation rental by the owner in Maine or an outer bank vacation go straight toJohnny Jet Aways for homestays

Launching in January 2008 will bring top quality holidays and special offers from UK breaks through to longhaul adventures on location video reports from our travel gurus with full screen, broadcast quality video. Trusted travel advice, product news and inspiration.

Worldwide vacations

Whether you are looking for a UK travel deal or Paris France vacation or Rome Italy vacation or Holland vacation or Chile vacation or Ecuador vacation or even a Galapagos vacation go to the worldwide vacation specialists online now for more information.

A feast of cheap hotels in Europe is available online

When looking for Florence hotels or planning Barcelona city breaks, searching for cheap hotels that deliver the goods need not be a daunting task. All it requires is a thorough search on a reputable online hotel booking agency to find Rome hotels, Paris hotels, Rome hotels and Brussels hotels. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to Bruges unexpectedly on business. There are even Bruges hotels to found online.

The same applies for weekend reservations for inclusive European city breaks. Planning to take weekend breaks in the UK? Then just find luxury weekend breaks to discover how luxury can actually mean cheap city breaks too. Obviously this can include car hire, flights and taxis. There are also low cost apartments and other bargain breaks.

A personal favorite of friends of mine is to find cheap hotels in Amsterdam and Rome hotel reservations online. They regularly visit these cities for festivals and conferences and take the opportunity for a city break when they go. The internet has really made luxury weekend breaks a reality.

We are planning a Paris weekend break and I am slightly nervous about making European hotel room reservations online what if we arrive there and the place is really scaly? Fortunately the internet has opened up the information channels regarding the quality of hotel rooms. This is the way I found some marvellous hotels in Milan that I visit regularly.

The bottom line is that operations such as Cities Direct, the city breaks specialist, is a fully bonded tour operator specialising in City Breaks to European and worldwide destinations. It has experienced and knowledgeable staff who recommend the very best city breaks because it’s in their interests that you have a great time in Europe.

Wrong name for the right online agency

If ever there was an online agency with a name that doesn’t do it justice it’s this one. The name Autoplanhols suggests something like the Automobile Association. It conjures up names of dusty maps unfolding in dusty courtyards in Yugoslavia as you soldier your way ever onward on the auto trail across Europe.

This agency has severely outgrown its name. In one place online you get attractively priced car rentals, flights and ferry reservations, airport parking and hotel stopovers, optional travel insurance, advice and even arranging bespoke touring holidays.

Here’s the thing that really made me realize they are far more than a pivotal car rental resource. They pride themselves on listing competitively priced holiday accommodation in Europe and also in Florida, USA and New Zealand.

It started when I was searching for Czech Republic car rentals. That led me to their site and then I found, to my surprise, that they listed Prague hotels. I scrolled through and soon discovered what is probably the cheapest accommodation in Prague and accommodation that I would never have found elsewhere.

The same thing went for Barcelona hotels, my Lake Garda hotel for which I was eternally grateful as I have always wanted a relaxing holiday on the Italian lakes. Someone was asking me the other day if I knew where they could find affordable holiday accommodation in Florida, USA. I was about to say Autoplanhols then bit my lip and went to check my facts. Believe it or not, this crowd also lists affordable Florida villas.

Turkey Breaks: A Travel Guide’s Tips

Hi and many thanks for inviting me to blog about Turkey, my favorite destination. Let me first say that Turkey is still a real good-value holiday destination. Cheap holidays to Turkey are still a reality and when you are looking at Turkey breaks, don’t just accept the first package or airfare that comes your way. Do investigate Aegean flights fully before committing yourself to an itinerary that involves high prices.

Your best bet is to look for cheap flights to Bodrum since you don’t need fly into Constantinople which is far from the holiday coast. So do link any of your cheap package holidays to Turkey with cheap tickets to Turkey in the form of a connection to the coastal town of Bodrum.

Flights to Turkey are well-catered. There are connections from every major centre in Europe and lots of the minor ones too. This is because Turkey is a number one holiday destination, with people all over the EU taking Turkey breaks like other people go to a cabin in the hills just out of town for the weekend.

Along with its status as a favorite Mediterranean holiday destination the airports in Turkey are well-organized and the connections are generally on time and baggage loss is no worse than anywhere else in Europe. Charter flights Turkey are unnecessary as there are good scheduled airlines that will be sufficient for your connections. Taxis and buses will get you to your final destination if transport is not included in the package. You can hire a car in the usual way if you want to get around Turkey. All the large care hire firms are represented.

In summary, there are bargain Turkey holidays to be had, and all you have to do is investigate and book them online. Cheap flights, cheap packages, and a great Mediterranean holiday – that’s why I’m always recommending Turkey to people as the ultimate sunshine holiday in Europe to the travelers who tour with me.

Staying In A Villa In Corfu

If you are looking for somewhere a little different to visit on your next holiday then they not consider a villa holiday in Corfu? You will be able to experience a wonderful sense of freedom as you and your party of guests are able to wake when you like, decide when and what to have for breakfast, leave when you like and return home at any time day or night without worrying about closing times, reception desks or anything else for that matter. You will be able to explore the beautiful Island of Corfu whenever you like and at your own leisure.

As the second largest Island of the Ionian Islands Corfu has much to offer. This Island is home to lots of beautiful culture, scenery and history and there is much to learn about this wonderful Island while staying here.

The weather in Corfu is absolutely stunning and during the months of April – October you will find some of the warmer weather on offer. With temperatures spanning from 18 – 33 degrees during this time you can be sure of beautiful weather, a nice colour to your skin and a truly relaxing break. Even the winters here are mild with temperatures usually being at their lowest at around 8 or 9 degrees making for a milder holiday to explore the beautiful scenery in.

Corfu is home to lots of wonderful tavernas, bars, restaurants and shops. Corfu is a wonderful place to shop for gifts and there is some amazing art work on offer here. You will also find plenty of activities available here. Whether you are looking to water ski, sail, climb, hike or just relax on your holiday you will not be short of things to do here.

Corfu is home to some truly beautiful cuisine, most of it made with fresh, local ingredients, and there is something here for everyone. Olive oil is widely used here and this is made using olives that are grown everywhere on the Island. It is not unusual to find wild olive trees growing by the sides of the street here and these make the basis of lots of wonderful dishes here also. There are lots of wonderful meat and fish dishes available here including the cod in peppery sauce which is particularly delicious.

Spending your holiday in a villa is a fantastic way to experience a new country with your family. There are many different locations available to stay at in Corfu and whether you are looking for a countryside location or one close to the beach you will find something in Corfu that will be perfect for your next family holiday. Also, the price that you pay is for the entire villa so you can take just a few people or a whole family for the same accommodation costs. You can be sure that your whole party will be accommodated for and that you will be able to holiday together spending time together and exploring the beauty that Corfu has to offer.

Bellevue Club Complex in Alcudia, Majorca

Alcudia is nestled in the northern coastline of Majorca, surrounded by two bays that harbour some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Alcudia is an historic town with Roman influences and is the hub of tourism in the region. Families love to tour the Roman ruins, visit the Alcudia Castle and sip a Spanish cafe while strolling the streets and markets of old town Alcudia. A favorite and popular place of stay for tourists is the Bellevue Club Complex conveniently located in Alcudia. The Bellevue Club Complex is one of Europe’s largest hotels comprising of 17 apartment blocks stretching throughout Alcudia with lush mountains decorating its landscape.

Bellevue Club Complex in Alcudia

Developed right along the Esperanza Lake and boasting 8 swimming pools, this complex provides a water lover’s paradise. Poolside bars abound the pool areas for the convenience of adults and childeren. Enjoy your favorite tropical beverage at the Moroccan bar. Grab an afternoon pizza at the buffet restaurant on premise. Cool down with an ice cream parlor treat. After taking a refreshing dip in one of the pools, you can take a short boat ride to bask in the sun on the nearby pristine Mediterranean beaches.

Thousands of tourists have made the Bellevue Club Complex Mallorca their regular place of accomodation when celebrating their Majorca holiday in Alcudia. The wide range of amenities offered please both the young and old traveler. Their state of the art sports facility offers aquatic-aerobics, tennis, miniature golf, bowling and billiards. Need some time to yourself? The complex offers babysitting services to entertain the young ones with watersports and games so you can relax.

The Bellevue Club is comprised of over one thousand apartments moderately priced to suit a family budget. Each of the apartments include amenities such as private bathrooms, satellite television, wireless Internet access, kitchenettes with appliances and private balconies. Their studios, to accommodate 2 to 4 people, feature a living area with a sofa bed, twin beds and a pull-out bed. The 1 bedroom apartments can also accommodate 2-4 people but include a concertina door to separate the bedroom. The 2 bedroom apartments also offer 2 separate bedrooms which can house up to 6 people. Families and couples enjoy the daily housekeeping services so they can venture out and enjoy their holiday.

At the Bellevue club, families will find their available meal plans to be both economical and convenient. The hotel offers self-catering, bed and breakfast, half board and all-inclusive plans. The all-inclusive plan is the most popular among its guests. This plan includes lunch, dinner and snacks at the buffet restaurant, beverages at the Morocco bar and beverages at the pool bars of the Diana and Sirena.

For an unforgettable stay in Alcudia, the Bellevue Club Complex is the perfect accommodation for families and groups. The Bellevue Club Complex is a renowned hotel offering resort style facilities to make your holiday memorable. With its fine amenities, friendly service, upbeat atmosphere, and convenient location, this modern hotel is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

When you should visit Phuket

If you wish to enjoy the flavour of colourful cosmopolitan lifestyle, visit Phuket. It is the popular and largest island of Thailand. It has some of the marvellous landscape along with few dense rain forests like Ko Yao. This is one of the main reasons for people’s preference to visit the place. Another reason for which people prefer to visit the place is due to its tropical weather. For that you need to know the details about Phuket weather.

Phuket island

Climatic condition:-

 Here, tourists enjoy two types of seasons.  One is hot seasons and another is dry and rainy season. During rainy season, the climate is little cooler as compare to the hot seasons. But you can’t say it be cold weather as this place doesn’t experience anything like cold weather. Even if the place experiences heavy rainfall, the land doesn’t remain dry.

This rainy season occur from the month of September to October (approximately). Some people prefer such rainy or summer season as the temperature is not that high but still weather remains quite hot. That’s why the hotels charges of this area drop to a remarkable way. Travel portals like is one such portal which can help you to get the list of hotels name whose prices are much lower during this time.

The temperature remains very high during the month of beginning of April to the end of May. It is quite near to 80s Fahrenheit on the upper level and 90s Fahrenheit on the lower level.

With these factors another important factor about the weather is the island frequently faces thundershower, especially at the middle of the night. So prepare your self before going to Phuket so that you don’t face any trouble during the storm.

Ideal time to visit the island:-

According to the local people of the island, November to February is the best time to visit the island. The climate is quite favourable to move around the island. That’s why the island remains very busy during this time.

So enjoy an energetic nightlife with full of fun and enjoyment in this island. Whether you wish to join exciting sports activities like scuba diving, etc. or wants to chill out by having a sip of chilled beer, Phuket let you have all those without any fear.

Know about the Cotton Sleeping Bags for Kids

Cotton sleeping bags for kids are available in a wide range of designs and they are also made in different ways. Air can pass through the cotton material which gives warmth. Kids can enjoy a sound sleep in the cotton sleeping bags. It can be said that they are the most important play items for the kids when playing camping at home. Cotton sleeping bags are not considered appropriate for use outside as this material is not waterproof.

Cotton sleeping bags for kids come in smaller sizes than the ones meant for adults. Sizes vary for the small and older children. The sizing of the sleeping bags for kids is done such a way that the children are able to feel comfortable in them. They can be opened up levelled and double as a blanket in the colder months. One of the sides and the bottom side of this double sleeping bag can be unzipped completely so that it can be opened up and lay even on the ground or bed.

When it comes to the designs of the cotton sleeping bags for kids, there are many attractive ones ranging from the cartoon characters and popular sports teams being the themes of the designs. Thus, the children can choose their favourite design of cotton sleeping bag. A cotton sleeping bag for kids having ballerina designs is a favourite choice of girls and the ones having sports team logos are a hot pick among the boys.

Cotton sleeping bags for kids can be washed in washing machine. Due to prolonged use the sleeping bags get dirty and require to be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure that you wash the cotton sleeping bag of your kid in cold water and gentle cycle in the washing machine.


Have we not strove to find the best travel deals to India online? Everyone seems to be doing it. And people who are consistent are actually benefitting. But what’s picking up at a good pace is the way Indians are traveling global. The main reason looks to be global flights haven’t ever been so cheap.
Indians are flying as never before and global airlines are supplying inexpensive airfares. This gives the traveler the best of all worlds. Travelers are even more empowered with some clicks of the mouse enabling him to access travel deals to India. With a bunch of new and competitive airlines coming in the Indian market and struggling for a bigger slice of the consumer base, it’s a wonderful time to be a global traveler.

Airlines are providing travel deals to India while augmenting the experience of world tours and travel deals to India. The topping is that the Net has dramatically changed the way that the travel industry works by offering straightforward and innovative methods of looking and booking inexpensive flight tickets online. Now, one can plan an expedition or vacation to anywhere at the most cost effective costs sitting in the ease of one’s bedroom. It is that easy.

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With the kickbacks and promotional packages offered by airlines today, a traveler is always looking out for the lowest possible airfare. The simple way to find the most cost effective flight deals is the issue of the hour. Hunting for info online is the 1st step in this search for travel deals to India. There are several travel portals and search sites that offer fliers the simplicity of online travel bookings at rock bottom costs. They can supply you with detailed info on flights, flight directions and schedules besides helping you book your seats at the best bargain, for example, is a travel search website that offers the absolute best deals thru their interactive web site.

The site provides direct links to Indian as well world airlines to avail the most recent schemes and deductions offered by them. It pays to plan your travel well ahead. This gives one time for inclusive search and one is certain to finish up getting air tickets at a real reduced cost. The more recent airlines regularly come up with many promotional fares like zero fare flights to draw in potential fliers. One can keep a track of these refunds thru their travel agents or by subscribing to newsletters of web travel portals. These portals have come up as an one-stop-travel-shop offering a big selection of travel services and products in India. The catch isn’t to fall for travel deals to India that may have concealed expenses associated with them. Often online sites don’t give complete info on the rates offered by them. Extra charges are disclosed only at the last moment. This comes as a surprise to the shopper, who is left with no other option except to pay them. For fair deals, it’s really important to compare the rates offered by the different sites. Favored visitor destinations like London, Long Island, Singapore and Thailand are always high on rebates and special offers.

Airlines are consistently offering travel deals to India. With straightforward and fast search websites for travel, one can look up deductions and inexpensive flights and tickets available on the web. These portals also have deals with major Indian airlines that help bargained airfares for all global destinations.

Exploring the Wildlife of Gujarat

The vibrant state of Gujarat is blessed with varied geographical regions. Therefore, apart from rich culture and traditions, this land houses a number of exotic wildlife and natural marvels. In the following write-up, we have mentioned about the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of Gujarat.

Gir National Park

Sprawling over an area of 1412 square kilometers, The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (commonly known as Sasan Gir) is a popular wildlife sanctuary which is locayed around 43 KM in the north-east from Somnath, 60 KM to south-east and 65 KM to the south-east of Junagadh. Established in 1975, this forest is known to be the sole home of the Asiatic Lions. Apart from lion, it is known for being home for fine ecosystem of Gir with its variety of flora and fauna. Some of the rare species of animals such as the Panther, Sambar, Striped Hyena, Spotted deer, Leopard, Chinkara gazelle, Nilgai, Blackbuck, Mongoose and the Indian Chousingha, the four horned antelope can easily be spotted here. The apt time to visit this national park is the months of November, January and February.

Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, popularly known as “Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary” was established in the year 1972. Sprawling over an area of 4954 square kilometers, it is the largest wildlife sanctuary of India. The sanctuary is known to be one of the last places on earth where the endangered wild ass sub-species, the Indian Wild Ass (commonly known as Khur) which belongs to Asiatic Wild Ass species. Besides the wild ass, some of the rare species of other animals such as endangered Ghudkhur, Desert Cat, Nilgai antelope, Chinkara gazelle, the endangered Indian wolf, desert and Indian foxes, desert gerbil can also be spotted. Apart from safari in the sanctuary, one can also explore the ancient monuments, inland salt works, and excursion to a typical Saurashtra village or shop for handloom and village pottery. The best time to visit this rare species sanctuary is between November and June.

Marine National Park

Situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kuchchh in the Jamnagar District of Gujarat, Marine National Park was declared a Marine Sanctuary in the year 1980. Later, in the year 1982 a core area of 110 square kilometers was declared as the Marine National Park under the provisions of the Wildlife (protection) Act, 1972 of India. In fact, it is the first national marine park of India having 42 islands on the Jamnagar coast, most of them boundedby reefs. Some of the popular fauna found here are, coral, the finless porpoise and dugong. The ideal time to visit this amazing national park is from end of October till end of February. One can hire jetties to take a tour of this national park.

Apart from these, Gujarat has two other sanctuaries namely, Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (a paradise for bird watchers) and Velavadar National Park (which is one of the best national parks in India to spot the blackbuck). Visit to find out more about the wildlife of Gujarat and exciting holiday packages.

Central Yunnan – China travel

In Tonghai, іn Yunnan Provence іn southwest China, a local hotel advertises thеіr bar аѕ ‘a bridge, waterfall, sunshine, аnd piano–іt сουld bring уου tο bе a full, nеw human аnd nature developing boundary.”  Whеrе еlѕе bυt іn Asia wουld уου find thаt kind οf transaltion.

Two years ago I wrote аbουt Yunnan province, suggesting thаt Kunming аnd/οr Dali wουld bе fine places tο live раrt οf thе year. Now, back іn thе area, I look аt a map, stick thе point οf a compass іn Kunming, аnd draw a circle wіth a 300-kilometer radius, more οr less.

Within thіѕ area јυѕt circled іѕ whаt mау bе Asia’s best up-аnd-coming retirement area,  central Yunnan. Besides thе towns οf Kunming аnd Dali, thеrе′s Lijiang, Shangri-la, Tonghai (whеrе I аm rіght now), Jianshui, Geiju, Yuanyang, аnd more.

Thе Yunnan weather .

Central Yunnan comes close tο eternal spring. Thе area suffers none οf thе hot аnd sticky atmosphere experienced farther south οr thе сοld аnd icy temperatures experienced farther north.

Thе cost οf living іn Yunnan.

Central Yunnan offers real bargains fοr tose coming frοm western countries, уου саn eat a Chinese breakfast fοr a buck οr two, аnd a full splurge dinner fοr two wіth beer іn a family-rυn restaurant іѕ US$4 tο US$7. Oυr comfortable center-city hotel, іѕ one οf thе priciest іn Tonghai аnd οnlу costs US$10 a night fοr a double. Thе very best hotel іn town, a ‘national four-star standard,’ hаѕ 17 floors, 15 restaurants/food areas, pool, bowling alley, night club, аnd ѕο οn, аnd costs US$30. A cab асrοѕѕ town costs a dollar οr two, аnd a bus tο Kunming (130 kilometers) аbουt US$7.

Wіth a lіttlе care уου саn spend less іf уου want tο. Yου саn аlѕο spend more, аѕ thе boom here offers more аnd more high-еnd сhοісе οf commodities..

Yου mау need tο bе аn adventurer tο spend раrt οf thе year іn central Yunnan, аftеr a week іn Tonghai  аnd I hаνе уеt tο see another Westerner. Bυt I thіnk thе challenge mіght pay οff, аѕ China looks tο tomorrow, аnd іt’s fun being around ѕο much enthusiasm.

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During mу first visit tο Yunnan I noticed two drawbacks. Firstly, a typical double-entry visa obtained іn Thailand wаѕ gοοd fοr six months, wіth each entry gοοd fοr οnlу 30 days. Wіth thе οld visa thе longest I сουld stay wаѕ 60 days, plus a bit more wіth thе border rυn tο Hong Kong, Laos, οr Vietnam.

Thіѕ visit I again gοt mу visa іn Thailand, bυt thе visas wеrе much improved. I wаѕ given a double-entry visa gοοd fοr six months, bυt thіѕ time wіth each entry gοοd fοr 90 days, instead οf 30. I wаѕ tοld thаt thе Chinese consulate іn thе United States mіght give multiple-entry visas gοοd fοr one year wіth each entry gοοd fοr 90 days іn thе future. Sο wіth thе nеw visas, spending a large раrt οf thе year іn China becomes a real possibility.

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Language difficultities

Thе second drawback I experienced wаѕ thе language. At thе time I thουght I’d hаνе tο learn tο speak Chinese, diffiicult tο dο, especially іf уου′re over 40, οr wait until more Chinese learned English. Mу returned tο central Yunnan now wаѕ partly tο find out іf more English іѕ spoken thаn аt mу last visit.  Desk clerks іn Chinese hotels (аѕ opposed tο international hotels), cab drivers, bus drivers, waiters, аnd sales clerks still spoke nο English аt аll. Hοwеνеr increasingly, іt seems, students аррrοасh υѕ еаgеr tο chat, thе lаrgеr businesses around town οftеn speak English реrfесtlу. Generally engineers οr developers themselves, οr іn thе international hotels οr οn airplanes.

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Open a bank account

I аlѕο meet English speaking Chinese аt banks, more importantly I wanted tο find out іf Americans саn open bank accounts here.
I remember whеn a dollar bουght around 400 Japanese yen. Back thеn Japan еnјοуеd high growth. Exports tο thе U.S. іn thе 1950s included flip flops, portable radios, аnd οthеr low-еnd merchandise. Bυt bу thе time I came οf age, Japan sold well-built cars, cameras, аnd electronics. ‘Mаdе іn Japan’ stood fοr quality аnd design.

And thеn thе yen wеnt frοm 400 tο 80, whеrе іt іѕ today.

I missed thаt upward movement οf thе yen, bυt I mіght now hаνе another chance аѕ I thіnk thе Chinese yuan сουld mονе up аt a similar pace. A revaluation οf thе yuan amounts tο аѕ close tο a sure thing аѕ one finds іn thе financial world.

Thе Chinese want tο mаkе thе yuan fully convertible within two tο five years. Whеn thаt happens, thе yuan wіll pop, perhaps frοm 6.4 tο 4. I fully expect thе yuan tο reach parity wіth thе dollar, 1 tο 1, over thе next few decades.

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At thіѕ point I’m still working οn thе ins аnd outs οf opening Chinese bank accounts. I рlаn tο give a full report οn thе subject аt ουr Retire Overseas Conference іn Orlando іn October. Meantime, аll I саn tеll уου іѕ thаt , yes, Americans саn open accounts here, nο problem. Jυѕt present a passport аnd ѕοmе cash οr traveler’s cheques аt thе Bank οf China. Thеу′ll convert tο yuan аnd рυt thе money іn уουr account. Yου′ll gеt a debit card οn thе spot, tο bе used аt ATMs οnlу іn China, аnd online access tο уουr account.

One final point, Central Yunnan currently offers a very low cost οf living, thаt low cost wіll disappear аѕ thе yuan appreciates. Best gеt over here now аnd еnјοу thе low cost today; bυу yuan fοr tomorrow.”

Some Air Travel Tips: Arе уου preparing fοr a trip thаt requires air travel?

If уου аrе, уου mау want tο take thе time tο familiarize yourself wіth a few helpful Air Travel tips. Sοmе οf thеѕе tips аrе outlined below аnd, whеn properly implemented, thеу mау bе аblе tο save уου both time аnd money.

Before leaving fοr thе airport, аѕ well аѕ before packing уουr bags, bе sure tο familiarize yourself wіth airport security rules аnd restrictions. If уου keep a close eye οn thе news, уου mау already know mοѕt οf thе rules, such аѕ: аll cosmetics іn clear plastic bags, nο containers οf cosmetics over 100mls, nο aerosol cans, nο sharp objects, bυt уου mау still want tο visit thе online website fοr thе TSA before leaving. Thіѕ wіll result іn уου mаkіng іt through airport security a lot qυісkеr. Alѕο, whеn уου pack уουr bags based οn existing rules, уου аrе less lіkеlу tο hаνе tο throw away аnу prohibited items, whісh саn cost уου money.

Whеn packing уουr bags, bе sure tο pack wіth care. Thіѕ іѕ extremely іmрοrtаnt wіth уουr checked baggage. If уου hаνе liquids іn уουr checked bags, lіkе shampoo οr lotion, bе sure tο wrap thеm іn a plastic bag. Thіѕ wіll bе a lifesaver іf anything spills οr brеаkѕ open. If packing items items іn a carry-οn bag, mаkе sure thаt уου аrе following аll rules. Fοr example, οnlу small travel sizes аrе allowed аnd уου аrе required tο keep thеm separated іn a plastic ziplock bag.

Whеn packing уουr bags, bе sure tο keep anything οf grеаt value οr importance іn уουr carry-οn bag. Laptops, digital cameras, аnd camcorders ѕhουld nοt gο іntο checked luggage, аѕ thе chances οf dаmаgе аrе quite high. Yου never want tο bе separated frοm something thаt іѕ valuable. Bе sure tο keep уουr carry-οn bag wіth уου аt аll times, never leave уουr bag unattended аt thе airport.

Speaking οf thе airport аnd Air Travel Tips, bе sure tο arrive early fοr уουr flight. Generally speaking, уου аrе аѕkеd tο arrive аbουt аn hour аnd half tο two hours before уουr flight іѕ set tο depart; hοwеνеr, уου mау want tο dο a lіttlе bit οf research first. Mοѕt airports wіll outline οn thеіr websites hοw early уου ѕhουld arrive. Those lаrgеr іn size mау recommend arriving two hours οr more early. It never hυrtѕ tο bе early fοr уουr flight, even tοο early. Always remember thаt уου never know wіth wait times, especially whеrе airport security іѕ involved. Always arrive earlier thаn normal οn weekends οr holidays, аѕ thеу аrе usually busy travel times.

Bυу аll snacks thаt уου mау want οr need tο eat ahead οf time, nοt аt thе airport. Aѕ fοr drinks, уου wіll want tο bυу thеm аt thе airport though. Unless a drink іѕ fοr a child, chances аrе іt wіll nοt mаkе іt past airport security checkpoints, bυt dry snacks wіll. Buying dry snacks аnd candy ahead οf time саn prevent уου frοm having tο pay outrageous prices аt thе airport. If уουr flight leaves during breakfast, lunch, οr dinner time, try tο eat a full meal before уου arrive аt thе airport, аѕ thіѕ саn аlѕο save уου a considerable amount οf money.

Whеn buying уουr airport tickets, bе sure tο give yourself enough time аt layovers. Generally speaking, fifteen tο twenty minutes οr less isn’t a gοοd іdеа. Mοѕt flights саn average a ten minute delay. Yes, іf уου miss a connecting flight, уου wіll bе provided wіth οthеr arrangements, bυt thеѕе alternative arrangements саn disrupt thе rest οf уουr travel plans.

If уου аrе traveling wіth young children, уου wіll want tο arrive аt thе airport even earlier. Thіѕ wіll give уου thе opportunity tο teach уουr child аbουt thе airport security screening process οr even watch others gο through thе metal detector, ѕο thаt уουr child wіll nοt bе scared. Fοr children јυѕt learning tο walk, strollers аrе a gοοd іdеа, аѕ thеу allow уου tο quickly mονе around airports, especially during short layovers.

Bесаυѕе wе′ve аll used a pouch аt lеаѕt once. Excuse thе spotty face, adolescence wіll never leave mе. Mу mother blames mу lack οf sleep. Sο excited tο speak аt EG! Hope уου′re аll well аnd thаt уου′ve аll hаd аn enjoyable ѕtаrt tο thе week. x n

Behaviour аnd Safety аѕ a Tourist: Whο іѕ thе Tourist?

Whο exactly іѕ thе tourist?

Usually wе thіnk οf thе stereotype tourist, loud, οftеn obnoxious аnd dеfіnіtеlу “nοt mе” bυt “someone еlѕе”. Hοwеνеr, lіkе іt οr nοt, whether wе аrе travelling within ουr οwn country οr visiting places outside ουr country, wе аrе thе tourist. Thе definition οf a tourism іѕ “ thе temporary, short-term movement οf people tο destinations outside thе places whеrе thеу normally live аnd work аnd thеіr activities during thе stay аt thеѕе destinations’ (Burkart & Medlik 1981) Hence within thіѕ definition, іf уου аrе nοt іn thе area whеrе уου normally live аnd work, уου аrе thе tourist.

Tourist οn Public Transport

Whether travelling bу train, boat οr plane οn a holiday, thе tourist ѕhουld bе aware οf οthеr tourists’ comfort аnd behave appropriately. Avoid drinking tοο much alcohol аnd engaging іn profane οr loud, boisterous talk. Even speaking loudly οn a mobile phone саn rυіn a peaceful trip fοr a fellow tourist. Whеn travelling wіth children, bе sure tο bring enough books οr toys tο keep thе children entertained. Don’t lеt children engage іn excessive overactive behaviour thаt іѕ disruptive tο others. Discourage аnу yelling οr screaming thаt children οftеn indulge іn even whеn playing.
Whеn a Tourist Avoid Suspicious Behaviour οf Others

It іѕ much better tο err οn thе side οf caution whеn travelling аnd bе vigilant tο spot аnу suspicious behaviour before іt spots уου. Suspicious behaviour οf others typically occurs іn places thаt аrе busy аnd involve a degree οf confusion. Airports, train stations, busy city pavements аnd crowded tourist attractions аrе prime locations fοr petty crimes аnd tourists аrе οftеn thе targets.

Thе Overly Helpful Person tο thе Tourist

Many predators οf petty crime υѕе a helpful аррrοасh tο con thе unsuspecting tourist. Someone mау аррrοасh уου saying thаt уου look lost аnd offer tο hеlр уου find уουr way, οnlу tο disappear wіth уουr wallet οr luggage. Bе careful οf people tο willing tο offer аѕѕіѕtаnсе, іf уου feel аt аll suspicious аbουt thеm, politely decline thеіr offer аnd mονе οn. It іѕ οftеn safer tο seek out a legitimate tourist information office fοr аѕѕіѕtаnсе, thаn tο accept thе hеlр οf a ѕtrаngеr. Tourist Being Followed

If travelling іn a heavily populated area, уου mау nοt notice thаt someone mау bе following уου іntο a coffee shop οr taking thе same escalator. If уου notice thаt someone appears tο bе іn еνеrу рlасе уου аrе, suspect thаt thеу аrе following уου аnd seek out security аnd voice уουr concerns.

Acting Strangely Towards a tourist

Whеn travelling, especially іn another country, іf уου notice someone acting strangely οr behaving аѕ іf thеу wеrе up tο nο gοοd аnd thеу give уου a ‘creepy’ feeling, mονе away frοm thеm immediately. Dο nοt аррrοасh thеm οr try tο аѕѕіѕt thеm, іf уου аrе concerned, once again seek out security аnd lеt thеm know thе situation.

Fellow Tourist Contradicting Themselves

If уου meet up wіth another tourist аnd thеу continue tο change thеіr ѕtοrу, οr thеіr ѕtοrу dοеѕ nοt match up, chances аrе thеу аrе using іt fοr ѕοmе sort οf cover up, If уου аrе unsure аbουt thеm, іt wουld bе wise tο politely distance yourself frοm thе person аnd continue уουr travels without thеm rаthеr thаn getting involved іn аnу possible trουblе.

Sexual Behaviour οf Tourists

In a recent survey іn thе UK, іt wаѕ found thаt one іn ten participants reported sexual intercourse wіth a nеw partner whеn travelling abroad. Of thеѕе participants οnlу 75% stated thеу used condoms οn аll occasions аnd thіѕ usage varied bу gender. Thе outcome οf thе survey wаѕ thаt campaigns аbουt sexual health fοr international tourists ѕhουld continue. Condoms аrе available via vending machines іn rest rooms іn mοѕt Western countries, аnd іt іѕ advisable tο υѕе thеm fοr аll casual sexual relationships whеn travelling.

Lack οf Preparation fοr Holiday

A lack οf travel insurance аnd inadequate preparation compound thе hazards faced bу many international tourists. Many οf thе problems faced сουld hаνе bееn preventable bу taking ѕοmе time fοr adequate preparation. Fοr instance, checking departure аnd arrival times, checking аnу luggage weight restrictions, familiarising yourself wіth transport arrangements frοm thе point οf arrival tο уουr hotel аnd having emergency phone numbers readily available fοr both home аnd аlѕο fοr уουr destination. Mаkіng photocopies οf уουr passport, travel insurance аnd οthеr travel documents wουld alleviate a lot οf stress іf thе unexpected happened. Attention tο preparation before уου ѕtаrt уουr journey wіll ensure уου gеt thе mοѕt out οf уουr trip without leaving уου wіth unpleasant memories.

Tourist Dress Sense

Conservative dress іѕ required іn many Asian аnd Islamic countries. Fοr women, shoulders mυѕt bе covered аnd pants аnd skirts mυѕt bе below thе knee. In ѕοmе areas a head scarf mυѕt bе worn tο enter temples οr οthеr religious places. Fοr men, tο enter religious areas, long pants аnd shirts wіth sleeves аrе a mυѕt. In ѕοmе places, suitable cover up clothing саn bе hired аt thе entrance οf thе tourist attraction. Hοwеνеr don’t rely οn thіѕ аnd gο prepared.

GPS System Can Map Driving Directions Quickest to Your Destination

If you are looking for the driving directions quickest to your destination, a GPS system lets you see exactly where you are on the map as you travel. Step-by-step driving directions help keep you from getting lost by allowing you to get directions from your current location. Getting driving directions quickest to your destination can save you both time and frustration. Understanding how the technology works can help you get the most out of your GPS device.

  • Space satellites orbiting the earth have the ability to identify your location within a few feet.
  • While GPS works at all times in all kinds of weather, extremely tall trees and skyscrapers in the nearby vicinity can sometimes block the signal, slowing down the transmission of data.
  • More expensive models of GPS units have more receivers, which allow the units to pick up more than one satellite signal at the same time. This allows for more specific positioning and accuracy.
  • The receiver figures out latitude and longitude both of which are essential for creating a map. GPS units are programmed to determine the most direct route based on the notion that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Although no road travels in a straight line, a GPS receiver can calculate your driving route on roads that allow for the quickest driving speeds and involve the fewest number of curves and turns. However, drivers have the option of choosing the route type. You may choose to take the shortest route, the fastest route or a slower route to avoid major highways and freeways.

Finding Driving Directions for Fastest Shortest Routes

When you are planning to take a trip by car, you want to find the best set of directions to arrive at your destination. Finding driving directions for fastest shortest routes is now easier than ever before. Use the wonders of modern technology to pinpoint driving directions for fastest shortest routes to get from one destination to another.

  • Use and other online driving directions websites in order to find various ways to travel from your home to another location. Compare directions to find those that offer the shortest drive time and fastest way to get to your intended destination.
  • Make the most of GPS and mapping systems that you may have installed in your vehicle. These systems can help you to arrive at your destination quicker without wasting time on extra long routes. Mapping systems also help you to keep from getting lost when you are using a shortcut.
  • Talk to friends and family members who have traveled to that same location. You will often discover an easier way to get to where you are going after talking to others who have made the trip at least once.
  • If you know you will be traveling to the same destination again in the future, look for faster ways to arrive at the destination on your current trip. You might realize that you missed a shorter route. Give that way a try the next time as long as you are confident that you won’t get lost.

Take the time to carefully review driving directions so that you do not end up taking longer to get to your destination as a result of getting lost.

How to Use a Directions Driving Map

Finding your way to a new destination whether for business or pleasure is not always easy. Fortunately, directions driving map is right at your fingertips through the use of the Internet. You may also opt to use a directions driving map that you purchase in a store, although an Internet generated map will be more personalized.

  • Use, Yahoo Maps and other online resources to print out a map for your trip. Internet maps allow you to create driving directions starting from your own front door and ending at your exact destination.
  • You need not second-guess which roads to travel when you travel. Use online maps to show you the exact route you need to take from start to finish.
  • Print out maps of the destinations to which you want to travel after reaching your vacation spot. You can print maps of any of the attractions you wish to visit.
  • Study the maps a few days before you will be traveling. Read through the directions several times and familiarize yourself with the names of the highways you will be driving.
  • Try to find someone who has traveled to the same destination. Another person might be able to answer questions you might have after reviewing the driving directions.
  • Purchase a map of the city or area to which you will be traveling. These maps will be helpful to pull out and look at when you are getting closer to your intended location. Maps also give you the opportunity to view information about cities and roads surrounding your travel destination.

Using a directions driving map can save you time and frequently frustration. You are more likely to find your way without incident if you have good driving directions.

Tips for Staying Cool When Traveling

You do not want your vacation to be ruined by temperatures that are too hot either when you reach your vacation destination or during your travels. There are some things you can do to stay cool when traveling during hot weather. If you are traveling to a hot climate, you can also benefit from these tips for staying cool.

  • Pack light clothing if you expect temperatures to be warm. Take along an outfit or two that will work well if you run into a cool day or night.
  • Wear layers when traveling regardless of the means of travel you are using. Layered clothing works well because you can stay warm if the weather turns cool or the air conditioning bothers you. You can always take off your top layer if things start to get too hot.
  • Have the air conditioning checked before you head out on vacation in a vehicle. Make certain your air conditioning is in good working order so that you won’t be sweating as you travel down the highway.
  • Purchase portable fans, which are battery operated. There are mini fans you can purchase that take up very little space yet can keep you cool no matter where you go.
  • Pack plenty of water to drink during your travels. Staying well hydrated will help to keep you cool. You can also put water on your skin too cool down if you become too hot.
  • Select a hotel with air conditioning. You can always spend some time indoors if you end up vacationing somewhere that gets too hot.

By following these simple steps you can keep from becoming too overheated either when traveling or while on vacation.

Business Travel Tips

Depending on your career you might find that you need to do a great deal of business travel. But it’s not always easy to be on the road all the time. Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to help make business travel go a bit smoother when you are out on the road.

  • Use the opportunity to plan ahead for your business trip whenever you have a few days advance notice before traveling. Start packing your bags and make any other necessary arrangements for your trip so that you are not racing around the night before you leave.
  • Invest in a good laptop computer, mobile telephone and web cam. These electronic devices are essential for communicating with your office and family while you are away.
  • Join frequent flyer programs and hotel memberships if you need to pay for those portions of your business travel trips out-of-pocket. These kinds of memberships make it easier for you to save money when you are spending a lot of time away from home.
  • Pack bottled water and non-perishable snacks when you are traveling. You never know when you might end up somewhere with less than ideal drinking water. It’s also a good idea to have some snacks on hand for when you are hungry and cannot quickly run out to grab a bite to eat.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine and skip the alcoholic beverages when traveling. These can make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep, which you will need when you are traveling for work.
  • Take earplugs with you and an MP3 player or other portable music player. You can use it to help you ignore background sounds at the hotel where you are staying. It may come in handy when you have a lot of work to complete for business while in your hotel room.

Make your business travel less stressful and more enjoyable by following these simple tips.

Cambodia, the land of history

Cambodia was never known to be a safe country…not safe back then and probably not very safe now. But for history buffs, Cambodia is also a MUST. Cambodia used to be one of the largest kingdoms in South East Asia, under the rulership of Angkor. But a point to note, the government has taken positive steps to ensure that Cambodia is as safe as possible for tourists. Well, it’s definitely better than it was in 1997 when turmoil continuously wrecked the country apart. The government of Cambodia has since grown to recognize the importance of foreign currency revenue and since then, it has opened its doors to foreigners who wishes to see the country.

If you’re not too keen on getting a leg blown off from a leftover landmine, keep to Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat. Meru, the highest peak in Cambodia, was believed to be the center of the earth…and that was where the Gods lived. Truly, from an architectural point of view, the Angkor Wat is a true work of art. It took 4 centuries to complete the construction of the Angkor Wat. But unlike other temples we have mentioned in this article, the Borobudur, the Thatbyinnyu pagoda….etc, the Angkor Wat is more of an art gallery for carvings and sculptures. That’s the main attraction for the temple, not it’s structural significance.

However, it’s rather hard not to be impressed with the main entrance of the Angkor Wat. The street leading up to the temple is about ½ km in length and it is meant to resemble the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bride, according to Hindu mythology, is the link between Heaven and Earth. If you put 300 football fields side by side, that’s how long and wide the Angkor Wat would be. Pictures and words don’t go justice to the building because the splendor of the structure, the Khmer’s love for art that is transported into their religious structures, is simple beyond words.

It’s kind of ironic to note, however, that the love for art that led to the magnificence of the building today is the very reason for the downfall of the Kingdom. Their love for art and structure put a tremendous financial strain on the government and they finally fell to the more militarily strong Thais. But Angkor Wat is still worth all the discomfort and fear that the visit may cause because the building simply rates as a ‘must-see’.

Being a celebrity in China

In Chengyang Dong I got my first glimpse at what life as a celebrity must be like, more on that in a moment.  Michael and I spent the early part of the afternoon walking around and exploring the villages surrounding his home village – there are 8 different villages that make up the area where he lives.  Each village has about 1000 people living in it and all of the people are from the Dong Minority – I noticed Michael talking with the other villagers in a different type of tone and assumed that it was a dialect to the region, however I was then informed that it is actually an entire different language  – called Dong language, Michael speaks this, Mandarin and English!

The Dong people have many of their own traditions and customs including all of the weddings of the village taking place over the course of 5 days, starting on the last day of the year and concluding on the 4th day of the new year.   Each wedding lasts for the duration of the 5 days and includes many different celebrations, animal offerings, processions and traditional song and dance.  Sounds like an incredible time to visit and Michael invited me to come back to witness this sometime in the future – I hope I am able to take him up on that someday.

Okay, so back to being a celebrity – we made our way to the Drom Tower in the village, which is the central meeting square and a symbol of the Dong people.    Michael had told me we were going to see a dance – at the square were many of the local people dressed in their traditional attire and carrying traditional wooden instruments, at first it seemed as though I was the only one there for the dance, but then a group of students from outside of Shanghai arrived.  The dance began with beautiful music and fluid movement and when the people stopped to take a break, the students slowly moved closer to me, saying “hello” “how are you?” and other basic English phrases.  As I responded and smiled one young girl pulled out her camera and asked to take a picture with me, I said of course and before I knew it,  about 20 cameras were out and each student was running in to be in the picture.  It was quite the scene that lasted for the next several minutes and at each break in the dance that followed.  I gave my camera to a student to be included in the hype – you can see the excitement in all of us in the photos.  After the dance concluded and we continued walking around the villages, I was consistenty greeted with “hello” and a smile or a giggle.    Okay so maybe celebrity-dom is a little different than that, but it sure felt like it for a few minutes!

Work Ethic & Service Scouting in China Tour

The journey to Zhaoxing from Chengyang Dong was an incredible drive through the mountains  – passing villages so small that if I had even closed my eyes for a moment I would not have known that we passed by another one.   Despite it seeming like we were in a place where few people lived, there were always people working in the fields each time I looked out the window – if not working they were walking to work, carrying buckets of water, bundles of freshly harvested vegetables and a metal tool with which they do their work.  Often the heavy loads were precariously balancing on a large pole over their shoulder.  The work ethic here is strong and even in the rainy conditions people were outside doing the day’s work – which also seemed to involve a long walk from their village.

The quaint Dong village town of Zhaoxing is a maze of small streets and walkways, each alleyway with vibrant colors of artisan crafts or a vendor selling their delicacy. The small village is surrounded by a number of even smaller villages and I was thrilled to have the chance to visit several schools to determine where our service work is most needed this summer.  In June, our Pacific Ridge students will be working on building part of a playground for a primary school in the mountains; we will also be planting trees in the schoolyard.  Of course the students will also be helping the local students with their English through lessons, games and activities.  I have no doubt that the students will be a huge hit for the kids – they were very excited to meet me and of course wanted their pictures taken, this time they were not as interested in having me in the picture, they just liked to pose for the camera and then immediately come running over to see the digital image on the screen.

Our time in the small village was somewhat limited as we had to get to Yangshou and explore all that this charming town has to offer.  The amazing landscape here is full of huge rock formations jutting out from the land, there are several rivers that intersect and the scene is really quite breathtaking.

Off to the Yunnan Province…next update to include details on the culinary differences in the regions I have visited, and perhaps some insights into my favorite foods thus far (I think it will be hard to choose – lots of great food here!)

Impression about Chinese Food

It’s true when they say the food in China is not the same as Chinese food that we are used to eating in the US.  I admittedly was nervous about this before heading over to China, as I am one who really enjoys food and did not really know what to expect – all of those concerns were quickly laid to rest as I have had some amazing food all over China. A few highlights include:

  • Steamed dumplings for breakfast – filled with veggies and egg…. like a breakfast burrito but Chinese style, yum!
  • Just about every type of vegetable dish you can imagine – spicy shitake mushrooms with eggplant, tofu with tomato, egg with tomato, spicy snow peas
  • Fried rice – one of my favorites in the states…is way better here!
  • Fresh Walnut bread (sort of like a Dunkin Donut munchkin with a walnut inside)
  • Lots of pickled vegetables – they are super healthy (good for digestion) and people here eat them with most meals

I could probably write about food all day – but I am off to visit some parts of Shangri La – the Tibetan area in the southwest.  Here our students will work to help a small village in Napa Lake to create the tourism infrastructure they need in order to give the local families a source of income.  These families don’t have much in the way of land so they are not able to grow their own food or make money from the land, so the hope for the village is to make it an environmental protected area that attracts tourists (mostly on bicycle).

One other quick note about the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike – it is AMAZING!  Some of the most scenic views I have seen in my lifetime.

Basic guide to help you Plan your trip to Beijing in the next years

Beijing beautiful capital city with lots of entertainment. In the daytime, you can go to the cinema, museum or theater. If you like Chinese tea, you can go to a tea which can be found in almost every corner. Wide range of exhibitions and shows are also available as art galleries, museums, ancient, etc. Visitors can enjoy various sports such as shooting, bungee jumping, indoor skating and so on. At night, you have various options, like going to the streets of Bar, KTV karaoke night snacks, etc. Nightless streets of Beijing city. You will not feel lonely during the evening, regardless of where you are and who you came with. Make sure you choose the hotel in the heart of the city, if you want to experience the bustling nightlife. Beijing Hotels vary in price, from cheap hostel to luxury and could be at $ 25 per night, as the high quality of a couple of thousand a day! If you would like to take Beijing tours, we suggest you take both day and night tour tour to use two completely different atmosphere in Beijing.

Beijing and shoppers paradise. A large number of shopping malls and boutiques are all over the city. However, it is recommended to be cautious on what to buy, most of these shops selling souvenirs cheap quality, plagiarism, designer clothing, pirated DVD, fake Chinese Antiques, etc. Cheap “Made in China” Electronics are also common. Lack of standards require you to be very prudent about what you buy. Return policy does not exist in 99% of shops and stands so that they are trying to purchase from a wide before leaving the store. Credit cards are accepted at about 10% of reserves, but never accepted in street stands and street markets, so you should always be the actual money for you.

Bargaining is an important game to play here in Beijing, mostly in the markets and back-street clothes booths. Negotiation is an art, and if you are not familiar with this, we would like to offer you some basic guidelines. The recommendations are not only specific to Beijing, but it can help you in any city around the world, where there is negotiation. First of all, it is recommended to never say how much you’re willing to pay for the product if it is closer to the end of negotiations. We strongly recommend always try and drop in the price for the seller as much as possible before the opening price of choice. Smile all the talks negotiations. The merchant has a much better chance to continue the negotiations, if he has to deal with the happy smiling faces. Getting angry rarely gets the price you want. Remember that the first price offered by a supplier, usually a minimum of 45% compared with the overall affordable price and it may be up to 500% in certain situations. Try to always have an idea of what the product is either ask Chinese friends, hotel staff and other expatriates living in China for a long time.

Distinct Spots to Take African Safari Excursions

In terms of worldwide travel destinations, there is perhaps you can forget exotic or special location than Africa. Many people are travelling to Africa as this continent is really full of culture and animals also, since each region has their own features and benefits that are certain to retain vacationers entertained all through the path of their journey. Even though no shortage of traditional typical monuments, amazing architecture and beautiful seashores for vacationers to go to, just about the most well-liked points for visitors to Africa to experience is an African safari tour.

There’s no better method to appreciate the beautiful animals as well as the interesting creatures that occupy Africa, then by going on an African safari and being able to knowledge these creatures as well as the breathtaking landscape of the African safari. When going on these safari trips, participants will get just feet away with probably the most beautiful animals on earth and skill how they behave within their organic environments. It’s a secure but fascinating method to see these creatures they way they are meant to be viewed. One of the best things about traveling to this continent is that we now have several different nations around the world that offer their very own different African safari knowledge.

One of the most well-liked nations around the world for Photography Equipment journey is considered to be, South Africa. This country is indeed common because it provides a special and different vacation experience. Tourists can knowledge flourishing cities, stunning beaches and amazing mountains all within this one tiny nation. Additionally, there are of course safari trips that will consider visitors in to the canyons and along the estuaries and rivers of South Africa also. In South Africa, you can be strolling the businesses of Capetown one day and come in the flesh with lions and elephants the following. South Africa it isn’t just the place to find lions and elephants but to smaller animals just like the nation’s famous penguins.

The country of Tanzania is another popular destination due to its beautiful areas and is among the most special destinations with an African safari. In Tanzani vacationers can experience Africa’s ” Garden of Eden” to see gorgeous vegetation and nearby creatures. Tanzania is a well-liked destination, however, if a lot of people think about African safaris they think of Nigeria. This really is the most common destination for a take a safari excursion. In Nigeria, tourists can experience the golden savannas that State is indeed well-known for. Finally, for anyone looking for a safari inside a historically and culturally abundant location, there is Ethiopia, yet another excellent vacation destination to determine wildlife within their natural settings.

It doesn’t matter what region you go by using an African safari excursion in, this visit is sure to be a as soon as -in-a- lifetime opportunity. These creatures are not in cages but out in the open wild. Regardless Of Whether you visit one of these countries or all, the African safari experience will certainly be one you will never forget.

Our Pick Of Mauritius Resorts

Beach, Indian Ocean, Luxury

If visiting Mauritius this year then have a look at the following properties. One resort which is due to open on 1st September 2012 is the St Regis in Mauritius. This 5 star resort have an opening offer of a 50% discount plus free upgrade to full board so it is definitely a place you wil want to check out.

Coin De Mire

If you were under the impression that a thatched roof meant a wood burning stove and chilly stone surroundings, the Coin De Mire hotel will have you thinking again. Immerse yourself in your own private paradise, an oasis of cool, crisp and calm yet encompassing all the character and charm you would expect from a thatched community. Hidden away in its own private gardens, the Coin De Mire has a magical air about it as you float through its tropical surroundings to relax on your personal terrace.

Heritage Le Telfair Golf Resort and Spa

If you thought that large luxury hotels were all exterior and no soul you’ll be singing a different tune by the end of your trip, probably the melodic tune from the live band who accompanied your evening meals. Indulge yourself in the beauty and elegance of yesteryear with all the comforts and facilities of the next at the Heritage Le Telfair Golf Resort and Spa.

Le Meridien Ile Maurice

The serenity of the surroundings and the harmonious atmosphere may surprise you due to the sheer size of this grand hotel, meaning your getaway will still feel private and tranquil but with all the options of a large hotel. They say life on the islands is sweet and this saying has been thoroughly embraced by Le Meridien Ile Maurice.

Long Beach Mauritius

Where better to knit yourself back together than this tropical idyll with its icing sugar beaches, swaying coconut palms and azure waters. From the moment you arrive its tranquillity all the way at the Long Beach Mauritius Resort, safe in the knowledge that this completely eco-friendly hotel is looking after your every need as well as the environment.

Sugar Beach Resort

Embrace the sweet side of life and let the Sugar Beach Resort wrap you up in sophisticated elegance, graceful harmony and your own endless tropical paradise. Freedom has never been so luxurious as you stroll through the 30 acres of rolling tropical gardens and towards the ‘sugar’ soft sands, cocktail in hand and bounce in step.


  • For you Las Vegas Fans here is an unbelievable offer.  The MGM GRAND HOTEL, located right between two even swankier (if that’s a word) hotels, the Wynn and Belagio, is having an incredible sale on their rooms if you book by November 9th.  I’ve never seen a deal like this in this most upscale part of the Strip.  They offer a room for $55 a night on some nights, if you can adjust your schedule to their offer.  Take a look:
  • And…
  • If you go, don’t forget the ever changing art exhibits and the fountain at Belagio, and there is always something special going on at the Wynn, not to mention the usual shows within walking distance.  And the weather there is decent this time of year.

If you don’t particularly like the MGM GRAND, which I don’t, you can hang out at Belagio next door–or the Wynn, or New York, New York or Paris or the Venetian.  For baby boomers, seniors or anyone who likes Las Vegas, this is as good as it gets.


If you’re planning a trip to California or Hawaii in the near future, Hotwire has some great deals on car rentals from many of the major car rental companies–under $20 a day; in some cities as low as $15.

  • TIP: If you rent from a neighborhood outlet, as opposed to one at an airport, it is cheaper, because you avoid extra charges that the airport tacks on.  Enterprise has the most neighborhood outlets.  So, when I need to rent a car, I compare Enterprise rates (neighborhood, if I don’t have to rent at the airport) with Hotwire and take the cheapest.
  • You can avoid renting a car at the airport by having a friend pick you up and take you to the car rental store away from the airport, or sometimes you can take public transportation to the rental store.  Enterprise will pick you up within five miles of their store.  So another option may be to call Enterprise to pick you up at your hotel, if they have an outlet nearby.  As my daddy used to say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  Sorry, you cat lovers (and I am one), it was just a figure of speech.
  • Something to think about: Experts say that, if you include everything (depreciation, insurance, gas, maintenance and repair, taxes, registration fees), and you drive an average of 10,000 miles a year (which is about the national average), it costs you more than fifty cents a mile to drive a car you own. Do the math; that is about $14 a day, about half or more of the cost of renting a one bedroom apartment in many cities.  If you don’t drive your car every day, and many baby boomers and seniors don’t, do some analysis to determine if it would be cheaper for you to sell your car(s) and rent one when you need a car.  This could be quite feasible for those who live in a city that has decent public transportation.  I realize that leaves out a lot of cities in the United States, unfortunately, including most of California, San Francisco excepted.
  • If you’re a couple, do you really need two cars every day?  Even for people who work every day, consider whether you could use public transportation and save the cost of a car.
  • Even in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, my daughter took the train (Metrolink) to her job for years.
  • I lived in Boston for three years and didn’t own a car, just rented one when I needed to go somewhere that was not convenient for public transportation or when I needed to transport something besides myself that was heavy or bulky.
  • Living in Paris now, I don’t need a car.  I rented one to travel in the South of France.  When I move from Europe some day, I am considering living in Portland, Oregon.  I don’t believe I will need to own a car there.  Cars are expensive, a major contributor to your cost of living.  If you really don’t need one every day, consider renting one when you need it.  Enterprise is especially beneficial, because they will pick you up from home and take you to their store and take you home when you have returned the car.
  • I haven’t mentioned that you would also be doing something good for the planet, which some of us care about.


Azamara Club Cruises operates two intimate ships on destination-focused itineraries around the world. First launched in 2007, the line was revamped last spring to offer a more upscale, all-inclusive experience.

Cruise fares include bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas, house wine with lunch and dinner, gratuities for the housekeeping and dining staff, shuttle bus service in port (where available) and self-service laundry. Suite guests also receive English butler service and complimentary dining in the specialty restaurants.

Destination-influenced entertainment and enrichment programs, plus itineraries that often include late-night and overnight stays allow passengers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their destinations.

  • These cruises are luxury cruises.  They are not cheap, but for luxury cruises they are a great value–small ships, lots of extras (including on board credits, wine with meals, lots of port time and personal service).  Personally, I don’t care for cruises much, but I know some of you do, and this line is special.

Click on for the scoop.

  • I will be looking for bargains on less expensive cruises for those of you who can’t afford or aren’t interested in this much luxury.


August 2010

Monday I had a nice afternoon joining my niece at the Musee d’Orangerie.  I can’t get enough of the art there.  I’ll have to go back to Musee d’Orsay soon.  I did return to Monmarte and had a pleasant time in front of the Sacre Coeur, watching the tourists watch the sunset.  Then I had a good roast beef dinner at the end of the stairs down from the Basilica.

I stopped by a brasserie where Hemingway used to dine and drink in Saint Germain with the memorable name of Deux Magot (which is not what it looks like in English; “magot” in French is what we in English call a nest egg, two nest eggs—strange name for a Brasserie, but not what it looks like).  I was going to have a coffee there until I saw it (one shot of espresso) was five euro (about $6.50).  The prices for other menu items were equally outrageous—12 euros for a cheese omelet.  I walked away and went back to my middle class neighborhood in the Fifteenth.

Today, I enjoyed a traditional French sandwich, ham and cheese on a baguette, sitting on a bench across from a flower garden of snap dragons and other colorful flowers I can’t name in the park across from my apartment building.  After lunch I visited the Luxembourg Gardens again, always a joy.

I’m still looking for an apartment—10 days until I’m homeless.  I have looked at two that were on Craig’s List.  Both were acceptable, but I haven’t heard back.  The problem is that for every apartment for rent there are four applicants.  Maybe the landlords don’t trust an old, retired American.  I have appointments to see two tomorrow, one Friday and one Tuesday.  There are many on the market.  I’m confident that somebody will rent to me, but it is stressful.  Looking for an apartment in Paris is almost a full-time job.  I’m on the internet, the phone or traveling to and looking at apartments most of the time.  I had no idea it would be this difficult.


I am not a big fan of cruises, but there is one I took that I thoroughly enjoyed.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know of anyone who has taken a cruise to Alaska that hasn’t enjoyed it, baby boomer, senior, college student, whoever; and the competition among the cruise lines is so keen that you can do it really economically.

  • The best deal of many great deals I have found is on Norwegian Cruise Lines, one of the best.  It is perfect for those who live in Southern California, because it leaves from Los Angeles–not many Alaskan cruises do.  It leaves May 8, 2011 and ends in Vancouver, giving you the opportunity after the cruise, if you have the time, to spend a few days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.  And you only have to book airfare one way if you can get to Los Angeles another way.  It’s a seven day cruise.
  • If you want to do it really cheaply, less than $60 a day, book an inside state room for $369 per person, double occupancy, or for a view outside, $499.  They don’t come cheaper than this.  You are hard pressed to find a hotel room for this price, let alone one with continuing spectacular views and fabulous food.  Click on this site for the details and to book it.


San Sebastian, Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela are three small cities in northern Spain that provide a splendid vacation for all age groups, including baby boomers and seniors–two of them because they are interesting cities, one–Bilbao–because it is the home of the Guggenheim Museum.  Bilbao is not worth visiting on its own, in my opinon; it is worth a visit only because of the Guggenheim Museum.  That is why I recommend staying in San Sebastian and making a day trip out of Bilbao to visit the Museum.

Not counting travel time, three days, including the day trip to Bilbao, is sufficient for San Sebastian and two days is enough for Santiago de Compostela., a total of five days, plus a day of travel time between San Sebastian and Santiago.  So, counting a day to get to San Sebastian from wherever you are and a day to get back, seven days will cover the entire vacation.  And you will have enough time for rest and reflection, which I always recommend.

San Sebastián

  • Getting There.

If you’re already in Spain, Portugal, France or southern Italy, the train is the best way to travel to the first destination, San Sebastiån.  It goes through beautiful countryside, and is usually less expensive than flying, not to mention less hassel.  The countryside shows beautiful beiges and browns in the hills with trees, some green, some just starting to turn their fall colors.  Small villages nestle in the hills.

If you are coming from somewhere other than the countries I mentioned, fly into San Sebastian.

If you take the train, look into a Euro Rail Pass to save money, especially if you are going on to Lisbon, as I did.

  • Sleeping.

I have mixed feelings about the place I stayed.  The only negative was that I thought at $57 per night, it was overpriced for what it was.  I made the reservation through one of my favorite sites, which is a site that lists homes and apartments of people who have spare rooms and are willing to rent them to vacationers.  I stayed at Veronica’s apartment, 34 Calle Julio Urquijo in the Bidebieta district.  It was clean and well maintained.  The location was not ideal, but from the 15th floor, it boasted a beautiful view of the city below, and with one short bus trip, which stopped 50 yards from the apartment, you could get to the central city.  Veronica was very nice and helpful.  The room and the bathroom, though adequate, were quite small, which is why I think the price should be a little less.  It was fine for a single traveler, but not for a couple.

There were two great local bars in the neighborhood a few yards up the hill, where you could get good beer and wine and snacks for cheap.

Nevertheless, I would check out other places on

  • Eating and Activities.

I used San Sebastiån simply as a place to stay while I visited Bilbao (see below), so although I spent two nights there, I had only one day, and that day I spent at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.  My only experience in San Sebastiån was to walk around the city for about three hours one evening.  It is a very attractive city with lots of beautiful monuments, fountains and seventeenth and eighteenth century buildings.  The parks and tree lined boulevards add more to the ambiance.  But I can’t really tell you about any activities.  There is a long list of museums on the back of the map that I obtained.

I had one meal, a light dinner, in the gorgeous bar of the Maria Christina hotel. The interior décor was what you would expect in a two hundred year old 5 star hotel. But, unless you want to spend big bucks, you wouldn’t want to have more than a light dinner.

The Bridge

I think I made a mistake not spending another day in San Sebastiån to sample a restaurant or two, visit the main cathedral, enjoy the lovely parks in the daylight.  In August, there is a festival, with music and sports, including a bicycle race famous among cyclists.  It also has a famous bridge that crosses the river that runs through the city, the Zurriola Bridge.  The most beautiful building is the Town Hall built in the nineteenth century.  I did take a walk along the river Urumea just before dark, which was especially nice.

Also this is the heart of Basque country, where all signs are in two languages: Basque and Spanish.  I undoubtedly missed out on some tasty Basque food.


I elected to stay in San Sebastån instead of Bilbao because it is a lovely little city, and Bilbao, a mostly industrial city, has nothing to offer except the Museum.  The bus from San Sebastiån to Bilbao runs every hour during the day, is comfortable and takes an hour to get there for 20 Euros round trip.  You ride through beautiful fall colors, green in the summer, and hills and small villages.

  • Getting to the Guggenheim Museum.

Bilbao does not make getting to the museum easy until you know exactly how to get there.  After you get off the bus, you have to find the subway, which is not clearly marked.  You just have to ask somebody who speaks English if you don’t speak Spanish, but eventually you’ll find it.  It’s a long walk from the entrance to the subway to the train itself, but at least that is clearly marked.  You would have thought, since the Museum is the only thing in the city worth visiting, they would have built a subway station next to the museum, but they didn’t.  You still have a walk of about 8 blocks to the Museum, and the problem is finding out which eight blocks.  There are no signs until you get within a block or two.  Fortunately, at least when I was there, there were a lot of college age people hanging out around where you get off the subway, and they knew how to get to the museum.  The address is: Avenida Abandoibarra, 2, but I don’t think that will do you much good.  I recommend getting a map before you go, either paper or off the internet at

  • The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

It’s small, as famous museums go, but it is magnificent.  First, the building, designed by Frank Geary—the flowing lines took my breath away, even though I had seen photos of it.  It is backed up against a hill and surrounded by contemporary sculptures.  When you see it, you don’t even remember the rest of the city.

The interior is equally magnificent with wood, flowing lines reminiscent of the outside and an abundance of space.  The art is basically two genres, sixteenth and seventeenth century Dutch art, including paintings by the masters, Ruben and Rembrandt, and contemporary art that emphasizes space, color, shape and a wide variety of materials.  There are some amazing films, as well.  If this display of contemporary art doesn’t convert a sceptic, who isn’t atuned to contemporary art, nothing will.

Santiago de Compostéla.

It is an all day train ride from San Sebastiån, but, again, some beautiful country, including lakes and rivers.  Everything was much greener.  As you probably know, Santiago Compostéla (which I’m just going to call Santiago now) is the end point in a Christian pilgrimage started in the Middle Ages.  The Cathedral where the pilgrams end their journey is simply referred to as The Cathedral in Santiago.  The legend, although proof is scanty, is that St. James is buried there.  It is magnificent, and be warned that even in the off season there are long lines to get in.  Morning is the best time to go.

  • Sleeping.

I stayed for two nights in the wonderful little, centrally located Hotel Miradoiro de Belvis, Rua Das Trompas 5.  The hotel is very difficult to find.  You have to go down an alley; it is not visible from any street.  This is one instance where I would recommend a taxi from the train station.  The city is small enough that the taxi drivers know where all the  hotels are, and the fare was only six euros.  Once there, you will be delighted.  It has large, clean, basic rooms, a nice breakfast and free wifi for 42 Euros per night.  The staff is very nice and helpful, and they speak English.

  • Eating.

Santiago restaurants are relatively inexpensive.  I found a fine restaurant right up the street from the hotel, Tarfona.  The desk clerks at the hotel tell you exactly where it is.  The problem finding things in Santiago is that many of the streets are not named and few places have numbered addresses.  There are good maps at the hotel, but they don’t do you much good if you don’t know what street you’re on.

Tarfona’s menu is in Basque; however, the servers speak English and Spanish and are happy to translate it for you.  I had Cod prepared Basque style, and it was delicious.  It included potatoes and vegetables for 16 euros.  The excellent glass of Rioja I had was 2.50 Euros.

  • What to do besides visit The Cathedral.

Santiago is a small city, and you can walk the whole city.    You can also rent a bicycle.  That is what I would do the rest of the day after you visit The Cathedral, stopping for lunch at Oasis Restaurant on 3 Abaixo (ask the hotel clerk) for pizza or pasta.  It is also a good, inexpensive place for a pasta dinner—6 euros for most of the pasta dishes. Your walk can include rests in a couple of beautiful parks you will come across, if it is not raining.  Despite its small size, there are plenty of places to shop, if you want to.  And there are plenty of lively bars with music for a night life, if that is your shtick.

Santiago seems to have more churches and convents than most countries.  You can reserve the second day for visiting them.  I, personally am not a devout Christian, and I had seen enough Cathedrals to last for a while, so I didn’t do that.  That may be your preference too.  In that case, I suggest several of the museums in the city.  The Contemporary Art Museum is impressive, as is the Museum of Natural History.  There are twelve museums in town.  They are all listed on the back of the map you get at the hotel.  I suggest you look over the list, decide which ones interest you and then ask the hotel clerk to help you find them.

Next is Lisbon, Portugal, which, for me was the highlight of this whole trip.  That review will be my next blog post.

St Petersburg or Venice of the North


After traveling to many countries , I am in Russia. Russia, home to many great artists, a rich and worldwide history , a land known and yet we only know a country once we are there  .So here I traveled to Russia and now I tell you my story.First step in this long journey from East to West : St Petersburg, place of Countess de Segur and  Tchaikovsky.

The aircraft has been democratized , cheap flights are easy to find on line , during my time to find one I gather all my guides and prepares my trip. It is decided, St Petersburg or the aptly named “Venice of the North” will be my first step. While I am installed in the aircraft I think of what awaits me , the reasons that pushed me towards this horizon : Literature and History sure …I’m at Pulkovo Airport , my first impression is probably that of all visitors : I do not understand hieroglyphics around me! First step, I have to go to my hotel. I usually take public transport . Once is not custom, this time I want a taxi, I want to see the huge dam in St Petersburg before moving .The dam was built in 1978, St Petersburg is crossed by the Neva , powerful and capricious river . I ‘m not disappointed , the dam is a large white and unreal architecture.The city is beautiful , I take up what I see, my mental note route.

I am happy to be in this city but I have not planned to guide this time , neither car incomprehensible signs!St Petersburg , formerly Petrograd , formerly Leningrad , in 1991 it finally became St Petersburg.The great history is here , the Russian Revolution of 1917, the siege of Leningrad … I go to the Victory Square and admire the monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad.It is easy to get around in the city , metro, trams , trolley … I move quickly. I planned to stay longer in some areas of the city. I change hotels several times , according to my visit.Among my visits , there is the inevitable Hermitage Museum , I admire the Mariinsky theater , I hang up art, I do not forget the Winter , the Board of Dostoevsky palace.There is so much to do with some natural curiosities such as Vasilievsky Island where you can admire the arrow of the Admiralty , and a few cultural attractions such as the landing sphinx !

There are remarkable visits to St. Petersburg and I all loved and admired all . I do not regret the beginning of this adventure , cold and language difficulties are that I am ready to overcome.

Rostov Kremlin

The next step in my trip is one of the oldest Russian cities : Ростов or Rostov. Market and bustling business city, it becomes the eleventh century , the capital of Russia and the center of the Archbishop of Rostov.

Rostov Kremlin

Located on the shores of Lake Nero , the main attraction of Rostov -le-grand is its Kremlin. Fairy vision , even for a fighter who saw the world far and wide . Far , a powerful sparking gold and silver floating above round towers on a huge white building. These are the domes and crosses the Kremlin . The closer you get , the more we realize the magnificence of the building .And away from our castles to ferocious killers , this construction is a work of art and we guess his destination was primarily cultural . Metropolitan Ion saw in it the “Russian Vatican “.

I am told that the original building dates from the twelfth century. It consisted of three buildings : the palace of the clergy, the royal palace and the residence of Metropolitan . Other buildings were added later are , among others, the Uspensky Cathedral , Church of St. Saviour Sale , palaces Mitropol , the Red Room , the tower … The various buildings were united to each other by passages to form this amazing immaculate block. The wall surrounding the building was erected around 1670. He followed the model of the Moscow Kremlin and consists entirely of white stone . 11 magnificent towers have been inserted .

Today, the Kremlin became a museum . You can admire the enamel was formerly the pride of Rostov and objects of applied art. The 13 bells that still has within it continue to punctuate the days of people who continue to perpetuate one of the specialties of the country : woodcarving .

And to finish off this memorable visit, nothing like a short stop catering to discover the local cuisine , just as interesting as historical monuments, to soak up the city completely . I opted for the fish : fresh after tench lake located two steps . Nice breakfast , warm and very affordable prices. Original destination and repeat next time.

Road Trip by car:ahead to Krakow

Since my return from Russia, I have only one desire : to leave for another adventure with my car no longer young , but still pretty solid. After changing a few pieces at Mister -Auto and have upgraded the oil I took the road towards Krakow in Poland. The road trip is the best way to visit a country and out of tourist routes .

The adventure by car

The journey by car is relatively inexpensive with unexpected suprises because I do not have specific route. This allows me to discover surprising and often unusual places by directly asking passersby their opinions . Especially, when you go on holiday, always take the time to talk with the locals. They always know all the tips and always tell the history of their region with many emotions.

Nice trip in Germany

Occasionally small stops I started to sympathize with the Germans. I admit I really fell in love with this city, I definitely go back soon! It will leave me time to develop my language practice which at the moment is rather approximate. The journey leads me along the Baltic Sea on a peninsula named Usedom, I went to Ahlbeck which is a beautiful resort with its vast beaches and pretty wooden houses and after a well deserved swim , then i crossed the border towards Krakow.

Discover Poland

Once there , I see that Krakow is a beautiful city and without context one of the most beautiful in Poland. Nostalgic, romantic and generous , the city has retained its historic beauty . After a good night ‘s sleep in a small hotel, I walked into town and I visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine , which is the only mine in the world that has stopped working since the Middle Ages .

In the old town there are so many advertisements offering trips to Auschwitz , I went there. The abundance of this advertising is shocking enough , there is even older people in the street , taking into panels offering tours . The next day i had to think way back , I took my car steering France through the course and the Czech Republic, Germany .


This trip to Poland gave me a beautiful human experience, it is a country that is booming since its accession to the European Union and its inhabitants , they have not left me indifferent. And you ? Have you been to Krakow ?

How to Get Best Holidaying in Bangkok with Kids

Bangkok is such amusing vacation spot loaded with enormous fun activities. The city is an absolute paradise for entertaining tourists of all genders and birth years. However Bangkok is known for high-end upgraded lifestyle and all-night active nightclubs and pubs, there are so many kid friendly activities to take your lovely little ones to relish their vacation days thoroughly.

Here are the wisest choices to visit with your little folks :

Snake Farm

ü  This place is a featured park for the tail-bodied animals. There are a number of snake species sheltered here some are poisonous and some are easy to handle by the hands

ü  The place is also known for feature snake shows where different stunts are performed by the zoo keepers and the snakes.

ü  Easily accessible from the Lumpini metro rail station.

Safari World

ü  This open zoo is such a lovely spot n the town where different kinds of animals are found in the natural environment.

ü  Watch wild to contrasting calm animals sheltered under the single sky roof, and enjoy the interesting activities of theirs.

Crocodile Farm

ü  Crocs take a big scene here, as thousands of its kind are found in a brotherly feel in this haven.

ü  Special crocodile shows are also performed for the entertainment of the little, young audience.

Siam Ocean World

ü  This is found in the heart of the city downstairs of the Siam Shopping Center.

ü  There are different marine habitats sheltered in the salt water tanks and aquariums.

ü  Right from jelly fishes to the large sharks everything is found in this concrete roofed aquarium, which the children will love to see and enjoy.

KidZania Bangkok

ü  There is another attraction upstairs of the Siam Paragon Mall, namely the KidZania.

ü  As the name say, it’s such an amazing wonderland for the kids with loads of activities to do like the fire fighter briefing, dentist responsibility, car repair shop, and a number of other things helpful for the children.

ü  Restaurants and other dining options are there within the complex.


ü  Easily reachable from various budget friendly hotels in the heart of the city such as the Book Landmark Hotel in Bangkok.

ü  This little indoor themed center for playing has many games for children of ages 0 to 13 years.

ü  Right from the born babies till the early teenagers there are amusement for every category kids.

Batcat Museum & Toys Thailand

ü  This fun filled museum has a long array of attractive toys brought from various nooks of the world.

ü  Batcat is the main attraction here as there are Batman stills, dolls and a variety of the its kind collection kept on display.


California is one state that is popular travel destinations for both Americans and visitors from other countries. The state is located on the western coast of the United States. If you are in California or you are planning to travel there, these are some of the spectacular spots that you can’t miss to visit.

National Steinbeck Center – located at Salina’s main street in Monterey County. This is a museum which contains unknown history, and jolt of social commentary. The museum is just a few blocks from where Steinsbeck’s books were burnt by the town people because of being enraged by his perceived betrayal of them and agriculture. The museum is a modern center whose author work has won Pulitzer and Nobel prizes.

 The cold Spring Tavern – it is located at San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara County. It started as stagecoach bus stop in the 1880. Since 1941the tavern has been owned by Ovington family and sits in a mountain which is 10 miles outside Santa Barbara on California 154. The Tavern has an upscale restaurant and a rustic bar which has a massive fire place at one end.

Coronado Beach with Grunion Running – it’s in Coronado, San Diego County. The beach is known to run a great tradition and has made greater by most of non-natives who seem to be suspicious that the whole thing may be a con. Visiting Coronado you will have a spectacular experience as you will be able to have a moon adventure, to catch a glimpse of the blue green silver fish which is found from Baja California which is north to Santa Barbara. The fish only runs at night and during high tide and only two to six nights after new and full moon.

Sandpiper Golf Club – located in Santa Barbara County. The golf club is par 72 seaside course and is flanked with mountains with a spectacular view of the Pacific. You may need a snorkel or fins to retrieve way ward shots on several holes. Beneath the beauty of this Golf there lies a 7,000 yard track which has hosted PGA and LPGA events.

Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park – The Park has amazing granite formations and unique desert plants that makes it to be a popular spot. A climber who visits the park from all parts of the world gets a chance to scramble around the boulder field of and to ascend the pillars and the spires. Annually the park receives about 1.2 million visitors. During the day the Park’s landscape of jumbled rocks and the pinyon pines is very popular to the families and the climbers.

Thousand Island Lake – located in Ansel Adams Wilderness in Inyo National Forest. The lake is in the iconic backyard of California and it’s around 10,000feet above sea level. Thousand lakesare known to have Teensy Granite Island that glitters in the sun. The Banner peaks in the Lake rivals the Northern Lights and this good place that you can spend hours as you stare the landscape.

Before you travel get the DVLA phone number to confirm that all your driving documents are up to date. While planning makes sure you have a budget for all that you need and do it in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Banlung : incredible landscapes in the jungle !

Ban Lung is a small town without charm , lost in the North East of Cambodia in Ratanakiri province in which it is the capital . This populated forest region of ethnic minorities is a pleasant way to live another Cambodia : the jungle there , true !

Imagine that less than 20 km around, you can cross the forest on elephant back to reach a waterfall in nature before dipping in a volcanic lake … Yes , all this is here ! Banlung was , by its isolation, the refuge of some Khmer Rouge leaders who hid there for several years and its inaccessibility makes it a little-visited region still today.

The best way to explore these wonders is to rent a bike ( for sports ) or a small motorcycle, pocket compass and away you go towards the dirt tracks to offer you magical moments ! To be honest , I tried cycling, improved scoot and my legs to discover the area and , despite the slight sore bottom , the biking was really nice. It’s pretty puzzle ù € $ @ $ ^ scoot to ride in the forest , local ( even women ) are real acrobats and roll 70 on the paths of land between the ruts … normal! If you rent a two wheeled motorized , look no service stations to refuel . These are mini- stands the wooden shelves upon which dozens of bottles of Coke / Pepsi … full of fuel! This guarantees you refuel, even in the midst of the jungle!

The hardest is to find an accurate map … (I’ll have prepared with the help of a map found in my guesthouse ) and go adventure! The ” waterfall ” to ” waterfall ” we walk across the villages inhabited by minorities as Tompuon tribe that practice funeral statuary (Totem wooden statue in the likeness of the deceased, installed in a ” cemetery ” ) . Bathing at the foot of the waterfalls are a delight , do not forget the swimsuit and towel at the bottom of a bag !

Count 5 days to fully explore the area , life here is very different from the rest of the country. Start with the market Banlung where very early every morning , the various tribes ( Kroeung , Tompuon , Jarai ) come to sell or exchange their products (vegetables, picking in the forest , game, … ) . Let’s go on  adventure towards local wonders!

Exploring the temples of Angkor during vacation to Cambodia

Cambodia, “kingdom of wonder ” is one of the favorite destinations of travelers in South East Asia . Unfortunately internationally known for the brutality of the Khmer Rouge regime , the country is also home to the temples of Angkor are the pride of the Cambodian people . This masterpiece directed by Suryarman II is one of the world’s most important archaeological sites and houses the remains of the mighty Khmer civilization . Continue reading “Exploring the temples of Angkor during vacation to Cambodia”

Amazing Nha Trang Day tour in Vietnam vacation

If intersted in exploring most adorable seascapes, tourists absolutely should not overlook  Nha Trang, the fancy coastal resort city of Vietnam. As tourism services flourish in recent years and the bay is largely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful bay in the world, an increasing number of tourist, both domestic and international,  are choosing Nha Trang tour to enjoy the city’s charm.

Nha Trang, though is well-knowm domesticcally for a long time, but has just recently become internatioanl tourism spot. In this coastal city, warm-hearted are people and peaceful is life, depite the drasmatic emergence of all kind of tourism services and capitalism invasion. Visitors from all over Vietnam, along with international holiday makers come to Nha Trang have not to miss an exciting cruise for the enchanting beauty of Nha Trang Bay. The Bay consist of thousands of islands covered by verdant vegestation, paramount in the blue background of pure sea.

More than just sightseeing in the Bay, available to tourist are diverse mixture of island, each with distinctive values to comfort arrivals. Most cruise itineraries are designed to stop at Mun Island, where small glass-bottom boats are waiting to take tourists and introduce to them the superb marine kingdom at sea bed. Through cristal glass bottoms, tourists will see numerous coral reefs, houseing to a great number of fishes of different kinds, collosr and size. Mot island is not less attractive as the welcoming water temperatue and clarity make it an ideal condition for swimming, diving and snorkling as well. It is also possible to take a glimpse of the floating fishing village, sea swallow nests and appreciate the famous Salanganes Islands as well as the notrious salangane dishes.

If a personal experience is not enough for you’re your curiosity of biodiversity in Nha Trang, come to Vietnam Oceanographic Institute to discovery what sea creature are found, and to Tri Nguyen Aquarium for a fantastic collection of living scarce fishes.

Nha Trang day tour also brings tourists to the orchids spring island,where they immerse themselve in heavenly sight of abundant tropical orchids, or to Monkey island to  feed and make friend with thousands of monkeys there.

Apart from sea attractions, Nha Trang city itself is a soothing place to discover as it contains multiple vestiges presenting the physical and spirirual life of ancient Vietnamese. Not to be missed is Po Narga tower, a representatives of Cham culture in the Middle region of the country. This 7th centery Hindu temple retained the old religious traces, presenting how influential Hindu was to locals. While Long Son pagoda, dedicated to Buddist, reminds people of indomitable munks and nun under Diem harsh domination, the Stone Church plays role of a Western remarks during the colonial time…

You can visit other destination attractive as Ho chi minh city tour, Mekong delta tour, Ba Na Hill, Hoi An Town Old…

TOP of the most mind-blowing scene

Here is the TOP of the most mind-blowing scene, even psychedelic. The Danakil desert in Ethiopia Fairy Pools in Scotland through the Danxia in China, what you eyeful … If you like the unusual and surprising landscapes, do not forget to go through one of these sublime places during your next trip at the end of World …

Feel free to send us a message so we suggest photos that would fit on this page :)

the stone wave arizona
” The Wave ” ( The Wave ) is a spectacular rock formation located on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in the American West . At the border of Arizona and Utah , Coyote Buttes is located in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument on the Colorado Plateau .It is a famous site for its bright colors and wavy shapes. ” The Wave ” consists of hollow immense U-shaped which have been eroded . The two main tanks , which include the rock formation are 19 meters wide and 36 meters long. The geological processes that have shaped the Wave as cliffs, canyons and myriad land formations continue to work .The soft sandstone , including ridges and ribs, the wave is fragile. Therefore, a person needs to walk carefully not to break the small ridges .

Only 20 people per day are permitted to enter the wave, in order to protect the site. To be part of the lucky ones should try his luck in the lottery on the Internet 4 months before ! you can choose 3 dates , and it costs a few dollars. 10 people per day are allocated in this way. 10 other places are always assigned by lot every morning at 8am the next day at the opening of Kanab Visitor Center .

lake hillier
Lake Hillier, is located on Middle Island, the largest island of the archipelago of Research in Western Australia . The most notable feature of this lake is its opaque and strong pink color.The lake is open for swimming , unusual color with no danger. To add to the beauty of the show , it is surrounded by a sand and dense eucalyptus forest … A narrow strip of sand dunes covered with vegetation separates the lake from the Southern Ocean.The pink color is permanent, it does not change when the water is taken from a container. Other salt lakes have a dominant color pink , but never in such a pronounced and permanent as Hillier lake. Scientists are also pulling their hair out about it! . Waters refuse to turn blue or green , as is the case with all of these lakes. Although the source of this surreal tint has not been definitively proven, it is anyway a result of the presence of salt and microorganisms .

grand prismatic spring
His supernatural colors earned him the name of the spectrum of white light!The Grand Prismatic Spring is a huge heated to over 70 ° C is located in the Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming in the United States water basin. This is one of the main attractions of the park, with Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful Geyser.With a diameter of over 110 meters and over 35 meters deep, hot water giant crater is mainly composed of sulfur and iron oxide.Brown, yellow, green and blue thermophilic organisms live and color the warm waters of this huge gaping pot.Every hour, more than 100 000 liters of hot water fill this volcanic bowl with yellow ocher and blue, green rings.It is south-west of the state of Utah, in a magical atmosphere that you can experience the emerald pools.Welcome to Emerald Pools of Zion National Park.!To reach them you need to plan a short hike in wet canyons but this course you will require a minimum of breath and movement to overcome many obstacles (not difficult).
ut once there, there are many other spots to discover, this is an appetizer …

dallol volcano
The Dallol volcano in the Danakil Desert depression (Afar) is located in north-eastern Ethiopia 15km from the border with Eritrea.Some have called it the cruelest place on earth. This hidden under a thick layer of salt volcano at 116 m below sea level and offers a magical landscape with its amazing array of colored sources in the heart of a strange landscape of salt, sulfur and other mineral deposits.The volcano erupted in 1926, transforming the region into one of the hottest places on earth, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 60 ° C in the sun.Dallol, a hell on earth, a paradise for photography
spotted lake

caño cristales

The Caño Cristales (” the stream of crystal “) is a river of Colombia located in the mountainous area of the Macarena ( Meta Department ) , 150 km south of Bogotá . It is commonly called “river of five colors ” and is often considered ” the most beautiful river in the world .”What is special and the beauty of this river , it is endemic algae called macarenia clavigera that from September to November , giving it particularly yellow colors , blue, green , black and red ! The rest of the year , the river has a perfectly banal aspect then no mistake in the date of your visit ..The stream of crystals must be visited between July and November , the ultimate being in November. To get there , you have to take a plane from Villavicencio and provide about 4 days on site . Many local agencies will offer guided tours but you can always combine transport, housing and guide for yourself.

fly ranch geyser

The Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that is located in Washoe County , Nevada.It is 1.5 m high and 3.7 m counting the mound on which it stands . The Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon , it was accidentally created in 1916 during the drilling of a well. Drilling has worked well for decades , but in the 1960s geothermally heated began to escape to the surface water. This highly mineralized water gushed and projections are still growing .Today the Fly Geyser spews jets of water constantly , they reach 1.5 m in height. The geyser contains several terraces reject their water in 30 to 40 pools over an area of ​​30 hectares.There are two additional geysers similar to those of Fly Geyser in the region.The Fly Geyser is a little known and little visited residents of Nevada website , you’ll be so relatively quiet :)

isle of skye
If you are visiting Scotland, planning a trip to the Isle of Skye (nicknamed the Isle of Mists), in the sea of the Hebrides.On-site visit Pools run fairy (Fairy Pools) southeast of Forest Glen Brittle to admire a panorama composed of these pools with bright colors and beautiful waterfalls. In addition, impressive mountains (the Cuillins) stand facing the ocean.It is best to visit this site in a slightly cloudy sky and after a light rain. In this way, the water levels will be replenished and cloud cover reduces glare and put the beauty of the bottom of the pools.To go to Skye you have to take a ferry to Mallaig or cross the bridge between the island and Kyle of Lochalsh.
china danxia landform
The China Danxia …. unique and impressive landscape, which resembles a synthetic decor because of its surreal colors.Mountains as gaudy painted in gouache with the primary colors: red, young, blue …Danxia is the name given by the Chinese geomorphological landscapes of steep cliffs made ​​of red rocks stratified. Danxia landforms cover several provinces in southeast China.With its contrasting forests, meandering rivers, caves of all sizes and majestic waterfalls, China Danxia has a remarkable natural phenomenon.

Advices for Packing your suitcase or bag before leaving

To have a perfect holiday, be prepared

Packing your suitcase or bag before leaving

Take the necessary and not redundant, not to confiscate her cosmetics at the airport and have a bag that does not weigh too heavy, these are the considerations to take into account before considering any travel

Be prepared for the journey

You go for a week, a month , a year , in a hot, cold or rainy country … The case will always be different for everyone. A backpack for backpackers , a suitcase on wheels for casual tourists … Think well in advance what will be the most practical. Do you have a lot of transfers , on foot or by public transport , with children … ?

Choose your luggage accordingly.

Children can wear a weight corresponding to their size, with their favorite toys and objects, which in most cases will be carried as hand luggage on the plane. Crises if blanket or teddy avoids always at hand , as well as bottles and layers required for the flight.
By planning ahead , you can fill a list, some are available preformatted on the net for you to customize . Or during the weeks preceding the trip , prepare your own. Charger for international plugs , essential medicines, toiletry, find your visa for arrival in contact with travel agency … even if everything can be bought on site , you will avoid unnecessary travel and lost vacation time.

Prohibited and permitted

In the plane, you can not take liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage. The toiletries exceeding this size must be checked into the hold . Check the specific rules of your airline. The number of luggage and weight allowed for each , even distribute the weight between travelers to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport. Ditto for hand luggage , which must meet the requirements according to company size and / or weight. Attention also duty-free quotas for alcohol, tobacco or health restrictions in each country, bring a pie to friends to do confiscated at customs is never pleasant .

Keep essential handy

It is your passport , travel documents , reservation numbers , wallet , hotel on arrival or contact numbers on the spot booking . Have everything at hand you gain not only time but also avoid the risk in case of loss of baggage , not to have references to get to your hotel.

At each destination the suitcase

For a warm , some shirts, a sarong, a good sunscreen and a sarong climate. For the cold polar , heavy gloves and sturdy shoes . Each destination is unique , check the weather before you go and the particularities of each country . No need for technical clothing in most cases , the people there simply dress , imitate them . More light will be more your bag you will be free of your movements .

Spreading the risk

Some companies are worse than others in terms of lost luggage . But it is never too careful, and nothing worse than a vacation ruined because a participant has not received his bag on arrival. Divide each business in each case , it is spread risks and to ensure that in the end , even if it lacks a suitcase , everyone will holiday.

The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka , tickets and tours

To visit the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka , there is a handy pass that allows you to visit the most important sites for $ 50.The entrance to each site costs between 15 and 25 dollars , so it’s worth it . The sites included are Anuradhapura , Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya , Ritigala ; Medirigiriya and Nalanda .

There are also museums of Kandy , but not the temple of the sacred tooth of Buddha, or the caves of Badulla , two essential points .The pass for the cultural triangle is valid for three months , for one visit per site , and only one day. To Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa, it is a little short. Ample for the rest .

Prices are high , but it will be your unique culture in Sri Lanka budget, and they are incredible sites , World Heritage of UNESCO. The sites are well maintained.Visiting Sigiriya not miss the caves Badulla , not included in the pass .Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura , due to site expansion , start early , before the heat , and if possible with a tuk tuk . The driver takes 5 to € 10 per day , has the main sites and the way you organize the most suitable . Other sites are off the main roads , less accessible and less important. The three sites of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Sigiriya are essential .

Be open to opportunities coming to you !

Today I am writing to urge you to be more open to the opportunities available to you . There are many ( too many) people who systematically refuse proposals without even taking the time to think about it or without knowing the purpose of the proposal. These people always find an excuse not to start ” it’s too hard ,” “I know nothing “, “I ‘m tired “, ” why me? “.

I suggest you one thing : be open to opportunities that you have and do not think too much ! Especially when it touches on an area that you do not know. And if you’re afraid of the thing to do , do not worry it is usually a normal reaction when it is unknown. But we must go beyond that and you start , you will be proud of you and then you will have a new experience .

In my case I have an example which is very recent. There a few weeks ago a Brazilian friend who works in an advertising agency offered me a role given to one of its advertisements. He has told me nothing more, I do not specifically asked , I just said yes right away. Why ? Because I ‘ve never been given , I never passed a camera ( professional ) , I ‘ve never attended the filming of a short film or advertising. It was an opportunity for me to try !

Then I learned that I had to dress in keeping football , there would be some kind of football team celebrating something. This is actually an advertisement made ​​for the old gold ball Luis Figo and his school that trains young new players .

In the end the shooting lasted several hours , we had to wait until the children raise the cup and then celebrate it with them. It was really cool!

I was able to see worked with their professional equipment , see how filming was organized , had to be done 50 times with the same action but placed at different places to have a good final render cameras and j ‘ I had my first experience as an extra ! As a bonus I even won a little money, not bad ? :)

All that to say that when the opportunity to test something new comes to you , do not think too much and see it as a new experience !

Cuba, some nice destinations

Cuba – Havana

Cuba inevitably attracts the visitor. For its uniqueness , rebellious , proud, the largest island of the Caribbean conjures up images of sun, wild dances and bright colors …Well we were not disappointed ! I visited Cuba for 3 weeks, from west to east , and the island has conquered me .

What to visit

I went through much of the country, but I mainly retired three steps necessary for a successful trip to Cuba.

– Havana, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The arcade buildings , with pastel colors, old American cars of the ’50s slowly crisscrossing the city, the exalted life of children playing in the streets of neighborhoods … All delights in Havana. Unavoidable , the city deserves to spend three days in order to fully appreciate the Old Havana, to do business in great art market , take a ride in U.S. car and coco- taxi, and enjoy a lively evening in the Cuban capital .

– Trinidad, 5 hours drive from Havana , by changing its character frozen in time. The cobbled streets , taken by horses, brings an old-world charm to this city out of the ordinary . Cradle of salsa music is present everywhere , and you can not miss the demonstrations and invitations to dance at the approach of night . As a bonus, Trinidad offers a beach a few kilometers away , easily accessible by taxi . Colorful street of Trinidad with a cart and bike riding

– Vinales and its region can discover the Cuban countryside . It crosses the Cubans in their rocking chairs , trying to quietly observe the street from their doorsteps , cigar in mouth. An excursion on foot or on horseback in the tobacco fields can appreciate the manufacturing of the best cigars in the world , with an unchanging sun. Finally, a walk between fields and hummocks ( typical small hills ) can escape to a magnificent landscape .

The rest of the island is less interesting to me . If Cienfuegos is a pleasant city , Santa Clara has only the interest of the museum and train dedicated to Che . Varadero has no interest in its beautiful beaches, and Santiago is worth the cost to cross the island for its carnival in late July .A visit to Cuba through these three steps can therefore be done in 7 to 10 days

Eco-tourism in Morocco

Just 3 hours from Europe and its hectic pace, discover the authentic Morocco. No more traffic jams, forget the daily stress. Here at the gateway to Africa, it is a total change of scenery awaits you. This country, rooted in its traditions and open to modernity offers an amazing diversity of landscapes and traditions.


Take a trek to the heart of the High Atlas and discover the lifestyle of semi-nomadic tribes, in a stunning setting. Perched high in the Atlas Mountains, not count hours, by the time stops. Discover the Moroccan coast: White Tangier, the port of Essaouira, Agadir and water sports fishing.

For fans of comfort and relaxation, do not panic! Stay in authentic Kasbah transformed into eco-lodges with comfortable modern amenities in the valley of the Kasbahs. What better than to bask in the sun while respecting the planet!

In Morocco, your taste buds are on alert. The country is deemed to have a rich and varied culinary tradition. Learn the local cuisine with a homestay. In contact with the locals you will also find traditional crafts, the tanning of animal skins making slippers through the pottery town of Safi (click here for more information on this small town). The eco tourism in Morocco is: proximity, authenticity, disorientation. And all this while preserving our beautiful planet. Why not plan this beautiful stop in your worldtour ?

Read more here

List of low-cost airlines in America

There are many low-cost airlines in South and North America that can travel for cheap across the continent .

List of low-cost airlines by country


Aerochaco is based Resistancia . It serves six destinations in Argentina.


Azul Brazilian Airlines is based in Barueri . It serves 51 destinations in Brazil and Argentina.

Gol Transportes Aereos is based in São Paulo. It serves 68 destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile , Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

TRIP Linhas Aéreas
is headquartered in São Paulo. It serves 97 destinations in Brazil.

WebJet Linhas Aéreas is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. It serves 18 destinations in Brazil.

WestJet is based in Calgary. It serves 76 destinations in Canada , Cuba , the United States , Mexico , Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands.


EasyFly is based in Bogotá. It serves 15 destinations in Colombia.

Viva Colombia is based in Medellín . It serves eight destinations in Colombia.


Easy Sky connects San Pedro to Roatan .


Interjet is based in Mexico City. It serves 32 destinations in Mexico , the United States and Guatemala.

VivaAerobus partly owned by the founders of Ryanair. It is based in Apodaca . It serves 35 destinations in Mexico and the United States .

Volaris is based in Mexico City. It serves 33 destinations in Mexico , the United States and Guatemala.

United States

AirTran is based in Orlando, Florida. It serves 103 destinations in the United States , the Bahamas , Jamaica and Mexico.

Allegiant Air is based in Enterprise , Nevada. It serves 92 destinations in the United States.

Frontier Airlines is based in Denver, Colorado . It serves 117 destinations in the United States , Costa Rica , Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

JetBlue Airways is headquartered in New York. It serves 71 destinations in the following countries : United States , Bahamas, Bermuda , Barbados , Colombia, Costa Rica , Jamaica, Mexico , Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic.

Southwest Airlines is the first low-cost airline in the United States . It is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves 97 destinations in the United States.

Spirit Airlines is based in Miami, Florida. It serves 62 destinations in the following countries: United States , Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti , Honduras, Jamaica , Mexico , Nicaragua, Panama , Peru , Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Sun Country Airlines is based in Minneapolis -Saint Paul , Minnesota . It serves 29 destinations in the United States , Costa Rica, Jamaica , Mexico , Puerto Rico , St. Martin and the Dominican Republic.

Virgin America is based in San Francisco , California. It serves 19 destinations in the United States and Mexico.
vision Airlines

Vision Airlines is based in Suwanee , Georgia. It serves 10 destinations in the United States .


Peruvian Airlines is based in Lima. It serves seven destinations in Peru.

Star Perú is based in Lima. It serves 11 destinations in Peru.

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List of low-cost airlines in Africa

List of low-cost airlines in Australia

There are three low-cost airlines in Australia that compete with national airline Qantas.

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is based in Melbourne. It serves 63 destinations in the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, United States, Fiji, Hong Hong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Tiger Airways Australia

Tiger Airways Australia is a subsidiary based in Melbourne, the Singaporean Tiger Airways. It serves seven destinations in Australia.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is based in Brisbane. It serves 50 destinations in Australia, the United States, Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Tonga and Vanuatu.

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List of low-cost airlines in Africa

General solutions to finance your world tour

The Working Holiday permit

Some countries have signed an agreement with France for young people to travel by being allowed to work for a maximum period of one year. These countries are Argentina , Australia , Canada, South Korea , Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Must be between 18 and 30 , except in Canada, where the maximum age is 35 years and Singapore where it is 25 years. Some countries impose a quota ofWorking Holiday permit  , others do not.

More :

the Wwoofing

The WWOOF ( World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a global network of organic farms . These farms welcome people who wish to share their lives and their work in exchange for room and board . It does not allow to earn money but to save the cost of accommodation and food for a while integrating into the life of the country .

More :

Working in hostels

Hostels often need a helping hand to clean or home . They can offer the night in exchange for his services.

the freelance

If you have a job that allows you to work remotely, a PC and an Internet connection can allow you to work from anywhere in the world. Sites like or put human freelancers and employers. There are many other specialized by sector .


Most of the time you will not get paid . In some cases , you must still pay . But you live in interesting experiences and save the food and shelter .

Rent a house

If you own , rent your home can provide you with a source of income during your trip.

Take credit

I borrowed some of the money I needed it for my world tour . I do not really recommend this solution because it is risky. Upon my return began ” CRISIS ” . It was less clear retourver work. Fortunately for me, my business ( website creation ) was rather spared. And then return , that’s a lot of hassle. Better not overdo it with debts to repay.

Some more original solutions

Export Import

Basically, we need to find a country specialties , locally produced , meet directly with manufacturers to get the best price. It all returns per container if it is bulky and we aquitte legal fees . Finally resells it more expensive in another country ( his or another ) .It can sell its products on the market , with the internet or ebay leboncoin , going door to door in the stores …In the genre, I met buyers beads Indonesia, hippie clothes in Thailand, jewelry, fine wood furniture and bamboux , typical works of art etc …Better to have commercial fiber.

Making crafts

Particularly in Latin America , we find a community that I call ” the sect of artisans travelers ” who sell their manufacturing markets or simply in the street or in the streets.Among them , we meet all nationalities , especially Argentina . Many make macrame jewelry and semi -precious stones like amber or turquoise stones. Other produce bags , small earthenware etc … Some achieve true works of art .


I met three French travelers dread locks in Mexico who rented the oven at a local bakery for a few hours a day to make delicious chocolate buns and croissants they sold in the street. I also met a seller of quiches ( French too). As for me, I have an idea one day to try to sell macaroons.This solution is particularly profitable from my observations . Many local and curious tourists are tempted by foreign specialties. Yet he must have cooking skills .

Play music

As a musician , playing in the street , ” the hat ” can earn you some money . If you’re really good , you can expect you produce in bars and tourist restaurants and negotiate a good salary.The music is probably the best way to bridge cultures . Nothing more universal .

Circus and street theater

I met a wonderful dancer in California houlaoop and fire jugglers ( bolasses , stick, spitting … ) which were very popular in bars in resorts on the beach.But for this to work you have to be really good.

Being an artist

Caricatures , paintings on t -shirts, small paintings etc …In your brushes if you have the gifts and passion.

Professor for diving

With a minimum of 1500 dollars and less than three months , it is possible to pass all the necessary certifications to become ” Divemaster ” in a dive center .

Often, the center has trained you agree to the end of your training. A ” Divemaster ” wins usually just enough to live on site. To really make money , you have to go to the rank of ” Instructor ” . Then you earn enough to save. Depending on the location , you can expect to earn around 1 000 to 2000 dollars per month.

Earn money with its travel site

If you have a website and your audience grows, you can expect to earn a little money . But it needs to have the technical skills to make a real website , not just a simple blog and have a good knowledge of SEO .

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Find sponsors for a world tour

Choose a project to build a case and prospect for sponsors is difficult and time consuming . A vast majority of travelers who go around the world also have no sponsor. However, if you have not managed to put enough money aside and do not want to wait to go on a world tour, you can try to find sponsors.

Choose a project

Hope to find a sponsor , it is necessary to have a project to present. Sponsors may be sensitive to a humanitarian , ecological, cultural or sports project . But be careful not to not build your project for the sole purpose of finding a sponsor. It is important to find a project which really dear to your heart .

Some ideas

Here are some ideas for topics around the world gathered on the Internet: microcredit , video, eco-friendly , cycling, cooking, crafts , trains, comics , stop , homestay , photo , diving, riding, entrepreneurship wine schools , football, micro- credit , theater, music , hospitals , photo … However altruistic projects have the greatest chance of success.

Create a document

It is important to tie the file to be able to convince the sponsors. You can submit pdf to email and possibly provide a paper copy to be sent by mail, but the most important thing is to have a website that clearly outlines your project. Be creative to stand out . A good video presentation can make the difference . Detail good visibility you give your sponsors on your site. Emphasize that the purpose of your trip and expand the budget for the sponsors know what is the money they give you.

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Promoting it

It will be easier to convince sponsors if your project has already started to get feedback on the Internet and in the media. Create a Facebook page and display the number of fans on your site. Also contact the local press that will be sensitive to your project. Must demonstrate to potential sponsors that you choose they will through you also gain visibility .

Solicit sponsors

Private companies leave more easily persuaded by a request for assistance in kind by using a purely financial . Targeting SMEs rather than large well-known companies that are bombarded with requests for sponsorship. Send your application by email and then restart the phone. Also contact your city office, your county council or neighborhood association , it is usually where we find the most support !

Buy a ticket for the world tour at one of the three major alliances

The principle

There are three major airline alliances : Star Alliance , One World and Sky Team . They offer great deals around the world , because they serve a large number of destinations in the world. Emirates , which is not part of any of the major alliances , also offers round-the- world in collaboration with other companies .

The principle is simple. All tickets are bought at one time on the site of the alliance or an agency of one of the members of the alliance companies.

At the time of purchase must set an approximate date for each flight , but these dates are subject to change thereafter. The total price depends on specific alliance rules.

Tickets are open . That is to say that the dates of tickets can be modified at will and free on a simple phone call to the local office of the company that operates the flight you want to edit .

At Star Alliance

At Star Alliance , the price depends on the number of miles  .

At One  World

One World offers two tariffs, the first based on the number of continents visited, the second based on the number of miles  .

in Skyteam

In Skyteam , the price depends on the number of miles  .

at Emirates

At Emirates , the price is fixed . As this is not a group of companies under desserve Emirates destinations.


– This method is generally less expensive than buying tickets separately.

– It avoids the hassle of looking for tickets for the trip.

– Dates are subject to change at will and free.


– Flexibility is limited because the destinations can not be changed , or else paying a high additional fee.

– If your itinerary a little out of the box , it can be difficult to find a combination that covers all your destinations.

– The airline staff is not trained in this type of application and is often difficult to answer .

– The use of tickets is limited to one year and every alliance requires one or two rules for the construction of the route.

Our survey:

5 % of travelers around the world buy a round the world ticket from a alliance.

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Buy a the world tour ticket from a travel agency

This is the solution that we have chosen. Specialized agencies for “world tour” offer ticket packages at determined prices . You can also present your journey to get a free quote.


– An agency may combine a world tour One World or Star Alliance ticket with other companies to complete the destinations not covered by alliances.

– Specialized in world tours agency understands your needs and can give you good advice for your trip and get a better price ..


– Flexibility is limited because the destinations can not be changed, or else paying a high additional fee.

– The use of tickets is limited to one year.


Today most world tour traveller going through an agency choose Zip World, another French agency or agencies such as the English Travel Nation  and Round the World Flights

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Our advice for buying the flights tickets

Do not be too greedy .

You can not see everything anyway. Limit the number of destinations to have time to enjoy every country.
Plan a trip that keeps the same overall direction

Limit zigzags

Try to include the fewest flights in your ticket around the world , even to buy low-cost tickets locally in addition to your ticket around the world (especially in Asia). That will leave you more freedom to change your route along the way if you feel like it and it’s better for the environment.

Do not fly , take your time

As soon as possible considering moving by road. First, because it is generally cheaper then because it pollutes less and of course to travel at your own pace and think outside the box . And it’s also a way to feel the mood of the country much better than air.

Subscribe to the program to earn miles

Sign up with the company with which you will make more distance during your world tour. Indeed, all flights in your ticket around the world allow you to earn miles . But those made ​​on the company with which you earn Miles you relate more than investments in other companies of the Alliance. Being left with One World , we enrolled in the program of British Airways Avios .

Remember to book well in advance to change the date of one of your flights

Reserved seats at the rate corresponding to the round-the- world can go very quickly. If you are traveling during peak periods , you may have to wait there long before embarking on a future flight . We talk knowingly . It happened to us to go from Bali to Perth because of holiday returns Australians.

Try to spend as much as possible by hubs

More airports are crowded , less expensive tickets .

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Attention to the date of your last flight

When buying tickets around the world or open tickets must set a date for flights within 12 months.

If you go one year, your last flights are therefore likely to temporarily set earlier than you actually want to date. In this case, do not forget to change the booking of your last flight before the date when the purchase otherwise you will lose your flights.

Again, we talk knowingly . When we were in the jungle in Peru , we received an email warning us that our flight Mexico City – London was canceled because of a snowstorm at Heathrow. Without this storm, we lost our tickets back!

You can shift the date of your last flight up to one year after the date of your first flight.

Go in low season.

Indeed, the departure date is decisive for the price of a round the world ticket. The dates of the other tickets are changeable at will , they do not affect the price . The best time to go is between late April and early June:
January: high / mid season
February : Mid season
March: Mid season
April : Mid / low season
May : low season
June: low / high season
July: high season
August : high / mid season
September: Mid season
October : Mid season
November: Mid season
December : Mid / High Season
Trans- Siberian

You can include a trans – Siberian journey in your ticket around the world. Most specialized agencies offer this option.

Think of Polynesia and Easter Island

They are so distant destinations that you may have never have another opportunity to go there . Many tourdumondistes stop there , because it does not much increases the price of the ticket around the world. Beware, if you buy your ticket directly on the site of Oneworld , the trip Auckland – Papeete is not available , you must purchase it separately .

Increase your credit card limit

If you pay your bill by credit card , be sure to ask your bank to increase the limit of your credit card 2 or 3 days in advance .