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If you are adventurous , you are passionate about the most spectacular mountain scenery , you love to have a panoramic overview of the mountainous province , and discover the authenticity of the life of ethnic minorities , do not hesitate to conquer the four grand passes during your trip in Vietnam .

 Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang

At 2000m , the Ma Pi Leng Pass connects the district Dong Van with  Meo Vac  . This place is known by way of sight as serpents of the mountain to another. The name of Ma Pi Leng literally means ” the horse’s nose ” in the local language. It reflects the danger and the height of the mountain where the horses died of fatigue  . This pass is associated with a road called Happy road  , built by the strength of the hands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic minorities in the region. Since 2009,  Ma Pi Leng Mount was recognized as the national relic by its geological structure and its landscape including Mount Ma Pi Leng, the chasm of the river Nho Que. . There are many tours organisez by trekasie.com agency to discover the beauty of the pass and its inhabitants mostly living in hight mountain areas

O Quy Ho  pass ( Lao Cai – Lai Chau )

With the length of 50km , O Quy Ho Pass keeps the record for the longest neck of North Vietnam . It is also one of the most dangerous and spectacular roads of Vietnam . O Quy Ho is also considered as the neck of Hoang Lien Son ( Pass of clouds ) .O Quy Ho comes the name according to the local legend of the cry of a fairy who would become a bird due to failed love with a man. This pass is unofficially named ” King passes in the Northwest ” by its height, danger and its length. His mountain, located in the middle of the cloud also carries a poetic name ” door for Heaven.” When it’s cold , this mount can be covered with snow.

Pha Din Pass ( Son La – Dien Bien )

The Pha Din Pass 32 km long is located between Son La and Dien Bien  . This pass is one of the most dangerous in Northwest Vietnam . According to the Thai language , the name of Pha Din means ” Heaven and Earth”.  The Pha Din Pass is known not only by its danger but also by its grandiose that will make you want to return. Arriving at the summit of the pass , visitors can one visibly observe In recent years , another road was built at 1000m altitude (200 -400m down compared to the Pha Din Pass ), then the density of traffic on the pass drops . During the war, Pha Din Pass was a major route for supplies of food and ammunition to Dien Bien Phu . He helped win the battle Dien Bien Phu and also became the symbol of strength and courage of Vietnamese soldiers .

Khau Pha Pass (Yen Bai )

With a length of more than 30km, the Khau Pha Pass is recognized as the longest and most dangerous in the Road  32. It lies between Van Chan district and Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province . It crosses several known attractions such as: La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le. The name Khau Pha in the Thai language means ” High Heaven.”The best time to find out is the harvest season ( September and October) , in which all the rice fields are yellow and this is the best moment to explorer Vietnam by a trekking tour. In addition , tourists can admire the original forests where wild and rare species live. Well, do not miss these wonderful passes to admire the beauty of the mountainous regions of North Vietnam and enjoy the incredible scenery.

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